30+ Best Bourbon Brands and Logos

Best Bourbon Brands and Logos

Bourbon is a true American drink, full of tradition and history. The main ingredient is corn, which, along with careful crafting, makes bourbon special. The symbols on bourbon bottles tell stories about the drink’s history, showing off the quality of the whiskey inside. These symbols, or logos, are like tiny stories about each bourbon, from spicy rye to smooth Tennessee whiskey.

Making a bourbon logo is an art. It mixes beauty with a nod to tradition, like mixing grains and spices to make bourbon taste great. These logos have special designs that remind people of the bourbon’s story, like hints of vanilla or chocolate in the drink. Every choice in the logo, from the colors to the pictures, tells us more about the bourbon.

Today, having a good logo is very important for bourbon brands. A well-made logo shows the drink is high-quality, real, and made with care and tradition. When you look at bourbon logos, you see more than just a picture; you see the heart of the bourbon, its history, and how it’s made.

Looking at different bourbon brands, you see that logos are more than just for looks; they show the culture behind the drink. They show American creativity, the friendly spirit of the South, and the skill of the people who make bourbon, like the famous Heaven Hill distillers. This story helps us understand how important logos are for looking nice and telling us about the bourbon we enjoy.

Jim Beam Bourbon

Jim Beam Logo

Jim Beam is a big name in bourbon, and it all started in 1795. That’s when Jacob Beam, who lived in Kentucky, decided to make his whiskey. He used a homemade still and grains from around the Ohio River Valley to make something people liked. Over the years, the Beam family turned this small project into something huge, making Jim Beam known for being a top-notch bourbon from Kentucky.

In the 1940s, a man named T. Jeremiah Beam helped make Jim Beam even more popular. He changed the name from Old Tub to Jim Beam to reach more people, and things took off. The Beam family kept making the bourbon better and bigger, and now you can find Jim Beam in over 130 countries. The White Label bourbon they make today is about keeping the original taste and values that started it all, mixing old traditions with a smooth flavor that people recognize as classic Kentucky bourbon.

The Jim Beam logo looks fancy with its special writing and a wax seal with a ‘B’ on it, showing off the long history and the care they put into making their bourbon. This seal has the year it all started, showing it’s the real deal. The gold and red colors in the logo make it look special, making whiskey fans excited to try a drink with so much history in every bottle.

Wild Turkey Bourbon

Wild Turkey Logo

In the 1940s, Thomas McCarthy helped shape Wild Turkey Bourbon into what it is today. This happened at a place in Kentucky known for making good whiskey. Wild Turkey got its name because it’s strong and flavorful, thanks to its special recipe that uses a lot of rye grain. The picture of a wild turkey on the bottle and the fancy writing underneath it are all about showing off this drink’s bold taste and long history.

Wild Turkey wasn’t always famous, but thanks to smart decisions and skilled people like Jimmy Russell making it, it became a top choice for bourbon lovers. In the 1970s, the company that owned Wild Turkey decided to put all its effort into making just this one bourbon the best it could be. That choice helped ensure Wild Turkey kept being something special, even when other people weren’t sure about bourbon anymore.

Now, a big company called Campari Group owns Wild Turkey, but they’ve kept making it the right way, just like it’s always been made. There are all kinds of Wild Turkey bourbon now, from smooth ones that are easy to drink to strong ones that pack a big punch. The story of Wild Turkey is a cool reminder of how a good idea and a lot of hard work can create something that lasts for a long time and ends up being loved worldwide.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Maker's Mark Logo

Maker’s Mark is a famous bourbon known for its unique red wax seal. Instead of using rye like other bourbons, they use red winter wheat, which makes the bourbon taste smoother. The logo has a special design with the initials “S IV” and a star, showing the long history of the Samuels family making whiskey, now up to the fourth generation. This logo and the red wax on the bottle tell everyone that Maker’s Mark cares a lot about making high-quality bourbon the traditional way.

In 1958, Bill Samuels Sr. wanted to make a different kind of bourbon in Loretto, Kentucky. His family had been making whiskey since the 1800s, but he wanted to make something smoother and more consistent than usual, which often focused on strength. He decided to use a new recipe with red winter wheat for a softer taste. This bourbon is aged for about 5-6 years, and it was one of the first to make sure every bottle tasted the same by using only wheat in their recipe, which wasn’t common then.

Bill’s wife, Margie Samuels, helped make Maker’s Mark stand out with creative packaging and labels. Maker’s Mark is part of Beam Suntory but still sticks to its roots, making smooth and flavor bourbon, just like the founder wanted. The hand-dipped red wax seal isn’t just for show; it’s a promise of the care and quality that go into every bottle, making bourbon lovers worldwide fans of Maker’s Mark.

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Logo

Bulleit Bourbon is a whiskey that takes you back to the wild days of the American frontier. It’s known for having a lot of rye grain, making it taste bold and flavorful. The logo resembles something from an old Western movie, with strong letters reminding you of adventure and the courage to try new things. The name “Bulleit” is big and clear, with “Bourbon” and “Frontier Whiskey” written in a way that makes you think of wide-open spaces and new places to explore.

