The emblem of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reflects the focus of the organization. In all its variants, the NASA logo is distinguished by information and recognition. It represents the Universe, the satellite orbit.

NASA: Brand overview

Founded: July 29, 1958
Founder: United States
Washington, D.C., U.S.
NASA is the main US Space Administration, which reports directly to the President of the United States. It appeared in July 1958 and was created by Dwight David Eisenhower. The headquarters of the center is located in Washington.

Meaning and History

NASA Logo History

One of the most respected organizations in the world has few logos. Over the years, the organization for aeronautics and the study of extraterrestrial space has used only three options. Two of them have a complex structure and are based on the Rondel principle, and one is simple and consists only of the name. The round version was developed by James Modarelli, illustrator of the Lewis Research Center, the verbal – Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn. The logo also had a limited number of redesigns – in fact, they swapped or were used in parallel for different tasks.

What is NASA?

NASA is the abbreviated name for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, an agency associated with the US aerospace industry. The organization reports directly to the president and belongs to the federal government.

1915 – 1958

NACA Logo 1915-1958

The space management debut logo features a stylized heraldic shield with two large spread wings. In the middle of the yellow icon is the word “NASA.” It is written in plain black font – narrow and sans-serif. A dark line runs along the outline of the symbol, which is twice as narrow as the letters. This option accurately reflected the tasks of the aerospace center.

1959-1975; 1992 – today

NASA Logo 1959-present

A year after the space research organization’s opening, she had her emblem, which represented her at the public level. The author of the funny title Meatball is James Modarelli. This logo was in use until 1975, and then after a long break, it was returned. Therefore, since 1992, it is still in use.

The round logo, symbolizing the universe, depicts a dark blue disk with white dots (presumably stars) crossed by a V-shaped red ribbon. The Rondel’s center is the abbreviated name of National Aeronautics and Space Administration – “NASA.” A thin improvised orbit with a thickening at one end is placed sideways around the word as if it were a trace from a rocket.

This logo exists in another embodiment, used primarily for printing and special programs. A round blue icon is surrounded by a wide white frame with a yellow line along the contour. The full name of the office is located around the perimeter. The red V-shaped stripe, like the white orbit, are around the planet.

1975 – 1992

NASA Logo 1975-1992

Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn created this option. It depicts the word “NASA”, made in streamlined red font. Due to the visual similarity of the letters with the worms, the emblem was nicknamed “Worm.” It was used as the main one for more than 15 years and then was replaced by a traditional one. Now this version exists in parallel with the official one and is used in some projects.

Font and Colors

NASA Symbol

For awards, official documents, and special occasions, NASA uses a special logo that resembles a seal. It is an almost complete copy of the main one and has an additional design. A red line surrounds a blue circle representing the universe on a white background. The full name of the organization, National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA, is written on a wide strip with a beige-pink border. The central part is occupied by a yellow ball, which symbolizes the planet. Next to her is the moon. A satellite orbit and a figured element resembling the V sign encircle the earth.

In 1975, the Space Administration introduced another version of the logo, created as part of the Federal Program for the Improvement of Graphics. As a result, the word “NASA” received an “alien” spelling: the crossbar disappeared from “A,” the letters became streamlined, resembling a spaghetti or a worm, hence its unspoken nickname. This version has been used for 17 years.

NASA Emblem

The “Worm” emblem has an inscription made with a simple smooth sans serif typeface, provided with clear cuts and rounded corners. Both “A” has no horizontal bar. Moreover, the right leg of the central “A” is connected to the beginning of “S.” The Meatball logo has an uppercase font, thin letters with serifs. The palette is three-colored and consists of white, blue Pantone 286, and red Pantone 185.

NASA color codes

Orioles Orange Hex color: #fc3d21
RGB: 252 61 33
CMYK: 0 76 87
Pantone: PMS 172 C
Midnight Blue Hex color: #0b3d91
RGB: 11 61 145
CMYK: 92 58 0 43
Pantone: PMS 661 C

Why is NASA logo called the worm?

The worm was the name given to the NASA logo that was in effect from 1975 to 1992. It was an inscription, the letters in which looked like an earthy invertebrate in red. The authors of this version were the designer’s Bruce Blackburn and Richard Danne.

Did NASA change its logo?

Yes, in 1992, NASA changed the old worm logo. Since then, it has been composed of outer space in the form of a blue circle with small stars, a diagonal orbit, a forked red stripe, and a name in bold letters.

Can you use the NASA logo?

NASA does not allow the use of the logo by unauthorized persons. This can only be done by representatives of the administration and office of the aerospace agency.

What is the official NASA logo?

The official NASA logo is a dark blue disc with a white orbit, a spaceship, a large name, and a red ribbon. The people nicknamed him “meatball.” The developer of this variant is James Modarelli.