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The emblem shows impeccable style and elegance. The products of the fashion house, as the Christian Dior logo shows, stand out against the background of everyday life with sharp, eye-catching accents, which makes the outfits and perfumes of the brand memorable.

Christian Dior: Brand overview

Founded: 16 December 1946
Founder: Christian Dior
Paris, France
The French company Christian Dior SE was named after the fashion designer who founded it in 1946. The interests of this organization are not limited to just one thing. She works equally well in high fashion, makes cosmetics and perfumes, makes clothes for children, makes leather goods, jewelry, watches, and spirits, and even produces a series of short films to reinforce her exclusive image. Everything Christian Dior undertakes becomes a top-class product.

Meaning and History

Christian Dior Logo History

The name of its creator is immortalized on the logo of the luxury brand. The wealthy entrepreneur Marcel Boussac invited the designer to revive the Parisian fashion house Philippe et Gaston. Still, Dior refused: he wanted to start a new project that does not have a long history behind it. His company made a real revolution, allowing women to forget about the horrors of the past war. She became a source of joy and synonymous with dreams because the designer paid attention to every detail and created flawless clothes that reflected perfectionism.

Christian Dior’s tradition and heritage are reflected in a minimalist logo. Even though the brand represents the luxury industry, its identity is very simple and restrained. A clear wordmark without unnecessary elements makes the fashion house easily recognizable. At the same time, he is associated with uniqueness, aristocracy, sophistication, prestige, glamor, and wealth.

What is Christian Dior?

Christian Dior is an haute couture house founded in 1984 in France. It is owned by the Arnault family, one of the richest in the world.

1948 – today

Christian Dior Logo 1948-present

Like many other premium brands, Christian Dior uses a logo with its name. It was originally a complete version of the inscription. In addition to it, there was a symbol with the abbreviation “CD.” Then there was another word mark containing the abbreviated name of the company: Dior. It was written with a capital “D,” and the rest of the letters were in lowercase in the early years.

The company uses a black and white monogrammed badge to increase awareness. The developers stylized the letters “C” and “D,” making them mirror images of each other. The symbol is perfectly symmetrical: upside down, it looks the same as in the usual one. “C” merges with “D” at the bottom, and at the top, they are open.

2018 – today

Christian Dior Logo 2018-present

In 2018, the designers moved the “I,” “O,” and “R” to the upper case to underline the importance and global prominence of the French fashion house. At the same time, the font has hardly changed.

Ever since Maria Grazia Chiuri became the head of Christian Dior, logos have often appeared on clothing, shoes, and jewelry as a distinctive element of decor. Lettering and iconic monograms create the corporate identity of the Parisian fashion house, constantly reminding customers of themselves.

Font and Colors

Christian Dior Emblem

The designers used the Nicolas Cochin font for both word marks, named after the French art critic, writer, and printmaker. This is a long and thin serif typeface designed by Georges Peignot. The typographer was guided by the text from the prints by Nicolas Cochin, although he slightly changed the shape of the strokes. The Christian Dior logos have dynamics: the effect of continuous movement is created by the contrasting thickness of the lines.

Christian Dior Symbol

As for the color palette, it is as simple as possible. The lettering and monogram are always black, and the background is white in most cases. This monochrome combination reflects the classics of high fashion, symbolizes good taste, and enhances stylish logos.

Christian Dior color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What was Christian Dior’s most famous design?

The most famous design from Christian Dior is the Bar women’s jacket. It was cut in an hourglass shape, with a wasp waist and an accent on the flared chest and hips. This design revolutionized fashion and became a style icon.

What is Christian Dior slogan?

This brand had over 25 slogans. In 2016, three modern versions were launched: ‘Sisterhood is global,’ ‘Sisterhood is powerful,’ and ‘Sisterhood is forever.’ They are associated with the feminist movement.

What is the Dior logo?

The Dior logo is a simple monogram made up of the first letters of the founder’s first and last name. ‘C’ and ‘D’ are not intertwined – they are located next to each other and connected in the lower zone.

Is Christian Dior and Dior the same?

Yes, Christian Dior and Dior are the names of the same fashion brand: the first is full, the second is abbreviated.