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The jumping man is not a ghost, not a shadow, but a real character. This is a stylized negative of a photograph of the great basketball player taken at the moment of the throw. The basketball player got on the Air Jordan logo because it conveys the athlete’s virtuosity, powerful attack, high skill, and determination.

Air Jordan (Jumpman): Brand overview

Founded: 1984
Founder: Nike
Air Jordan is a name brand created by Nike for basketball player Michael Jordan. Today, basketball, boxing, wrestling, and football equipment – clothes and shoes are produced under them. The year the logo appeared is 1984, after a contract was signed between the legendary athlete and Phil Knight. Twelve months after signing the contract, Jordan first appeared in his brand sneakers.

Meaning and History

Air Jordan Logo History

Tinker Hatfield owns the logo concept. The emblem is called “Jumpman” and is a stylized image of Michael Jordan in Nike sneakers. The nickname of the logo is given specifically because it means “jumping person.” Now it can be seen on almost all branded products.

The athlete is captured at the time of the historic leap at one of the decisive matches. As the basketball player himself admitted, he did not think about the pose but simply played. The result was a spectacular shot of a photograph taken from the back. So an impressive flight forever remained in the history of the American company and basketball.

What is Air Jordan (Jumpman)?

This is the trademark and personal logo of the famous basketball player Michael Jordan.

Font and Colors

Air Jordan emblem

It shows the silhouette of a man who was photographed in a jump: he reaches for the basketball basket in an attempt to throw the ball. The movements are decisive, assertive, conveying the desire to get to the cherished goal by all means and fulfill the plan. At the same time, the jump is elegant and harmonious. There are no extra elements in it – only a clear outline.

Powerful energy is traced in the black outline, which influenced the choice of Nike. It is claimed that the logo embodies the unshakable will of Michael Jordan, reflects its mystery, and conveys the desire to move forward. Over the years, the logo has undergone many transformations and has moved from sneakers to other types of sporting goods.

At the same time, Jumpman is not an innovative development. It was preceded by the “airy” symbol of Peter Moore, which also depicts a soaring basketball player, but with wings. This image became the prototype of the modern logo.

Air Jordan Symbol

There is no single inscription on the Air Jordan logo because the designers focused on the basketball player’s silhouette. “Jumpman” is completely black, and the background is white, because this is, in fact, black and white positive photography. Using such a graphic effect, the developers tried to distinguish between the real photo and the logo to make the visual brand identity distinctive and independent of the original photo reference. The jumpman logo is one of the most recognizable in the world.

Air Jordan (Jumpman) color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What does the Air Jordan logo represent?

The Air Jordan logo is an image stylized to resemble the personal logo of the basketball player of the same name. It shows Michael Jordan, photographed jumping while the ball is being thrown into the basket.

Does Jordan own the Jumpman logo?

Yes, basketball player Michael Jordan has a logo called Jumpman. It is so named because it depicts the silhouette of a person depicted at the time of the jump.

Who designed Jordan logo?

The logo was developed by Nike, which decided to release a line of sports shoes dedicated to the famous basketball player. Its author is Tinker Hatfield. The creator of the logo is Peter Moore, who saw the Michael Jordan picture in LIFE magazine.

Who is on the Jordan logo?

The logo features the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. This is a real photo of him taken by Jacobus Rentmeister, an Olympic rower from the Netherlands, published in 1984 in LIFE magazine.