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Adopted in 1969, the emblem of the sportswear brand has retained its relevance. Like its previous versions, the Kappa logo symbolizes the desire to follow the principle of equality between the sexes and to show proximity to modernity and fashion trends.

Kappa: Brand overview

Founded: 1978
Founder: Marco Boglione
Turin, Italy
Website: kappa.com
Kappa is a sportswear manufacturer and supplier. It provides equipment for football players around the world. Works since 1916. Located in the city of Turin (Italy) and formed by BasicNet. It has several subsidiaries.

Meaning and History

Kappa Logo History

The brand started with the production of socks and underwear. In 1967, he expanded production, after which he carried out a major redesign and received a widely recognized logo. Thanks to the new concept reflected in the trademark, he became known in the fashion industry as a trendsetter of urban, sexy, and authentic fashion. But before that, I changed the symbolism several times until I found the most accurate one.

What is Kappa?

Kappa is an Italian manufacturer of sportswear and footwear for sports and active leisure. It was established in 1978 and named after the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet. The brand became famous for its logo featuring two sitting people leaning back-to-back. It is also known for its soccer apparel collections, as it collaborates with many sports clubs, including Benfica, Napoli, and Juventus.

1916 – 1956

Kappa Logo 1916-1956

The debut version contains the company’s first name – Maglificio Calzificio Torinese, depicted as an abbreviation. It is written in rounded letters and enclosed in a double-edged circle. The logo also features a flying eagle with spread wings and the slogan “Flectar non frangar.” The phrase is written in capital letters on a ribbon with curling ends. The color of the logo is black and white.

1956 – 1958

Kappa Logo 1956-1958

At that time, the company changed its name to Kontrollen, which was reflected in the brand identity. It was then that the letter “K” first appeared. On a pink oval with a thin black edge, there are also two inscriptions: “Aquila” (it replaced the image of the eagle) and “Calze-Maglie” (indicates the product – T-shirt socks).

1958 – 1967

Kappa Logo 1958-1967

In 1958, the manufacturer first rebranded and then redesigned. As a result, only the large “K” remained on the emblem, but it already denotes another name – Kappa, which is placed under it. The new name is associated with Greek roots and is the tenth letter of Ancient Greece’s alphabet. The phrase “Maglie e Calze” is supplemented by the qualification “per signora, uomo e bambino,” that is, “T-shirts and socks for women, men, and children.”

The spelling is different everywhere, depending on the importance of the information. The word “Kappa” is in large serif type, “Maglie e Calze” in uppercase letters, and “per signora, uomo e bambino” in lowercase letters. The color of the text elements is dark gold. The “K” has a T-shirt, behind which the outline of the letter is barely visible.

1967 – 1969

Kappa Logo 1967-1969

The updated brand received official registration and changed the emblem, making it as simple as possible. Black letters are depicted on a white background – uppercase serif font.

1969 – 1978

Kappa Logo 1969-1978

This is the most important period in the emblem’s history because, in 1969, the famous version appeared – the silhouettes of two people (a man and a woman) sitting with their backs to each other. Such a brand name appeared by accident – during photography for a catalog of swimwear. The developers presented it in two colors – black and red. The ideological task of the logo is to show support and equality between representatives of the two sexes.

1978 – 1984

Kappa Logo 1978-1984

In 1978, the designers added the Kappa Sport lettering. It was placed on the sign and made in thin red sans serif type. But in 1981, it was removed, changing to “Authentic Sportswear Brand” on one line and “Since 1967” on the second. The name of the company appeared under the figures of a man and a woman. It is made in large letters and painted red, like the rest of the elements.

1984 – 1994

Kappa Logo 1984-1994

The artists enhanced all the logo details: outlined them with a white line and placed them on a black background. Superfluous inscriptions (except for the brand name) were removed. The purpose of this option is to show the closeness to modernity and fashion trends.

1994 – today

Kappa Logo 1994-present

In 1994, the Kappa logo was redesigned. It currently consists of a white emblem and a word that has a red outline. The lack of a dark color lightened the brand identity and emphasized the connection to legendary origin and fashion.

Font and Colors

Kappa Emblem

For the emblem of the fashion brand, the developers chose a commercial font as close as possible to the Helvetica Black, created by Max Miedinger. Of the free fonts, it’s closest to Manfred Klein’s version of Kyrilla Sans Serif Black. The letters are classic, simple, grotesque, located almost closely, which perfectly echoes the icon in the form of two figures leaning back against each other.

Kappa Symbol

The color is bright and eye-catching: red contour lines and white background with negative space. But other options are using black, white, gray with and without outlines on a variety of backgrounds, based on the color of the fabric.

Kappa color codes

Fire Engine Red Hex color: #c82426
RGB: 200 36 38
CMYK: 0 82 81 22
Pantone: PMS 485 C