CDG Logo


The CDG logo is a symbol of youthful aesthetics that looks great on the entire clothing line it represents. The parent company ensured that this product line was comprised of various models and featured a modern emblem. It harmoniously appears on all samples, emphasizing the informal style.

CDG: Brand overview

Founder:Comme des Garçons
Tokyo, Japan (de facto); Paris, France (de jure)
CDG is a subsidiary of the Japanese fashion clothing manufacturer Comme des Garçons and a namesake online store that sells its products. This brand offers various youth-style items: sweatshirts, baseball caps, sneakers, bags, loafers, trenches, jackets, long sleeves, hoodies, shirts, and much more. The company’s headquarters are located in two countries: France (legally) and Japan (in fact).

Meaning and History

CDG Logo History

To keep up with the times and remain popular without losing customers, the fashion house Comme des Garçons launched a separate product line that was different from its usual offerings. The fact is that its founder, Rei Kawakubo, started with informal clothing in Japanese punk design, emphasizing the authenticity of the products. But gradually, she moved away from strict standards, offering youth clothing in European styles.

To strengthen the connection between the parent and subsidiary companies, the owner named the new brand using a shortened version – the abbreviation “CDG.” It stands for “Comme des Garçons”. The massive inscription adorns each branded attribute: T-shirts, hoodies, bags, sweatshirts, shoes, and other products. The block letters are painted in a contrasting colors and placed in the most visible places, emphasizing the affiliation of the products with the luxury Japanese-French brand.

What is CDG?

CDG is a fashionable brand owned by the Japanese-French fashion company Comme des Garçons, which was established in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo. It offers youth clothing in sporty and informal styles, presented as an independent product line.

2018 – today

CDG Logo

The CDG logo is text-based. It features an abbreviation executed in uppercase letters. By their appearance, glyphs can be attributed to many font types, but the designer’s addition makes them unique, like the products they adorn. Uniqueness, elevated to an individual beginning, is manifested in very sharp spikes. They have a unidirectional arrangement and look like random strokes of black ink. But the randomness is only apparent. These are synchronized elements where the energy of the fashion brand is concentrated.

The spikes in the upper right corner of each symbol represent the peak of fashion and popularity, the acute need to have such clothing in one’s wardrobe, and even the non-standard cut with protruding patches. Some samples are indeed far from classic due to slanted lines and diagonal seams. Moreover, the spikes are a reminder of traditional Japanese weapons, as the founder of the parent company is a Japanese designer. Block glyphs benefit from the such decoration as they do not appear dull; hidden dynamics are embedded in them.

Font and Colors

CDG Emblem

The CDG logo features a bold, custom-designed font. The large uppercase letters have no serifs. The color palette of the logo is monochromatic and alternates between colors. If the background is light (clothing or footwear), the inscription is painted in black, and vice versa – on a dark background, the name is always contrastingly white.

CDG Symbol

CDG color codes

LicoriceHex color:#221915
RGB:34 25 21
CMYK:0 26 38 87
Pantone:PMS Black 4 C