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The fashion industry pays special attention to visualization, aiming to reflect attractive features. Victoria’s Secret, a company based in San Francisco, adheres to this as well, with a logo characterized by minimalism, modernity, practicality, sleekness, and aesthetics.

Victoria’s Secret: Brand overview

Founded:June 12, 1977
Founder:Roy Raymond, Gaye Raymond
Reynoldsburg, Ohio, U.S.
Victoria’s Secret is one of the most iconic brands in the fashion industry. The company, a subsidiary of Limited Brands, deals in lingerie, cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and swimwear. The founder is Roy Raymond, who established it in 1977. It is located in San Francisco, California.

Meaning and History

Victoria’s Secret Logo History

The logo of this fashion industry representative is minimalist. Over the years, it has undergone several minor transformations: what used to be a retro-style sign is now a modern and practical label.

The first version of the logo was introduced in 1977, coinciding with the debut of the brand’s catalog release. It featured many small details, intricate elements, and vintage accents. However, in the mid-1980s, the company changed the brand name style to a more concise one.

The fonts are clear and easily readable, sometimes with serifs, sometimes without. Designers experimented with letter proportions until settling in the 1990s on a version very similar to the current one.

The company itself worked on the logo, occasionally involving agencies. Among those who participated in the logo creation was Mucca Design Studio. They provided an updated version of the “VS” graphic symbol, an internal brand book, a set of icons, and templates. Later, Studio 191 from New York joined the team. The artists worked on the textual part and proposed new versions for some sub-brands.

What is Victoria’s Secret?

This company is known as the largest lingerie seller in the USA. At the same time, its actual range is much broader, including decorative cosmetics, perfumes, and clothing lines. From its foundation in 1977 until 2016, Victoria’s Secret aggressively expanded, but its products began to be displaced by sportswear.

before 2009

Victoria's Secret Logo before 2009

Until 2009, Victoria’s Secret was recognized by an elegant logo with pink letters. The first word of the name was above, the second below. They were centered and consisted of uppercase letters with thin, long serifs. A contrasting geometric font was used, looking like a slightly modified Adobe Trajan Pro 3 Regular.

2009 – today

Victoria's Secret Logo

Now, the brand is represented by a black wordmark. It is a single-line inscription, “VICTORIA’S SECRET,” with enlarged initials “V” and “S.” Despite the size difference, all glyphs are in uppercase. The font changed, but to maintain brand recognition, the designers chose a contrasting antiqua with fine serifs, similar to the previous version.

Victoria’s Secret: Interesting Facts

Victoria’s Secret, started in 1977 by Roy Raymond, is a famous American store selling lingerie, pajamas, and beauty. It’s known for making lingerie look glamorous and has greatly impacted the lingerie world. Here’s what makes Victoria’s Secret interesting:

  1. Why It Started: Roy Raymond opened Victoria’s Secret because he felt awkward buying lingerie for his wife in a regular store. He wanted a place where men could shop for lingerie without feeling embarrassed.
  2. The Name: “Victoria’s Secret” comes from the Victorian era, which was all about being fancy and elegant. The “secret” part refers to what people wore under their clothes.
  3. Growing Fast: The store got big pretty quickly. In 1982, Roy Raymond sold it to another company called The Limited, which focused the store more on women, adding more products and opening more stores.
  4. Famous Fashion Show: Victoria’s Secret has a big fashion show every year, starting in 1995, with supermodels called “Angels.” It was a huge deal with fashion, music, and entertainment. But in 2019, they decided to stop doing the show.
  5. The Angels: Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, like Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum, was a big deal in modeling. These models were super famous and made a lot of money.
  6. Catalog Marketing: Victoria’s Secret was one of the first stores to advertise heavily in catalogs. Their catalog was sent to many homes in the U.S. and helped make the brand popular.
  7. More Than Lingerie: They also started selling beauty products and perfumes, and some of these became popular.
  8. Worldwide Stores: Victoria’s Secret stores are now in over 70 countries. However, they’ve had problems in some places and have had to close stores or change their plans.
  9. Changing With the Times: Some people didn’t like how Victoria’s Secret marketed its products or treated women. So, it’s been trying to change its image to be more welcoming to everyone, focusing on showing all kinds of bodies and being more inclusive.
  10. Supporting New Designers: Victoria’s Secret also started a program to help new designers, especially those with fewer chances in fashion.

Victoria’s Secret has gone from a small shop to a big name in fashion. It is known for its big fashion shows and famous models, and now for trying to be more inclusive and supportive of diversity in fashion.

Font and Colors

Victoria Secret Logo

The graphic part of the logo is a simple black monogram on a white background. In the intertwining of letters, “V” and “S” – the abbreviation of the fashion brand name – are visible. The “V” is positioned right in the middle, and the large lower fragment of “S” intertwines with it, so the sharp base of “V” is inside the circle. The upper “S” protrudes above the serifs of the first letter.

The verbal part of the emblem consists of the inscription “Victoria Secret”, built in two tiers. It is presented in uppercase and written with letters of equal height, except for the first. In addition, the brand uses other corporate names.

Victoria Secret Emblem

In the 2000s, for brand visual identification, the Adobe Trajan font, created by Carol Twombly in 1989, was chosen. Then, the company switched to the modified Monotype Bell font.

The brand palette consists of pink, black, and white. The dark color is primary, as it gives the logo seriousness and refinement. White often acts as a background or an accent element – for example, used as a border.

Victoria’s Secret color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What Symbol Does Victoria’s Secret Have?

Regarding the stock symbol, the company’s shares are traded under the ticker VSCO. As for Victoria’s Secret’s graphic symbol, it is a monogram of intertwined letters VS.

Why Did Victoria’s Secret Change Its Logo?

All changes made to the Victoria’s Secret logo aimed to make it clearer and more understandable. The designers ensured that the brand name is now clearly legible. For this, they used the Trajan font with long, thin serifs. The same font, but modified, became the basis for the “VS” monogram.