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Clothing for all occasions is hidden behind the fashion house’s emblem. The lines and symbols of the Off-White logo are straight and simple, a sign of comfort and versatility. The brand’s outfits perfectly match urban style.

Off White: Brand overview

Off-White is a fashion brand from Italy that specializes in producing trendy clothing, footwear, and accessories for young people in a casual style. She is also engaged in the manufacture of branded furniture. She cooperates with several leading international companies – IKEA, Levi, Nike, Rimowa, Timberland, Champion, and many others, with whom she carries out joint projects. The brand’s founder is Virgil Abloh, an American designer who founded it in 2012. The current parent company is New Guards Group. The head office is located in Milan.

Meaning and History

Off White Logo History

Initially, this company was called Pyrex Vision, but then it was renamed. The reason is the failed start, as it was heavily criticized for lack of a concept and because of deception. Ralph Lauren’s flannel tees were printed with “PYREX 23” on the label and then resold at a higher price of $ 550.

Soon, Virgil Abloh gave its trademark a different name and filled it with ideology. She now positions herself as a gray area between black and white. Her collections have repeatedly participated in Parisian fashion shows and are now sold in the best boutiques in New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. In 2019, José Neves, the owner of Farfetch, took over the fashion brand as he acquired Off-White’s parent company, the New Guards Group.

What is Off White?

Off White is a streetwear brand. It was created by an American designer in Italy to put his geometric prints on things.

Since this is a young representative of the fashion market, he has only one logo. However, some icons are also used as corporate product prints, a trademark identification symbol. She has two of them.

She is very simple and humble. Despite the brand’s claims to the Parisian and Milan catwalks, there is nothing extraordinary about it. But this is his trick. Conciseness, practicality, and youth are the three pillars on which his glory rests. This minimalism fits perfectly into the casual style.

Off White Symbol

The logo contains the name of the fashion brand written in classic letters. The first characters in words are uppercase; the rest are lowercase, as generally accepted spelling norms require. On the right (at the end) is an indication of the official status of the identity—”TM.” Black text on a white background is perceived as catchy on the one hand and familiar on the other. This fits perfectly into the founder’s concept—a gray area between black and white.

The same colors are used for the corporate icons added to the clothes. The most famous drawing is in the form of four arrows pointing from the center in different directions. They are arranged so that they form a square. This symbol was spied on and borrowed by designer Virgil Abloh from Glasgow Airport. Kinneir Calvert Associates developed the identity mark to mark the internal design system.

Another emblem looks like a striped square lined diagonally from corner to corner. Above it is written “WHITE” in black and white. The brand name is printed in capital letters with large serifs. There are 15 wide stripes on the square, which earlier were identification marks. They were part of the Glasgow airport gangway and vehicle paint scheme to be instantly spotted from any angle. Brightness was added to them by yellow lines (this is what the original squares look like), which Virgil Abloh replaced with white ones. Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert designed the iconic icon. Designers introduced such markings back in 1964.

These two symbols have become emblems and are printed by the company on its products. They come in the form of large prints and miniature labels. The manufacturer specializes in black-and-white clothes, which are decorated in contrast.

Off White: Interesting Facts

Off-White™, created by American designer Virgil Abloh in 2012, quickly became a key player in streetwear and high fashion.

  1. Origins: Starting after Abloh’s first venture, Pyrex Vision, Off-White™ mixes streetwear with high-end fashion, sitting in the “gray area” between them.
  2. Brand Name: “Off-White™” reflects the brand’s aim to challenge fashion norms, representing a space of questioning and mixing genres.
  3. Design Signature: Known for its use of quotation marks, zip ties, and diagonal stripes, these features make Off-White™ items easily recognizable.
  4. Notable Collaborations: Off-White™ has worked with brands like Nike, IKEA, and Levi’s, reinterpreting classic items with its unique design language.
  5. Nike Collaboration: The “The Ten” collaboration with Nike, in which Abloh redesigned ten iconic shoes, is a highlight. It merges sneaker culture with high fashion.
  6. Cultural Influences: Drawing from architecture, art, and music, Off-White™ explores the influence of youth culture, art, and the internet on fashion.
  7. Virgil Abloh’s Impact: Until he died in 2021, Abloh led Off-White™ and Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear, blending streetwear and luxury fashion in new ways.
  8. Unique Fashion Shows: Off-White™’s shows often include performance art elements and collaborations.
  9. Social Engagement: The brand tackles issues like racial inequality and sustainability, using its platform for awareness and change.
  10. Iconic “Industrial Belt”: The “Industrial Belt,” known for its utility look and logo, showcases the brand’s knack for turning everyday items into fashion statements.

Off-White™ remains influential in fashion, bridging streetwear and luxury and maintaining its relevance and innovation after Abloh’s.

Font and Colors

Off White Emblem

The brand’s emblem uses the Rail Alphabet series typeface, developed in 1960 by the pioneering designers Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert for the British Railway. She has six spellings, and one of them is called Off white.

The corporate range of the trademark is monochrome. It corresponds to its name and consists of a combination of black and white.


Is Off-White a luxury brand?

The brand, founded by American designer Virgil Abloh, is based in Milan. Like other luxury brands, it sells high-priced clothing and accessories. The brand is known for its unique design elements, such as quotes, vibrant graphics, and diagonal stripes, which help it stand out in fashion. Partnerships with famous brands and designers such as Nike and IKEA strengthen its image in the luxury fashion sector.

Does Louis Vuitton own Off-White?

LVMH owns 60% of Off-White as part of a plan to expand its presence in the sportswear and luxury fashion markets. Owning this stake in the company helps diversify its rich collection of high-end brands, increasing its influence worldwide. The founder, Virgil Abloh, is a key player in the fashion world. His innovative designs have transformed luxury fashion, making his brand a perfect fit within the LVMH portfolio.

What does the Off-White logo mean?

The logo depicts the hands and faces of a drowning man. The designers chose this bold, vibrant image to attract attention. It demonstrates the brand’s desire to be visible and memorable in the competitive fashion industry. This approach helps the brand stand out by making bold design statements.

What is the brand Off-White?

According to Business of Fashion, Off-White is a premium brand that has quickly become one of the top three most popular clothing brands. It is known for combining contemporary culture and high fashion with innovative designs, quality materials, and unique craftsmanship. The brand is recognized for using quotation marks, zippers, and distinctive stripe patterns that make its products stand out.

Targeting a young, trend-setting audience who appreciates bold, distinctive pieces, it fuses street culture with luxury elements, bridging the gap between high-end and streetwear. This has made it popular worldwide.

Who designed the Off-White logo?

Virgil Abloh, artistic director and founder, designed it. Known for his innovative approach, Abloh played a critical role in defining the brand’s visual and artistic direction. This distinctive logo was intended to make a strong impact and help the brand stand out in the competitive fashion industry.

Does Off-White have a logo?

Yes, Off-White has a logo that shows the hands and faces of a drowning man. Introduced in 2019, it is located under the brand name. The quirky and bold designs reflect the brand’s approach to fashion, challenging traditional norms and incorporating strong, thought-provoking imagery. This visual symbol helps the brand stand out in the competitive fashion industry.

What font is the Off-White logo?

The logo uses the Helvetica Neue Bold font, which appears in many of the brand’s designs, especially those featuring signature quotes. Known for its clean and modern appearance, this font matches the brand’s minimalist and vibrant aesthetic. It plays an important role in the brand’s visual identity, helping to create a distinctive and memorable appearance.