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Athletes and sports shoe lovers are well aware of the Converse sneakers, whose logo today symbolizes the brand’s rich history. The company produces high-quality sports shoes that reflect the Converse logo, which belongs to the world’s most popular and recognizable emblems.

Converse: Brand overview

Founded: February 1908
Founder: Marquis Mills Converse
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
The converse is a cult brand of casual and athletic shoes and the name of a manufacturing company founded in 1908 in Boston (USA). She is currently a subsidiary of Nike Corporation. Her sneakers and sneakers of various shades are in demand around the world.

Meaning and History

Converse Logo History

The company, created by the entrepreneur Marcus Mills Converse, is named after him, reflecting in the logo. The brand can boast one of the most recognizable elements of visual identification, which appeared in 1963.

In general, the brand has six different logo options, although it did not have a permanent label at the beginning of its career. Instead, the manufacturer used the inscription in different styles until, in 1932, he launched a shoe line called All-Star. She gained incredible popularity, so the company switched to the Star sign. In 1962, the company decided to create a permanent logo based on the star.

What is Converse?

The converse is an American footwear company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It was formed in Malden in 1908 as a family business. Its founder is the entrepreneur Marquis Mills Converse, after whom the company is named. It is a well-known manufacturer of sports shoes, particularly fabric sneakers of different colors. It sells its products through a network of more than 100 stores.

1963 – 1977

Converse Logo 1963-1977

The debut logo looks modest and minimalistic. It’s just a rectangle with the word “Converse” in lowercase. In front of her is a miniature five-pointed star of black color – a sign of excellence and the highest quality products. The background is light gray, the letters are dark, the same size.

1977 – 2003

Converse Logo 1977-2003

During this period, the emblem was used, in which the star prevails. Designers enlarged it and placed it in the center of a square with rounded corners. It is completely white, so it stands out against a black background. Under it, the developers placed the text part of the logo – the name of the company. The word is written in bold sans serif in uppercase – except the letter “n,” which is left lowercase. A type of font is the Sans-Serif, reminiscent of the Display Pump’s sharp edges and thickened lines.

2003 – 2007

Converse Logo 2003-2007

The year 2007 was marked by the appearance of a new trademark. Now a black five-pointed star was placed inside a circle with a white background. Moreover, the central element was made small, which creates the impression that there is a lot of free space near it, and it floats in it. Under the graphic part is the inscription “Converse.” Designers still left the letter “n” lowercase, and the remaining letters – in capital letters. Only the font has been changed: now, the word is made with a thin font identical to Zoria Bold. Letter space increased.

2007 – 2011

Converse Logo 2007-2011

In 2007, the company redesigned the logo again. She chose for visual identification the version created by the artist Jim Labadini in the 1970s. The new label is a classic black star placed next to the chevron in the form of an open triangle of two wide stripes. The peculiarity of this option is that the central element is located sideways, so it seems that the star “stands” on one beam. The name of the manufacturer, as usual, is at the bottom. The style of letters is identical to previous versions.

2011 – 2017

Converse Logo 2011-2017

This period is characterized by the appearance of a more progressive logo that meets fashion trends and practicality. It compactly combines graphic and textual parts: a five-pointed star is gracefully inscribed in the letter “O.” This combination came from additional versions and became recognized throughout the world. It was she who turned a simple label into a cult brand. The name of the company, the artists, enlarged and placed on a white background.

2017 – today

Converse Logo 2017-present

The redesign returned the 1970s logo, which was the main marking in the 2010s. The changes are completely insignificant: the chevron and star were reduced in size, increasing their color to coal-black. Also, designers used a different font. Now it is close to the classic version of Typold Extended Black, in which all letters are in the same case (in this case, in the upper case). This version is practical because it looks equally good in advertising booklets, on fabric labels, and similar tags.

Font and Colors

Converse Emblem

A five-pointed star takes center stage in the Converse brand logo. It is present in every version of the trademark – as a designation of premium goods. At first, this symbol was to the left of the name. Two periods in a row were located above him – he was in a square with rounded corners or a circle. In the 2011-2017 version, the star was aligned with the “O,” using it instead of the in-letter gap. In the current emblem, which debuted in 2007, the star tilts slightly to the right and stands on one beam.

The brand name is written in a simple sans-serif font. The color combination is monochrome: black symbolizes integrity, elegance, and perfection, and white symbolizes charm and purity.

Converse color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What is a Converse symbol?

The key symbol of the Converse brand is a five-pointed star. It accompanies every pair of branded shoes. But this sign has not always been on products: it existed since 1963 when the manufacturer finally decided to switch to a unique emblem, and until that time, there was no permanent symbol. The star is taken from the popular All-Star line of sneakers released in 1932.

Why is the Converse logo on the outside?

If the Converse symbol is outside, then this means only one thing – in front of you is a fake. This brand marks its products from the inside, so the round patch with the sign of the five-pointed star cannot be on the outside of the original pair of shoes.

Why does my Converse have a big logo?

On the original Converse sneakers, a large logo is located on the back of the sole – exactly in the middle of the heel area. The original bears the designation “ALL STAR” with a star in the center or “Converse All Star” (on new models made after 2007). But a different size, shape mismatch, inaccurate marking, and other errors indicate that the shoes are fake.

Do Converse have the logo on both sides?

No, Converse shoes do not have logos on both sides – around black star badge is located only on the inside. Therefore, it is to the left of the lacing on the right sneaker, and on the left, it is to the right. The rest of the options indicate a fake.