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The MLB logo (Major League Baseball) conveys the essence of the famous American organization. Sporting excitement, desire to win, and professional precision – all that is embodied in the images of the logo, which is made in the official colors of the oldest league.

MLB: Brand overview

United States

MLB (Major League Baseball) is a sports organization in the United States that unites professional baseball players. It is the oldest league, founded in 1903. Now, it includes 29 American teams and 1 Canadian, divided into groups. They represent the NL (National League, formed in 1876) and the AL (American League, formed in 1901). Although these two leagues have been cooperating since 1903, they were legally separated and were different structures. Their final and official unification into one organization took place in 2000. The Commissioner of Baseball leads it. The main office is located in New York, in the center of Manhattan.

In the 1860s, soldiers in the camps played baseball during the Civil War, gradually captivating many and becoming a social game. As a result, a governing organization appeared – NABBP (National Association of Base Ball Players). It was an amateur league that lasted 12 years. In 1867, there were 400 clubs in it.

In 1869, a professional structure emerged – MLB, the first to include athletes from Cincinnati Red Stockings. After that, a split arose between professionals and amateurs. However, time has shown that amateur teams do not justify themselves due to the low level of play and frequent transfers of successful players (for money). As a result of friction, the NL (National League) was first founded, emphasizing clubs.

After the rivalry and dissatisfaction among athletes, another structure was established – the AL (American League). This happened in 1901. Then, an open confrontation broke out between her and the NL, which lasted for many years until a proposal was made to create a common organization with its charter, emblem, leadership, and game schedule.

Meaning and History

MLB (Major League Baseball) Logo History

The MLB emblem was commissioned by the head of Bowie Kuhn and adopted for the 100th anniversary of Major League Baseball. The new commissioner approved it at an event in the summer of 1969 in Washington. According to some reports, the iconic silhouette depicted on the logo was modeled from shots of several prominent players. According to other sources, it is taken from the image of Harmon Killebrew – a baseball player included in the Hall of Fame. Despite such controversy, the symbol was created in just a day. It is specially presented in the form of a one-piece silhouette. It shows neither the batter’s nationality nor his dominant hand. An athlete can be anyone who hits with both the right and left hands. This effect was achieved thanks to the angle from the back.

What is MLB?

It is an abbreviation for the full name of the professional sports organization Major League Baseball, created in 1903. There are 30 teams from the United States of America and Canada participating in MLB. They are split between the American League and the National League, each with three divisions.

the 1950s – 1969

The emblem of those years shows a baseball player during the game. He is depicted in the course of hitting the throw, as evidenced by the bat extended in the swing and the position of the arms and legs wide apart. The athlete is on a combined background: the left half of the backboard is red, and the right half is blue. This division denotes the two leagues that make up the MLB and the colors of the US national flag. The abbreviation is made large and occupies almost the entire upper space: there is only the full name of the sports organization, executed in small chopped type. The lower inscription, on the other hand, is supplemented with massive serifs.

1969 – 1991Major League Baseball (MLB) Logo 1969

Color is what immediately catches the eye when looking at the updated logo. Red and blue became brighter but went beyond the borders of the US national flag. The abbreviation that used to be at the top has disappeared. The bottom lettering received a sleek sans-serif font.

1991 – 2019

Major League Baseball (MLB) Logo 1991

The author of the new logo is designer Jerry Dior. For his version, he used pictures of several baseball players to sketch a profile and achieve common features without being tied to a specific person. However, fans see in the player Harmon Clayton Killebrew, who later entered the Hall of Fame. The emblem is in the shape of a horizontal rectangle with rounded corners. It shows the light outline of a baseball player: shoulders, arms, head, and back. The athlete froze at the moment, hitting the ball flying toward him. The player and all sports paraphernalia are painted white; the right side is red, and the left is blue. At the bottom is an inscription, “Major League Baseball,” decorated in a grotesque style with capital letters. The developers finally removed the shield.

2019 – today

Major League Baseball (MLB) Logo

After the redesign, there is a new logo with a darkened color palette. Now, instead of blue, it is bluish-black; instead of red, it is maroon.

Despite its long history, the logo has changed little. The most serious modifications occurred in 1969: the existing elements were rearranged. Moreover, the designer changed their perspective, focusing on another game aspect. Since then, the logo has not been updated.