Bulleit Bourbon’s story started in the 1830s with a guy named Augustus Bulleit. Many years later, in 1987, Tom Bulleit returned his family’s special bourbon recipe that was lost after Prohibition. Tom quit his job in the early ’90s to focus on making this spicy bourbon again, using the old recipe from 1830. He worked with the Four Roses distillery to ensure it tasted right.

In 1997, a big company called Diageo saw how special Bulleit Bourbon was and decided to buy the brand. With Diageo’s help, Bulleit Bourbon became famous all over the world. They even had to move to bigger places in Kentucky to make enough bourbon for everyone who wanted it. Even though Bulleit has grown a lot, it still sticks to its old recipe from the 1830s, ensuring every bottle has that strong, spicy taste that Augustus and Tom Bulleit dreamed of. The main Bulleit Bourbon you’ll find is 90 proof, which means it’s strong and full of the flavors that make Bulleit special.

Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon

Woodford Reserve Logo

In the heart of Kentucky, there’s a special place called Woodford Reserve. It’s a spot where they make good bourbon, which makes people say “wow” when they taste it. This place has a long history, starting way back in the 1800s. First, it was known as the Old Oscar Pepper Distillery, and then two guys named Leopold Labrot and James Graham took over and changed its name. Woodford Reserve is pretty special because it was one of the first places in Kentucky to use these big pots called stills and a fancy way of making bourbon called triple distillation. This makes their bourbon taste good.

Looking at Woodford Reserve’s bottle, you’ll see a picture of a big pot and the words “Woodford Reserve” written fancy. This picture and fancy writing are their way of saying, “We take making bourbon seriously, and we’ve been doing it for a long time.”

There were times when no bourbon was made at Woodford Reserve, like in the early 1900s and again after the 1960s. But in the 1990s, the people at Brown-Forman, the company that owns Woodford Reserve, decided it was time to start making bourbon there again. They wanted to make special bourbon that tasted like the old days but used what we know now to make it even better.

Nowadays, Woodford Reserve is known all over the world for making fancy bourbon. It’s like a bridge from the past to now, showing that good things last when you care about making them right. People everywhere enjoy Woodford Reserve for its yummy taste and because it tells a story of Kentucky’s long history of making bourbon.

Knob Creek Bourbon

Knob Creek Logo

Knob Creek is a special kind of bourbon that’s part of the Jim Beam family. It’s known for having a strong taste and more alcohol than other bourbons. This strong flavor comes from letting the bourbon age for a long time and sticking to the old ways of making bourbon. The Knob Creek logo is simple and bold, showing that this bourbon is all about being straightforward and powerful, just like the taste.

Knob Creek started in 1992, and the idea was to make a very good bourbon that kept the deep flavors of whiskey that’s been aged for a long time. The name “Knob Creek” comes from a place in Kentucky that was important to Abraham Beam, one of the early members of the Beam family. They make Knob Creek bourbon strong, at 100 proof, because they believe in keeping the whiskey natural and full-flavored, just like people used to enjoy it.

Making bourbon in small batches, like Knob Creek does, means they focus on quality and flavor, letting it age for nine years to get just the right taste. This way of making bourbon helped start a trend towards making premium bourbon, which is still popular today. After 30 years, Knob Creek is still celebrated for sticking to Kentucky’s long tradition of making whiskey, offering a bourbon that’s rich, honest, and has a lot of character, making it a favorite for many people who love bourbon.

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon

Elijah Craig Logo

Elijah Craig is a famous kind of bourbon from Kentucky known for doing something special: they were one of the first to age their whiskey in barrels that had been burned on the inside. This method, which makes bourbon taste good, is now used by almost everyone who makes bourbon. The Elijah Craig logo has big, bold letters that show it’s a brand all about new ideas and big contributions to making bourbon.

Heaven Hill Distillery makes Elijah Craig bourbon, and they started in 1986. They named it after Reverend Elijah Craig, a preacher from Kentucky who, a long time ago, found out that whiskey stored in burned barrels tastes amazing and gets a nice, dark color. Some people aren’t sure if he was the first to do this, but this method is super important for making bourbon today.

Elijah Craig was one of the first bourbons to be sold in small batches, which means they take extra care in choosing and mixing the barrels. It’s aged about 12 years, ensuring every sip has a deep and interesting flavor.

Over time, Heaven Hill has made different kinds of Elijah Craig bourbon, including some that are older or made in special ways, all to celebrate Reverend Craig’s big impact on bourbon. With every bottle, Elijah Craig shows off the skill and history of making great bourbon, always trying to be the best.

Four Roses Bourbon

Four Roses Logo

Four Roses Bourbon, made in the heart of Kentucky, is known for its unique and fancy way of making bourbon. They mix five different types of yeast with two kinds of grain recipes. This mix makes lots of different flavors, making bourbon fans all over the world like it. The logo of Four Roses has a picture of four roses that look very pretty and fancy, just like the bourbon tastes.

