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MLB Logo

MLB Logo

MLB (Major League Baseball) is a sports organization from the United States that unites professional baseball players. It is the oldest league, founded in 1903. Now it includes 29 American teams and 1 Canadian, which are divided into groups. They equally represent the NL (National League, formed in 1876) and the AL (American League, formed in 1901). Although these two leagues have been cooperating since 1903, they were legally separated and were different structures. Their final and official unification into one organization took place in 2000. The Commissioner of Baseball leads it. The main office is located in New York, in the center of Manhattan.

Meaning and History

MLB Logo History
Evolution of the MLB Logo

In the 1860s, soldiers in the camps played baseball during the Civil War, gradually captivating many, becoming a social game. As a result, a governing organization appeared – NABBP (National Association of Base Ball Players). It was an amateur league that lasted 12 years. In 1867, there were 400 clubs in it.

In 1869, a professional structure emerged – MLB, which was the first to include athletes from Cincinnati Red Stockings. After that, a split arose between professionals and amateurs. However, time has shown that amateur teams do not justify themselves due to the low level of play and frequent transfers of successful players (for money). As a result of friction, the NL (National League) was first founded, emphasizing clubs.

After the rivalry and numerous dissatisfaction of athletes, another structure was established – the AL (American League). This happened in 1901. Then an open confrontation broke out between her and the NL, which lasted for many years until a proposal was made to create a common organization with its charter, emblem, leadership, and game schedule.

the 1950s – 1969

The emblem of those years shows a baseball player during the game. He is depicted in the course of hitting the throw, as evidenced by the bat extended in the swing, the position of the arms and legs wide apart. The athlete is on a combined background: the left half of the backboard is red, and the right half is blue. This division denotes the two leagues that make up the MLB and the colors of the US national flag. The abbreviation is made large and occupies almost the entire upper space: there is only the full name of the sports organization, executed in small chopped type. The lower inscription, on the other hand, is supplemented with massive serifs.

1969 – 2019

Major League Baseball Logo 1969-2019

The author of the new logo is designer Jerry Dior. For his version, he used pictures of several baseball players to sketch a profile and achieve common features without being tied to a specific person. However, fans see in the player Harmon Clayton Killebrew, who later entered the Hall of Fame. The emblem is in the shape of a horizontal rectangle with rounded corners. It shows the light outline of a baseball player: shoulders, arms, head, and back. The athlete froze at the moment of hitting the ball flying towards him. The player and all sports paraphernalia are painted white; the right side is red, the left side is blue. At the bottom, there is an inscription “Major League Baseball,” decorated in a grotesque style with capital letters. The developers finally removed the shield.

2019 – present

Major League Baseball Logo 2019-present

After the redesign, there is a new logo with a darkened color palette. Now, instead of blue, it is bluish-black, and instead of red, it is maroon.

Despite the long history of the logo, it has changed little. The most serious modifications took place in 1969: the existing elements were rearranged. Moreover, the designer changed their perspective, focusing on another aspect of the game. Since then, the logo has not been updated.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

MLB Emblem

The logo is written in the grotesque typeface Franklin Gothic Condensed Medium. It was co-developed by Morris Fuller Benton and Victor Caruso and was first published by the ITC.

MLB Symbol

The corporate palette is designed in the colors of the US national flag, so blue, red, and white have always been predominant.