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Timberland Logo

Timberland Logo
Timberland Logo PNG

Timberland is a fashionable American brand, as well as a manufacturer of shoes and clothes in street, sport and casual styles. The company appeared in 1952 in Boston, Massachusetts, and was founded by Nathan Swartz. Today the name of this brand is known all over the world.

Meaning and History

Timberland Logo History
Evolution of the Timberland Logo

The original company logo shows a tree with a spreading crown, tangled branches, and a strong trunk. Such an image is quite natural for the manufacturer, whose name stands for “land covered with trees.” That is, the artistic metaphor conveyed in the label is closely interconnected with the literal meaning of the word “Timberland.”

According to rumors, this emblem is a dedication, a tribute to the hanged African-American slaves. She represents a collective image and personifies the trees on which they were executed. Such an assumption was emphasized by the lines of one of the poems of Maya Angelou (presumably).

Font and Color of the Emblem

Timberland Emblem

The logo shows one tree with a sprawling and tangled branches. The crown is inscribed in a circle, so it seems to be cut off at the top. The branches are very thick, tightly intertwined and form a semicircle. They are made with the same thickness lines. The trunk is wide, strong, and short, so it seems that the tree is deeply buried in the ground. The lower part (soil) is drawn in waves, which is emphasized not only by a convex edge but also by two white lines.

Timberland Symbol

At the beginning of the brand’s career, the meaning of its mark was distorted and negatively mentioned in the poem “Clothes” or “FUBU,” which was widely publicized on the Internet in the first half of 1999. It was assumed that the author of the poem Maya Angelou, a poet with African American roots. In a scandalous work, this tree was described as a tree on which people with dark skin were executed.

Such a scandalous rumor is because the owners of the trade and manufacturing enterprise from the fashion industry were representatives of the Ku Klux Klan. The company took a lot of actions to get rid of the notoriety but did not change the logo. This emblem remained in the modern version.

Logo Timberland

For the text part of the logo, the font is used that resembles a variant of Windsor SB XBold Condensed, which was developed by designer Eleisha Pechey. Lowercase letters (except for “T”), streamlined, with the same serifs on the legs. The emblem’s color palette is as simple as possible and is a combination of black elements on a white background.