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Nurturing the younger generation is not an easy task. The Girl Scout logo shows that the organization unites girls with different looks and characters and teaches them friendship, mutual support, and determination for the good of their country.

Girl Scout: Brand overview

The Girl Scout social movement develops leadership skills and active citizenship among its members. At the same time, it is outside politics and any religious movements. Its goal is to support girls seeking mutual assistance with physical, intellectual, and spiritual education. Scouts have fun, learn, compete, hike, organize cultural events, and receive symbolic awards for their achievements.

The beginning of the Girl Scout organization is considered to be 1912, when the Girl Guide movement appeared in the United States. Its participants had the opportunity to develop in science, business, and art. Modern scouts pay a lot of attention to environmental and tourism issues, although they are best known for their cookies. The tradition of selling baked goods dates back to 1917 when the youth association wanted to cover some costs and teach financial literacy lessons.

Meaning and History

Girl Scout Logo History

But cookies aren’t the only thing Girl Scout is famous for. This organization differs from other social projects with its unique identity system, which can be recognized by the trefoil symbol and its characteristic green color. But identity does not stand still—it is constantly changing. Updating the logos is part of a deliberate strategy that attracts modern girls to the scouting movement.

What is Girl Scout?

Girl Scout is a GSUSA youth union formed in the spring of 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low. The idea of founding the organization came to her after meeting with the initiator of the scout movement Robert Baden-Powell.

1912 – the 1920s

Girl Scout Logo 1912-1920s

The original Girl Scout emblem dates back to the last century. It looks like a hybrid of a three-leaf clover and a fleur-de-lis. The vegetable symbol is colored white with a bold black outline. An eagle’s dark silhouette holds objects like arrows and an olive branch in its paws. The designers simply copied the centerpiece from the Great Seal. The letters “G” and “S” are depicted to the right and left of the head of the US national bird. Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the social movement, invented this logo.

1920s – 1940s

Girl Scout Logo 1920s-1940s

In the 1920s, the brand name has been redesigned. Inside the large shamrock, a second, slightly smaller, appeared. They differed not only in size but also in shape because the designers did not observe strict symmetry. The font of the letters “G” and “S” has also changed. The central element has been detailed: now it is obvious that an eagle is depicted in the middle – the personification of victory and strength. He carries a triangular shield with four white stripes and three black stars on his chest. It is a reflection of confidence and national pride. Four arrows are clamped in the bird’s left paw – a symbol of greatness, and on the right, there is an olive branch, which denotes peace. Altogether, it says that the Girl Scout organization educates the patriots of their country.

1940s – 1960s

Girl Scout Logo 1940s-1960s

In the middle of the 20th century, the logo moved away from political aspects. The artists focused on the shamrock by removing any mention of the Great Seal and enlarging the letters “GS” to occupy the vacant space. The main element is surrounded by a rectangular frame of 16 small white clover leaves.

1960s – 1978

Girl Scout Logo 1960s-1978

Over time, there were even more shamrocks. They formed five concentric rings extending outward from the black circle. Inside this circle is a central sheet with a white outline and the letters “GS,” which is an acronym for the full name of Girl Scout.

1978 – 2003

Girl Scout Logo 1978-2003

The most famous version of the logo was designed in 1978 by graphic designer Saul Bass. This man approached the task professionally: he drew an exquisite and stylish symbol by hand, unlike all the previous ones. The emblem retained the traditional shamrock shape, but the profiles of three female faces appeared inside it. The artist achieved this by alternating filled and empty areas. He encoded a deep meaning in his drawing. Three united silhouettes represent unity, the desire for mutual assistance, and mutual assistance – the core values ​​of Girl Scouts.

A full-fledged inscription is used on the logo for the first time, located under a stylized shamrock. Saul Bass chose the unusual ITC Korinna Bold typeface, with asymmetrical letters and short, pointed serifs. In addition, the designer assigned the organization a new corporate color – a rich shade of green.

2003 – 2009

Girl Scout Logo 2003-2009

In 2003, the legendary Girl Scout symbol was redesigned. The graphic was shrunk and moved to the left. The case of the inscription has changed: only “G” and “S” remain in capital letters. The font has also been updated: the elegant serif has been replaced by a minimalist sans serif. At the same time, both the emblem and the organization’s name acquired a blue-green color.

2009 – today

Girl Scout Logo 2009-present

The current logo was introduced in 2009 as part of a new development strategy. This modernization occurred shortly before Girl Scout’s centenary and was intended to bring the brand closer to modern standards. Identity modernization is aimed at the younger generation. Its goal is to attract girls’ attention to relevant events and to interest them enough to join the organization’s ranks.

The marketing department entrusted the redesign to the Original Champions of Design agency. Bobby Martin and Jennifer Kinon led the process, working with two illustrators: Jasper Goodall and Joe Finocchiaro. They decided not to deviate from the original Saul Bass concept but only to fix the outdated elements slightly.

The artists changed the shape of the stylized shamrock, making it symmetrical and adding a semicircular bang to one of the girls. On all three faces, the noses and chins have become larger to match the actual appearance of the scouts. The necks are straightened, and the lips are enlarged. The underside of the leaf has a slight sharpening and now resembles a heraldic shield.

