CIA Logo


The CIA logo stands for law and power. The organization always prioritizes the security, interests, and greatness of the nation above all else. The emblem clearly states that protecting citizens is a priority that every service representative should follow. The most important value is to be a step ahead of others and a head above those around you. In other words, to know more and silently use the informational advantage.

CIA: Brand overview

Founded:September 18, 1947
Langley, Virginia, U.S.
The CIA is a U.S. government agency authorized to monitor foreign citizens and organizations. It was established in 1947 and consisted of four directorates involved in intelligence, espionage, conducting covert operations, collecting data on scientific and technological achievements, and addressing internal administrative issues.

Meaning and History

CIA Logo History

The current logo of the Central Intelligence Agency is a seal. Its design was adopted by then-President Harry Truman on February 17, 1950, and has not changed since. According to the approved documents, the official symbolism of the CIA consists of several heraldic signs.

The first is a rectangular heraldic shield with a pointed base. The second is a 16-pointed wind rose in the form of a stylized star. The third is a bald eagle looking to the left.

What is CIA?

The CIA stands for the Central Intelligence Agency. This organization assists the U.S. government in monitoring events in other parts of the world. Its primary function is to gather and analyze intelligence information, allowing for the assessment of existing threats and timely implementation of appropriate measures. The CIA shares its findings with other departments concerned with national security and foreign policy.

Under the shield is a yellow scroll with the red inscription “United States of America.” The font is standard, sans serif. Above, the full name of the federal organization, “Central Intelligence Agency,” is written in strict white letters, arranged in an arc. All elements are placed inside a blue circle with a narrow yellow border.

CIA: Interesting Facts

The Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, is a part of the U.S. government that collects and looks at information from other countries to help keep the country safe. It started in 1947, right after World War II, to help the United States understand what was happening and make good decisions.

  1. Why It Started: The CIA was created to help manage and use foreign intelligence after World War II. It has grown to include secret missions and protection against spies.
  2. Before the CIA: The OSS did spy work during World War II. This group helped establish what the CIA would become.
  3. Where It Is: The CIA’s main office is in Langley, Virginia. People often say “Langley” when they’re talking about the CIA.
  4. Big Moments: The CIA has been involved in many important historical events, such as the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and, more recently, efforts to stop terrorism.
  5. The World Factbook: The CIA produces a large book with facts about countries worldwide. It’s free to use and helps people learn about different places.
  6. Secret Missions: The CIA has done secret missions to try to change things in other countries. Some people think these are good ideas, but others don’t.
  7. Spy Gadgets: The CIA has created cool spy tools, like satellites and drones, to collect information without being noticed.
  8. Who’s in Charge: The president chooses the CIA leader. Some well-known leaders have been Allen Dulles and George H. W. Bush.
  9. Spy School: The CIA trains new spies at “The Farm” in Virginia. They learn all about how to be a spy there.
  10. In Movies and Books: The CIA is often in stories and movies because it’s mysterious and interesting. Some movies are even based on real things the CIA did.

The CIA plays a big part in keeping the U.S. safe by discovering what’s happening in other countries. It has a long history and is involved in many things worldwide.

Font and Colors

CIA Emblem

In its conceptual elements, the Central Intelligence Agency logo is easily recognizable. It consists of a dark blue circle with a yellow border around the perimeter. In the center is a shield – a symbol of the protection of the state and its people. On it is depicted a compass, pointing in sixteen directions. This way, the authors defined control, heightened vigilance, and the gathering of information from around the world. At the top is depicted a bald eagle – the main talisman of the United States. The bird is turned to the left, but its gaze is directed forward, straight at the viewer. Two blocks of inscriptions surround the central elements: at the top, on a blue field, is the full name of the CIA, and at the bottom, on a wide ribbon, is the phrase “United States of America.”

Parts of the emblem have a hidden meaning. The shield indicates the CIA’s primary purpose – to protect the country from external enemies. The bald eagle embodies strength and vigilance. The red wind rose symbolizes space and time. It also depicts the gathering of intelligence data from around the world as the 16 rays converge at one central point.

The designers chose a smooth font from the Sans Serif category for the logo to make it clear and easy to read. The color palette consists of dark blue, sun yellow, black, grey, and red in two shades – burgundy and bright red.

CIA color codes

Midnight BlueHex color:#01488f
RGB:1 72 143
CMYK:99 50 0 44
Pantone:PMS 301 C
Alabama CrimsonHex color:#aa0732
RGB:170 7 50
CMYK:0 96 71 33
Pantone:PMS 207 C
ShandyHex color:#ffe766
RGB:255 231 102
CMYK:0 9 60 0
Pantone:PMS 100 C