MLB (Major League Baseball): Interesting Facts

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the oldest major professional sports league in the United States and Canada, with 30 teams in two groups: the National League and the American League. It’s a sport known for its long history and influence on American culture.

  1. Beginnings: The National League started in 1876, making MLB one of the world’s oldest sports leagues. The American League began in 1901. They operated separately at first but later joined under the MLB name.
  2. World Series: This championship has been held almost every year since 1903, matching the National League and American League champions in a best-of-seven series.
  3. Jackie Robinson: On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first African American in modern MLB. This day is now celebrated annually as Jackie Robinson Day.
  4. Longest Game: On May 8, 1984, the Chicago White Sox beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the longest MLB game by time, lasting 8 hours and 6 minutes over 25 innings.
  5. Designated Hitter Rule: Introduced by the American League in 1973, this rule lets a player bat in place of the pitcher. The National League adopted it in 2020 for a short time due to COVID-19, then permanently from 2022.
  6. Perfect Games: It is rare for a pitcher to achieve a perfect game in which no opponent reaches base. As of 2023, there have been only 23 perfect games.
  7. Home Run Records: Barry Bonds holds the single-season home run record with 73 in 2001 and the career record with 762 home runs.
  8. International Players: MLB includes players from over 20 countries. The World Baseball Classic started in 2006 and promotes the game globally, with national teams competing.
  9. Hall of Fame: Located in Cooperstown, New York, it honors baseball’s greats since 1936, including Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb.
  10. Innovations: MLB leads in sports technology, using instant replay for decisions, Statcast for advanced metrics, and testing new rules to speed up the game.

MLB keeps evolving, blending tradition with innovation, and remains a key part of American culture and a favorite worldwide.

Font and Colors

MLB Emblem

The logo is written in the grotesque typeface Franklin Gothic Condensed Medium. It was co-developed by Morris Fuller Benton and Victor Caruso and was first published by the ITC.

MLB Symbol

The corporate palette is designed in the colors of the US national flag, so blue, red, and white have always been predominant.


What does MLB mean?

MLB stands for Major League Baseball, the leading professional baseball organization in the United States and Canada. The organization manages all major league teams and organizes games each season. With 30 teams, it is one of the oldest sports leagues in North America. The American League and the National League are divided into the East, Central, and West divisions.

The league promotes baseball, develops new talent, and improves the fan experience. It oversees the Minor League Baseball system, which helps train future players. The league annually hosts the World Series, a major championship that ends the season and determines the best team.

Why do MLB and NBA have similar logos?

The logos look similar because the NBA modeled its logo after the MLB logo when it was created. Jerry Siegel, who designed the NBA logo, said that Kennedy, then the commissioner, wanted the logo to remind people of MLB’s respected image. They chose this approach because MLB was already considered a well-known and respected organization in sports. By having a similar logo, the NBA hoped to enhance its reputation and highlight MLB’s positive qualities.

Who is on the MLB logo?

Many think the logo depicts the silhouette of Harmon Killebrew, a famous baseball player in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The logo shows a baseball player in action and is inspired by Killebrew’s unique stance. While many believe this, the brand claims the logo is meant to be universal and represent any baseball player, including Killebrew.

Is the MLB logo a real person?

The logo is believed to depict Harmon Killebrew, a famous baseball player who played in the major leagues from 1954 to 1975. He is known for his powerful hitting and numerous home runs. The logo represents a professional baseball player rather than a specific individual, symbolizing baseball’s universal spirit and dynamic nature.

Who has the best MLB logo?

Choosing the best logo is a matter of personal opinion, but some consistently score high for their distinctive designs and meaningful symbols:

  • Milwaukee Brewers: Their logo cleverly uses the letters “m” and “b” to form a baseball glove, showing a creative approach to design.
  • Minnesota Twins: The logo elegantly highlights the team’s connection to the Twin Cities, emphasizing local pride through its design.
  • San Francisco Giants: The Giants’ logo, with its bold, classic font, is widely recognized and reflects the team’s long history.
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Their logo combines a bold font and the Liberty Bell, merging history and team spirit.
  • Chicago White Sox: This logo features a gothic font and a simple design, making it modern and memorable.

What baseball logo is AP?

The “AP” logo is not affiliated with any Major League Baseball team. Sometimes, people confuse it with the Pittsburgh Pirates logo, which features a large yellow “P” with unique notches on the rounded part. This “P” is well known and represents the Pittsburgh Pirates, a famous baseball team, and has been part of their identity for many years.