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Zara Logo

Zara Logo
Zara Logo PNG

Zara is a world-famous trading network owned by the Inditex group of companies. Its founders are businessmen Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera. She appeared in the spring of 1994 in the city of La Coruña (Spain). Today, the company has become one of the key representatives of the fashion industry, so its logo is well recognized anywhere in the world. It is a guarantee of trending and superior quality.

Meaning and History

Zara Logo History
Evolution of the Zara Logo

A distinctive mark of the brand is a reflection of its success, which has turned fashion into an elite art. The task of the logo is to focus on the elegant solutions offered by the Spanish entrepreneur. To shorten the “path” to his customers, the businessman decided to produce not one or two collections of clothes a year, but much more. In this way, he quickly made the brand popular and the logo recognizable.

1975 – 2008

Zara Logo 1975-2008

The emblem of that time contains a clear inscription consisting of the name of the company. All letters are in upper case, with thickened legs: for “Z” – in the center, for “A” – on the right, for “R” – everything. The font is classic, with small serifs. The word is located exactly in the center – both horizontally and vertically. The extreme signs almost touch the thin line that outlines the perimeter of the rectangle.

2008 – 2019

Zara Logo 2008-2019

Having existed for thirty-three years, the company logo received a new visualization. The developers decided to modernize it: to make it equally suitable for advertising media, printed documents, labels on clothes, and internal tags.

Although the font remains the same, the size of the letters has decreased: now they are much lower and more compact. The free space surrounding the inscription has become larger, which visually makes the word even smaller. Thanks to this stylistic move, all attention is now focused only on the brand name.

2019 – present

Zara Logo 2019-present

The current logo received a design twist, as the developers made a graphic part of the text. To do this, they changed the spelling, size, and arrangement of letters. In the modern version, the font is elongated, and the characters are superimposed on each other. Mostly the legs are connected (“AR”) or crossed (“ZA” and “RA”). The letter “Z” has a thickening on serifs, which sets it apart from the rest.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Zara Symbol

The Zara logo embodies the accessibility of luxury goods and luxury wardrobe items. That is why it contains only the name – simple, compact, understandable to all lovers of trending things. Such a marketing technique has made branding popular in all countries of the world, including fashion trendsetters. Currently, the stylish brand flaunts on the signs of not only Spanish but also French fashion boutiques, attracting the attention of buyers. And so that the logo does not disappoint fans, over 200 designers are working on its prestige.

Zara Emblem

The hallmark of the company is a concise inscription in black on a white background. With this, she emphasizes the availability of trending things for everyone. Two more logos are related to the base ones: one for the men’s line, the second for the Home.

The Zara Man variant is presented in monochrome and the same spelling as the main one. The word “Man” is in the lower right corner and is made in a different font – bold, sans-serif, with a capital “M.”

The Zara Home logo is used for home accessories. It consists of two parts arranged in tiers: at the top of Zara, at the bottom of Home. Due to the same number of characters, the words are placed exactly one above the other. All letters have the same height, width, and writing style. No serifs, as the emphasis is on practicality.