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Uniting for the benefit of the best and strong personifies the logo of The Super League. The emblem’s message is the competition’s honesty and transparency and the participating teams’ high professionalism and experience. They are the base, the basis of the European football elite.

The Super League: Brand overview

Founded:18 April 2021
Founder:European Super League Company, S.L.,

The Super League (or European Super League Company) is a new sports association that includes 20 football clubs (15 permanent and 5 applying for membership). It is also an annual top-level competition between the two, competing with the UEFA Champions League. It appeared in the spring of 2021. Florentino Pérez became its first chairman.

In April 2021, 12 teams established an international football organization. Then three more joined them. These 15 clubs will be permanent members of The Super League and its leaders. Each year they will be joined by five applicants based on their last year’s performance. According to the representatives of the highest football association in Europe, the competition will be held shortly, about which the relevant negotiations are already underway.

The need for a league has been discussed since 1998. And on April 18, 2021, a press release was published announcing its creation. This was announced ahead of the UEFA meeting. The old organization wanted to update and expand the UEFA Champions League starting in the 2004/2005 season to increase the number of matches and increase revenues.

In his speech, Florentino Pérez stressed that the new association would help athletes regain the level of income lost due to the coronavirus pandemic. There is a special system of raising and lowering, which will certainly appeal to young football fans. This measure is expected to improve refereeing and VAR.

The press release also claims the Super League will provide additional financial resources, better competition, and substantial economic growth in support of European football. In addition to men’s matches, it is planned to hold women’s matches shortly.

Meaning and History

The Super League Logo History

The logo of the newest sports organization is simple and minimal. At the same time, it looks conceptually and powerful since it consists of an inscription combined in the form of a fragment of a pyramid – a ladder that expands in the lower part, forming a symbolic platform. This directly echoes the concept behind the football league.

The full name of the association is used as the text – “The Super League.” All letters are the same and are in uppercase. The lines are aligned to the left, making it possible to conveniently use the logo on flags and posters since, according to language rules, all words are read from left to right. The organization offers two equivalent logo options: monochrome with a neutral white background and color with a wide black rectangle.

What is the European Super League?

Super League is a European sports association of a new format and the most anticipated event in the world of football. They wanted to hold the sports tournament among the most successful clubs on the continent.

The Super League: Interesting Facts

The Super League, or the European Super League (ESL), was a proposed football competition announced in April 2021 that faced much backlash and quickly fell apart. It was intended to rival the UEFA Champions League and change European club football. However, due to heavy criticism, the plan was quickly dropped.

  1. Founding Clubs: Twelve of Europe’s biggest football clubs, including AC Milan, Arsenal, and Real Madrid, were behind the Super League, causing much controversy.
  2. Competition Format: The league was to have 20 teams, 15 founders, and five qualifiers competing midweek, which would clash with the UEFA Champions League.
  3. Money Matters: The league’s main goal was to make more money than these clubs could from current competitions, especially given the financial strains from COVID-19.
  4. Broad Criticism: Fans, football bodies like UEFA and FIFA, players, and politicians quickly criticized the league for being unfair and damaging to football’s wider community.
  5. Quick End: English clubs pulled out within two days due to fan protests and threats from football authorities, leading to the league’s collapse.
  6. Aftermath: UEFA and the leagues discussed penalizing the founding clubs. The event spurred discussions on football governance reforms in Europe.
  7. Fan Influence: Fan protests, especially from those supporting the English clubs, were key in stopping the Super League.
  8. Legal Issues Remain: Some clubs, like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus, didn’t back down, leading to ongoing debates and legal discussions.
  9. Leadership Changes: The backlash led to changes at some clubs, such as Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman resigning.
  10. Reform Talks: The fallout has led to wider discussions on how football is governed, revenue distribution, and protecting competition integrity.

The attempt to create the Super League highlighted the clash between commercial goals and football’s traditional values, showing the power of fans and governing bodies in influencing the sport’s future.

Font and Colors

Super League Logo

The text is executed in a sleek modern grotesque with wide letters, precise angles, and straight lines. The typeface used is reminiscent of the Bw Nista International Black and Kamerik 205 Text Heavy fonts with minimal modifications.

The European Super League Emblem

The branded palette consists of black and white. The first is the two lower rows; the second is the upper one. In the other version (colored, with a dark background), the lines “Super” and “League” are white, and “The” is a neon gradient from light blue to dark pink.

The Super League Emblem

The European Super League Logo

The European Super League Logo

The teams that founded the league

The teams that founded The Super League

Twelve clubs have been announced as founders of The Super League, and three more will join them at the start of the season. The base includes British, Spanish, and Italian representatives. All 15 founders will become permanent members of the organization and will lead it.



The club is professional and has existed since 1886 and managed by Mikel Arteta. The team has won 13 awards.


The most titled team of professional football players from England. It was founded in 1905, is based in London, and owns over 30 titles. Its leader is Thomas Tuchel.


The football club is located in Liverpool and is professional. He appeared in 1982 and has won 50 titles to date, 19 of which are Champions League. Jurgen Klopp now heads it.

Manchester City

The Manchester football team is considered one of the oldest since it was founded in 1880. Throughout its sports career, the club has won 9 major titles and 6 in the Champions League. Pep Guardiola leads it.

Manchester United

This is another professional football club from Manchester with very long roots – it was founded in 1878. Ole Gunnar Solkjaer runs it. The team owns 39 different titles, making it the most awarded in the British football segment.


The club is based in London and is professional. It has existed since 1872 and is now owned by ENIC International. Although the team does not own any of the titles, it plays a vital role in the history of English football.


Real Madrid

A professional soccer team led by Zinedine Zidane. It was founded in 1902 and is located in Madrid. The club owns 118 different titles, 13 of which are Euroleague awards. Therefore, it is recognized as one of the most award-winning football organizations on the continent.

Atlético Madrid

This Madrid team was founded in 1903. She owns 10 Champions League titles and is among the strongest clubs in Spain. Its leader is Diego Simeone.


The professional football club from Barcelona was founded in 1899 and is run by Ronald Koeman. Throughout its history, the team has won 130 titles, including 74 awards from Champions League matches. This makes it the most successful in the Spanish football segment.



The club brings together professional footballers and is based in Turin. It has existed since 1897 and is currently managed by Andrea Pirlo. Athletes have won 36 Champions League awards.

Inter Milan

The professional football team from Milan, led by Antonio Conte. The club has existed since 1908 and owns 18 Champions League trophies.

AC Milan

Another Milan team of professional footballers. She appeared in 1899. Its manager is Stefano Pioli. The club has won 7 awards in the Champions League.

The Super League color codes

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