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The Columbia logo is half graphic, half text. The first element is an illustration of a ridged sole or an enlarged interweaving of threads in the fabric. The second is the company’s name. Together, they create a unique aura of originality and practicality, as the emblem uses straight lines with rounded ends.

Columbia: Brand overview

Founder:Paul Lamfrom
Portland, Oregon, United States
Columbia is one of four outdoor brands owned by the Columbia Sportswear Company. It was established in the USA in 1938. It produces sportswear, footwear, camping equipment, headwear, accessories, and more.

Meaning and History

Columbia Logo History

Columbia values its history, so it has used the same logo for many years. It appeared simultaneously with the company and has always adorned its sportswear and footwear. However, before the rhombus was approved in the structure of the emblem, the manufacturer only labeled goods with its name. Only after 1978 did it switch to a combined version, which underwent minor changes in the process of the brand’s visual identity evolution.

What is Columbia?

It is an American trademark, fully named Columbia Sportswear Company. It was founded in 1938 and specializes in the production of clothing and accessories for active recreation.

1990 – 2011

Columbia Logo 1990-2011

All brand products are adorned with the Columbia Sportswear trademark logo, which was adopted in 1978. It consists of eight blue oval rectangles. Geometric shapes are laid out in pairs in the form of a diamond. Rumors suggest that the resulting figure resembles a swastika. However, this is a coincidence, as the company’s founders are Jews who fled Nazi Germany.

The brand’s name, called “Bug,” depicts the intertwining of textile threads. It indicates that the brand pays attention even to the smallest details and examines everything under a large magnification. This is also a tribute to the textile industry.

Besides the graphic symbol, the logo has the inscription “Columbia.” From 1990 to 2011, it was complemented by the phrase “Sportswear Company,” but then the designers removed the second line and left only the main word. The letters were placed very close in the first version of the emblem, although their lines were thin.

2011 – today

Columbia Logo 2011-present

After the redesign, the composition remained virtually untouched – the changes were minimal. Developers removed the lower inscription “Sportswear Company,” reduced the graphic sign, and made the word “Columbia” bold. Furthermore, they shortened the tail on the letter “a,” separated “C” from “o,” and cut off one side of the lower serifs, so they now point only to the right. As a result, the current version maintains a balance between graphics and text. The icon still represents a rhombus with eight miniature rectangles.

Columbia: Interesting Facts

Columbia Sportswear Company makes clothes and gear for outdoor fun and has been around since 1938. It started as a small family business selling hats and now sells all kinds of things to stay warm and dry outside.

  1. Family Start: A man named Paul Lamfrom started Columbia, and now his daughter, Gert Boyle, is in charge. It began with selling hats.
  2. Famous Ads: Gert Boyle was in an ad called “Tough Mother” that showed Columbia makes tough clothes. The ads said, “It’s perfect. Now make it better,” which means they always try to improve what they make.
  3. Cool Inventions: Columbia makes special clothes that keep you at the right temperature and dry, even in rain or snow. They invented something that keeps you warm by reflecting your body heat and another thing that keeps rain out but lets air in.
  4. Jacket That Changes: In 1982, Columbia invented a jacket that could be worn in three different ways, depending on the weather.
  5. Sold Everywhere: Columbia stuff is sold in many countries. They have stores and websites where you can shop.
  6. Fishing Gear: They have a special line of fishing clothes that protects you from the sun and helps keep you cool.
  7. Women Leading: With Gert Boyle leading, Columbia is known for having women in important jobs, which was new for companies that make outdoor gear.
  8. Sponsoring Big Challenges: Columbia gives athletes clothes in tough sports like skiing and long races to show how good their gear is.

Columbia isn’t just a company that sells outdoor gear; it’s a place where family ideas, trying new things, and ensuring everyone can enjoy the outdoors are important.

Font and Colors

Columbia Emblem

Columbia’s primary color palette is a combination of white and bright blue. However, shades can vary depending on the visual context. The trademark holder also permits the use of other monochromatic combinations, especially welcoming the classic black-and-white variant.

The font in the updated logo has not changed. It still resembles Matthew Carter’s ITC Galliard Roman. However, the logo’s designers have modified the original typography, giving it individuality.

Columbia color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
BlueHex color:#1987c7
RGB:25 135 199
CMYK:87 32 0 22
Pantone:PMS Process Blue C


What does the Columbia logo mean?

Columbia products are branded with the Bug logo. It is a standard intertwining of textile threads. The graphic image of the fabric pattern was adopted as an emblem in 1978.

Is the Columbia brand a company from Columbia?

No, this brand has no relation to Columbia: it originates from the American city of Portland, Oregon, located on the banks of the Columbia River. That’s where the company’s headquarters is located.

What does the Columbia Pictures logo represent?

The Columbia Pictures logo features an image of Columbia – a collective female image of the United States. However, after the Statue of Liberty appeared on the Hudson River, it lost its former popularity.

Is Columbia manufactured in the USA?

Yes, the Columbia trademark was created in the USA – in the city of Portland. It produces all its clothing in the United States.