The shamrock is located in the upper right corner of the inscription, which has also noticeably changed. The designers chose a new sans-serif font (Avenir Black) for the organization’s name, repainted the phrase in black, and converted all letters to lowercase.

2021 – today

Girl Scout Logo

The Girl Scout organization received a logo with a badge reminiscent of the 1920s variant. This is a clover leaf with three petals, from which the image of women’s faces in profile has disappeared. Moreover, the designers rounded the lower part like another sheet fragment. The inscription is enlarged, so the clover looks small.

Girl Scout: Interesting Facts

The Girl Scouts of the USA, often simply called the Girl Scouts, is a group for young girls in the U.S. and American girls living overseas. Juliette Gordon Low started it in 1912, and it has grown to be a worldwide organization that helps girls and young women gain confidence and skills.

  1. Beginnings: On March 12, 1912, Juliette Gordon Low started the first Girl Scout group in Savannah, Georgia, with 18 girls. She wanted to make a place where girls could grow in all areas of their lives.
  2. Membership: Since its founding, the Girl Scouts have welcomed millions of members in the U.S. To date, over 50 million girls and adults have joined this group.
  3. Girl Scout Cookies: Selling cookies is one of the most famous parts of being a Girl Scout. This started in the 1920s to help fund their activities. It’s a big yearly event that teaches girls how to run a business.
  4. Core Principles: The Girl Scout Law and Promise are key to the organization’s values. Girl Scouts teach girls to make good choices and help their communities.
  5. Levels: The Girl Scouts have different levels based on school grades, from Daisy (K-1) to Ambassador (11-12), so the program grows with the girls.
  6. Badges and Journeys: Girls earn badges by learning new things and taking on challenges, from camping skills to science. “Journeys” focuses on leadership and making a difference.
  7. Gold Award: This is the top honor a Girl Scout can earn, like the Boy Scouts’ Eagle Scout rank. Girls work on a project that benefits their community in a lasting way.
  8. Global Connections: The Girl Scouts are part of a global community in 150 countries. They participate in international events through the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
  9. Famous Members: Many accomplished women were Girl Scouts, such as Sandra Day O’Connor, the first Supreme Court Justice, and Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.
  10. Nature and Conservation: Enjoying and protecting the outdoors is a big part of Girl Scouting. Girls do things like camping and gardening, learning about nature and how to care for it.

Over the years, the Girl Scouts have helped many girls and young women become brave, confident, and caring. The organization continues to impact individuals and communities everywhere through its varied programs.

Font and Colors

Girl Scout Emblem

The main element of Girl Scout’s identity has always been the shamrock. The creator of the scout movement, Robert Baden-Powell, claimed that this symbol is associated with the Pole Star: in ancient times, it personified a compass needle pointing north. It can be interpreted as a guiding sign that leads in the right direction. In the modern context, each side of the shamrock embodies the scout’s oaths: to abide by the organization’s laws, rescue them in difficult situations, and serve their country.

Girl Scout Logo

The designers have slightly modified the Avenir Black font to adapt it to the current logo. They removed the left side of the horizontal stroke from the “t,” so there is approximately the same distance between all the letters. Using lowercase letters helps make Girl Scout’s name both friendly and trustworthy.

Girl Scout Symbol

The organization’s main colors and symbols are green, white, and black. Green must have a bright shade, # 00AE58, which became a brand after the redesign in 2009.


What is the official Girl Scout symbol?

The trefoil is the official symbol of the Girl Scouts. It consists of three leaves and symbolizes the Girl Scout promises: to serve God and country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The trefoil has been important to the organization since its founding over 100 years ago. It unites former and current members through its history. The design is simple but meaningful, reflecting the core principles that guide Girl Scouts.

What does the Trefoil stand for?

The trefoil symbolizes the Girl Scout promises: to serve God and country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law. The logo has been updated to give the brand a new and modern look, making it more appealing to young girls from diverse backgrounds. The new design reflects a more inclusive approach and better suits the interests of today’s young women.

What does the Girl Scout logo mean?

The logo includes a stylized trefoil, symbolizing the brand’s three key principles. These principles are adherence to Scout rules, which determine members’ behavior and activities; always helping others, which is central to the organization’s focus on community service and altruism; and service to God and country, which shows the organization’s commitment to patriotism and spiritual development.

Who designed the Girl Scouts logo?

The logo was first changed in 1978 by Saul Bass, a renowned graphic artist. This update gave the brand a more modern and impressive look.

In 2010, the logo was revised again to meet modern design trends. The update was completed by Original Champions of Design, a firm known for its branding expertise. They built on Bass’s original work, adapting the design better to suit the brand’s evolving image and goals.

Can you use the Girl Scout logo?

To use the Girl Scout logo, you must obtain permission from the organization. Send a detailed request to describing how and where you plan to use the logo. You can contact your nearest organization office for assistance in this process. Following these steps is crucial to ensure your logo complies with brand guidelines and legal requirements.

Is there a Girl Scout organization?

Yes, the Girl Scouts was founded in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia, and received official recognition from the US Congress in 1950. It has more than 2.5 million members, including girls and adult volunteers. The organization empowers young women by teaching important life skills and promoting community, leadership, and service. Its large membership demonstrates its significant and lasting influence in the United States and worldwide.