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Magneti Marelli: Brand overview

Founder:Fiat and Ercole Marelli
Corbetta, Italy
Magneti Marelli, a renowned Italian manufacturer specializing in automotive components, forms an integral part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) conglomerate. Established in 1919, the company has made Corbetta, Milan, its operational headquarters.

Magneti Marelli is well-regarded for its comprehensive design and production of various components and systems crucial to the automotive industry. The company’s broad product lineup includes engine control units, automotive lighting solutions, infotainment systems, shock absorbers, and instrument clusters, to name a few.

With a significant global footprint, Magneti Marelli employs approximately 43,000 individuals and maintains operations in over 20 countries, spanning Europe, North and South America, and Asia. The company also owns subsidiary brands like Sistemi Sospensioni, Carello, Siem SpA, and Jaeger.

In 1967, Fiat acquired Magneti Marelli, and since then, the company has been functioning as an autonomous subsidiary within the FCA group. Magneti Marelli supplies components to several high-profile automobile manufacturers, including BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, GM, and Ford.

Further enhancing its reach, Magneti Marelli has entered into joint ventures and partnerships with various corporations, including Omron, KKR, Hankook Tires, Aisin Seiki, and Calsonic Kansei. In a significant move in 2018, FCA publicized the sale of Magneti Marelli to Calsonic Kansei, a Japanese firm, in a deal estimated at €6.2 billion.

Meaning and History

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1919 – 1929

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1929 – 1949

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1949 – 1973

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1973 – 2001

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2001 – 2019

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2019 – today

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Magneti Marelli color codes

Rich Electric BlueHex color:#009cde
RGB:0 156 222
CMYK:100 30 0 13
Pantone:PMS 801 C
Cool BlackHex color:#002855
RGB:0 40 85
CMYK:100 53 0 67
Pantone:PMS 655 C