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Mimaki: Brand overview

Founded:August 1975
Tomi, Nagano, Japan

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Mimaki is a respected name in inkjet printer and cutting plotter manufacturing. The company was established in 1975 and initially focused on manufacturing mechanical drafting devices.

However, in the late 1990s, Mimaki began producing inkjet printers designed for billboard, signage, and textile printing. Today, the company boasts an extensive lineup of commercial and industrial printers. These machines find applications across various domains, including creating signs, banners, stickers, packaging, and apparel.

Some of the company’s flagship products encompass the UJF series UV flatbed printers, the CJV series for garment/textile printing, and the JFX series for signage. Alongside the hardware, Mimaki also offers specialized inks in vibrant fluorescent, glossy metallic, and versatile sublimation variants. The company also supplies printer cutters equipped with sharp, precision-cutting blades.

While Mimaki is based in Japan, its operations span across the United States and Europe, with over 80% of its revenue generated from markets outside its homeland. In 2009, another Japanese enterprise, Roland DG, acquired the company, yet Mimaki maintains operational independence.

In the competitive landscape of the wide-format printer market, Mimaki squares off against well-known industry giants such as HP, Canon, Epson, and Roland. The company takes pride in its adherence to environmental standards, evidenced by its GREENGUARD certification, and promotes sustainable textile printing with eco-friendly inks.

As of 2021, Mimaki claims a significant stake in the global UV flatbed printer market, asserting a commanding market share of over 30%. This testifies to the company’s continuous drive for innovation and commitment to quality in printer manufacturing.

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Racing RedHex color:#d41114
RGB:212 17 20
CMYK:0 92 91 17
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C