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The Seagate logo is cosmic and progressive. The emblem resembles an astronaut heading toward the stars. The symbol represents the company as ahead of its time, possessing new knowledge and technologies.

Seagate: Brand overview

Founded:November 1, 1979
Founder:Alan Shugart ,Tom Mitchell, Doug Mahon,Finis Conner, Syed Iftikar
Fremont, California, United States

Seagate is an American brand of computer data storage devices founded in 1979. It holds 30% of the global hard disk market. Its products are distributed in 100 countries and generate revenue of $10.5 billion. The company employs over 40,000 people and is headquartered in California.

Meaning and History

Seagate Logo History

The corporation’s logos reflect the development path of data storage technology. From reels with tape, through floppy disks to hard disks, and then to SSD drives. The latest emblems predict the connection between people and machines, the birth of artificial intelligence, and the expansion of humanity beyond its solar system. Each symbol shows a clear systematization that is the basis for creating storage devices. The logo demonstrates that thanks to companies like Seagate, the entire history of humanity can be recorded and preserved.

What is Seagate?

A well-known manufacturer of HDD, SSD, memory cards, and external drives. The most famous product lines are BarraCuda, FireCuda, SkyHawk, and IronWolf. One of the latest achievements is a 16-terabyte hard drive.

1979 – 1986

Seagate Logo 1979

The first emblem consists of a stylized letter S and the company name. The symbol significantly surpasses the word in size. It resembles two disks between which the process of information transfer takes place. In the first ST-506 systems, information storage was carried out on several drives connected by cables. The emblem represents this system.

The green color is a symbol of life, development, and growth. It demonstrates that the company’s technology is the future.

The name is written in lowercase letters with a script font, embodying the flow of information, gradual data extraction, and the connection between the disk and the computer.

1986 – 2002

Seagate Logo 1986

2002 – 2015

Seagate Logo 2002

2015 – today

Seagate Logo 2015-present

In 2015, Seagate began partnering with IBM to develop data storage technologies using IBM Cloud, compatibility with IBM Power Systems, and the company’s disks. A new logo was developed to emphasize the important steps in development.

The emblem still consists of an image and an inscription. However, compared to the 2002 logo, they changed the placement sequence. The symbol is placed ahead of the name.

The wavy green stripes resemble:

  • A part of a fingerprint. The imprint is individual. It contains information about a person. The company’s products also store personal information.
  • Tracks on the disk. Information on the disk is stored in the form of magnetic pulses arranged in tracks.
  • A galaxy. Earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy, which has a spiral shape. The association points to the storage of information for future generations. The disks contain encrypted data that will exist for millennia. This form was created to demonstrate the company’s participation in NASA experiments. In 2015, the disks were prepared to record information about Mars in the Mars Curiosity Rover program.

The name is written in thin light-gray letters. This technique creates an impression of airiness and flight. Overall, the symbol looks cosmic and demonstrates a new stage in the company’s life, expanding into space. The word Seagate seems to lead the planet. The company defines the further development of the industry, developing new technologies that change information storage systems for humanity.

Font and Colors

The green color is an integral part of all the manufacturer’s emblems. The shades incorporate the profitability and potential of new systems. Light green represents discoveries, beginnings, and far-reaching partnerships with technology companies. The color reflects the youth of our planetary system. It is at the beginning of its journey, and many discoveries are yet to come. Seagate dreams of participating in upcoming developments and innovations.

The inscription style is simple, with its letters resembling many common fonts. It indicates the universality of digital systems and the ease of communication between separate modules from different firms. The space between the characters is increased, symbolizing the ability to store a large amount of data. Each letter is like a separate information cell. The technique gives the symbol airiness and a sense of flight.

Seagate color codes

MantisHex color:#6fbf4e
RGB:111 191 78
CMYK:42 0 59 25
Pantone:PMS 360 C
Morning Sky BlueHex color:#979e96
RGB:151 158 150
CMYK:4 0 5 38
Pantone:PMS 7538 C