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Designers created the DC Shoes logo, which perfectly combines its key elements: shoes, snowboarding, and skateboarding. They are well-recognized in the smooth curves of the inverted arches and massive serifs. These elements create a professional atmosphere while simultaneously highlighting a connection to fashion.

DC Shoes: Brand overview

Founded:June 1994
Founder:Ken Block, Damon Way
Huntington Beach, California, United States
DC Shoes is a renowned brand for skateboarding and snowboarding footwear. It was established by the American company Droors Clothing in 1993 but ceased to exist, and Quiksilver Corporation acquired the successful trademark in the spring of 2004. Under the DC Shoes label, a wide range of products is produced, including clothing, accessories, snowboards, bags, and much more.

Meaning and History

DC Shoes Logo History

The new brand owner devised a unique marketing strategy. One of the mandatory points was the modernization of the logo, which was carried out in 2011. Alan Green, the founder of Quiksilver, participated in the development of the visual style. He personally takes part in creating emblems for his TM.

The trademark consists of two parts. The first is the monogram “DC,” inside of which there is a seven-pointed star. This is one of the trademarks of DC Shoes. It is applied to different sides of the shoes using embossing. The second component of the logo is the inscription “DCSHOECOUSA.” It contains useful information about the manufacturer:

  • DC – brand name;
  • SHOE – main product;
  • ECO – environmental cleanliness certificate;
  • USA – country of manufacture.

What is DC Shoes?

It’s a subsidiary of Quiksilver, Inc. Under the DC Shoes brand, sports footwear and a wide range of clothing, headwear, bags, and accessories are produced.

As Alan Green confessed, this original idea was inspired by the engraving of the Japanese illustrator Katsushika Hokusai.

The “DC” inscription used in the logo was initially the abbreviation of the company name Droors Clothing. But now, that company no longer exists, and the brand belongs to Quiksilver Corporation. Given such significant changes, the executives announced that DC encodes the names of the first athletes who became the face of the company: Danny and Colin.

The monogram looks extremely unusual. The letters intersect in the middle, like the two ‘C’s in the logo of the famous French fashion house Chanel. The obvious visual connection seems deliberate. Perhaps the owners of DC Shoes decided to emphasize the high status of the brand, its success, and elitism.

In the right part of the emblem, there is a black star with seven rays. This indicates that the company collaborates with famous athletes and celebrities from the show business world.

Due to the unusual font, the intertwined “D” and “C” look very similar. Both symbols are semi-circular and open, with identical bends and straight angles. It seems like the same letter: the original and its mirror copy. However, the symmetry is not perfect because the break in the vertical line of the letter “D” is not wide enough. This is done specifically so it can be distinguished from “C.”

DC Shoes: Interesting Facts

DC Shoes is a company that makes shoes and clothes for skateboarding and other sports. It was started in 1994 by Damon Way and Ken Block. They made DC Shoes a big name for people who like to skate, snowboard, and do cool tricks.

  1. How It Started: DC Shoes was a small company making shoes for skateboarders. Damon Way and Ken Block wanted to make great skateboarding shoes, and they did.
  2. Cool Shoe Tech: DC Shoes made some neat changes to skate shoes, like adding airbags to protect feet better and creating the first special shoes just for skateboarding.
  3. Famous Skateboarder: Rob Dyrdek, a skateboarder, worked a lot with DC Shoes. He helped make the brand more popular by designing his shoes and doing fun stunts.
  4. Amazing Driving Videos: One of the founders, Ken Block, made videos in which he drives cars fast and does tricks. These videos showcased DC Shoes gear and attracted many people to watch them.
  5. More Than Shoes: DC Shoes doesn’t just make shoes anymore. They also make clothes and gear for snowboarding and other stuff for kids and adults.
  6. Helping Athletes: The company supports athletes in skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX biking, motocross, and surfing by sponsoring them. They help both famous athletes and new ones.
  7. Cool Logos and Styles: DC Shoes’ logo and the designs of their shoes and clothes are well-known among people who like skateboarding and action sports.
  8. Working With Artists: They’ve also collaborated with artists and musicians to create special shoe designs and clothing, which shows they’re part of the larger culture of creative and active young people.
  9. Giving Back: DC Shoes has helped with projects like building skateparks and hosting events for kids who love skateboarding and other sports.

DC Shoes has grown significantly since it started, becoming more than a shoe company. It’s a brand that people who love skateboarding and action sports like because of its cool designs, support for athletes, and involvement in the sports community.

Font and Colors

DC Shoes Emblem

The font of the inscription under the graphic resembles Nimbus Sans Black. It’s a sans-serif developed by URW Type Foundry GmbH based on Helvetica. The letters are located on one line and are not divided into words. Only “DC” and “USA” are bolded to draw the target audience’s attention to the brand name and the country of origin.

The color palette of the logo is maximally simple. It’s formed by the traditional combination of black and white. This is a universal option that is encountered in most cases. However, there are also colored versions of the trademark. They are used on various kinds of branded products and adjust to the changing shades of the background.

DC Shoes color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the DC Shoes logo mean?

According to the executives of DC Shoes, the letters “D” and “C” in the monogram stand for Danny and Colin – the names of the first athletes sponsored by the company. But it’s an abbreviation for Droors Clothing, the shortened name of the firm that created DC Shoes.

Who created the DC logo?

The creation of the DC Shoes logo was contributed to by Alan Green himself, the founder of Quiksilver, Inc., which owns the brand.

Is Rob Dyrdek the owner of DC Shoes?

Rob Dyrdek had DC Shoes when the company sponsored him. In 2016, no one renewed the contract with him, and the former professional skateboarder switched to other brands such as Asics and Nike.

Who owns DC Shoes?

Quiksilver, Inc. owns DC Shoes.