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Louis Vuitton Logo

Louis Vuitton Logo
Louis Vuitton Logo PNG

Louis Vuitton is a well-known fashion house engaged in the development and production of luggage and handbags, suitcases, clothes, perfumes, and accessories and located in the city of Paris (France). Founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854 and is now part of the LVMH Corporation.

Meaning and History

Louis Vuitton Logo History
Evolution of the Louis Vuitton Logo

Although the intertwined letters โ€œLโ€ and โ€œVโ€ form a monogram or lv logo denoting the name and surname of the creator of the leading fashion house Louis Vuitton is not the designer of the logo. The author of the logo is his son Georges. In 1896, 32 years after the advent of the fashion kingdom, the new owner presented a monogram decorated with a floral pattern.

The trademark immediately became a brand symbol and acquired the status of a label, which was placed on waterproof suitcases manufactured by the company. Since then, the logo has been widely recognized. He personifies prestige, high status, as well as an excellent investment in trending goods.

Louis Vuitton Logo Flower

The current emblem still echoes the debut version and almost completely repeats it. Designers removed unnecessary details from the logo, emphasizing with a laconic interlacing of the letters โ€œLโ€ and โ€œVโ€ modernity, practicality, and refined taste. The abbreviation is well readable. At the bottom of the monogram is the expanded name of Louis Vuitton.

Logo Louis Vuitton

Gradually, the French couturier gained worldwide fame, and his products went like hotcakes. At that time, branded items began to actively fake, exposing the logo on products that have nothing to do with the famous Fashion House. Then the company hired a staff of 60 employees who were instructed to combat counterfeiting.

One of the initiatives that helped to reduce fakes was the so-called variation of Monogram Canvas. This is a drawing, a background substrate surrounding the letters โ€œLV.โ€ It also entered the brandโ€™s symbolism and consisted of characteristic small details on a brown-beige field.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Louis Vuitton Emblem

The fashion house chose a minimalistic and simple serif font for the monogram. The left side of the letters is reinforced with wide legs, while the right side shows thin lines. โ€œLโ€ is written in italics, and โ€œVโ€ is classically straight, reminiscent of the ancient Roman victory sign.

The inscription โ€œLouis Vuitton,โ€ placed under the abbreviation, is made in a simple sans-serif font. All letters are uppercase. Two โ€œTโ€ is stylistically beaten: due to the general horizontal strip, they look like a gate with a high crossbar. This is the only feature that distinguishes the text character.

Louis Vuitton Symbol

In the first years of existence, the color of the emblem was strict, monochrome, black and white. Later experiments began, as the brand owners did not want to change the main part. After the appearance of the Monogram Canvas, the palette has shifted to brown-beige, golden, and orange. And in 2003, the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami developed a rainbow-colored version for the company against a light background. Now, this color combination is often used on womenโ€™s bags.

Louis Vuitton