Four Roses started in the 1880s with a man named Paul Jones Jr. He named it “Four Roses” because of a sweet story about how he asked a girl to marry him using roses. Even though it had to close for a while and wasn’t made the best it could be for some time, it got much better in 2002 when a company called Kirin bought it. They decided to make Four Roses the best possible, making ten special kinds of bourbon that remind people of how great it used to be. They made a few special kinds of bourbon that got a lot of praise, making Four Roses known as one of the best bourbons out there.

Four Roses have been celebrated for making bourbon the best way for over a hundred years. They mix old ways of making bourbon with new ideas to win awards and make a bourbon that shows off the great bourbon-making tradition of Kentucky.

Evan Williams Bourbon

Evan Williams Logo

Evan Williams is a popular bourbon from Kentucky known for being smooth and a good deal, with a long history going back to its founder. Evan Williams’ logo uses strong, serious letters to show it’s a serious kind of whiskey that’s been around and trusted for a long time. This kind of writing matches how the whiskey tastes: rich and flavorful, showing they care about making it well.

Heaven Hill makes Evan Williams, and it’s become one of the big names in American bourbon. The story starts in 1783 with Evan Williams, who started the first big distillery in Kentucky. He was a real go-getter, making whiskey that people along the Ohio River liked, and that’s a big part of what the Evan Williams brand is all about.

In 1957, Heaven Hill decided to make Evan Williams their star bourbon. They let it age for 4-7 years and made it strong enough at 86 proof, which means it’s perfect for drinking straight or mixing into drinks. It’s become the second favorite bourbon in the U.S. after Jim Beam. Even though many bourbons are getting fancy and expensive, Evan Williams sticks to what it’s always been: a great bourbon that doesn’t cost too much, just like Evan Williams would have wanted. The black label Evan Williams, which follows strict quality rules, shows off how good and classic American bourbon can be.

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

Basil Hayden Logo

Basil Hayden’s is a special kind of bourbon from Kentucky that’s part of the Beam Suntory group of fancy bourbons. It was made to celebrate Basil Hayden Sr., a master at making bourbon who liked to do things a bit differently. In the late 1700s, he made a bourbon with more rye than usual, making it taste lighter and easier for more people to enjoy. In 1992, they started making Basil Hayden’s bourbon to follow his recipe, creating a smooth, sweet drink perfect for people just getting into premium bourbon.

This bourbon is aged for about seven years and has an alcohol content of 40%, making it less intense but still full of flavor compared to other stronger bourbons made by Jim Beam. It’s been around for over 30 years, and many people love it, especially those new to trying whiskey.

The way Basil Hayden looks on the shelf tells you much about it. Its logo has the letters ‘BH’ woven together like an old family symbol, and it uses a fancy font that shows how much care goes into making each bottle. The logo’s warm and inviting colors make everyone welcome to try this bourbon and learn about its long history and gentle taste.

Old Forester Bourbon

Old Forester Logo

Back in 1870, a smart guy named George Garvin Brown started Old Forester, and it was the first bourbon to be sold in glass bottles. This was a big deal because it meant everyone could see and trust what they were buying was good and the same every time. Today, people still love Old Forester, not just because it’s been around for a long time, but because it’s always been made to be top-notch bourbon.

The Old Forester logo has big, strong letters and a shadow to make it pop, showing it’s a bourbon that’s been solid and reliable for a very long time. It even says “ESTD 1870” right on it, so you know it’s got a lot of history behind it.

The same family, the Brown-Forman Corporation, has been looking after Old Forester since the beginning. They’ve made it better over nearly 150 years, always sticking to what George Garvin Brown thought was important. Old Forester comes in a few different kinds, like the classic 86 Proof and the fancier Signature edition, all based on the original recipe 1870.

Old Forester is special because it mixes a long tradition of making great bourbon with new ideas, ensuring it’s always a top choice for whiskey lovers. It connects people from different times with its great taste and history of being a leader in the bourbon world.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Blanton's Logo

Blanton’s Bourbon is a very special kind of bourbon because it was the first to be sold from just one barrel at a time, thanks to the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Its logo looks fancy with beautifully written “B” and “s” letters, showing how fancy and important Blanton’s is in the drinks world.

In 1984, a smart guy named Elmer T. Lee devised the idea for Blanton’s. He was inspired by Colonel Albert B. Blanton, who used to run the distillery. Elmer decided to pick barrels stored in the best spots in the warehouse, aged about five to six years, because they tasted and smelled amazing. Every bottle of Blanton’s is special because it tells you where it came from, like the exact barrel and where in the warehouse it was, making it feel even more exclusive.

Blanton’s is named after Colonel Albert B. Blanton, who did much for the distillery. Over time, Blanton’s has added new kinds of bourbon, like the Special Reserve, Gold Edition, and a special version straight from the barrel. This shows how much Blanton’s cares about making top-quality bourbon and always trying new things to ensure that bourbon lovers enjoy something special.

W.L. Weller Bourbon

Weller Logo

Back in 1849, a man named William Larue Weller had a big idea. He and his brothers started their own bourbon business and decided to try something different. Instead of using rye in their bourbon, like everyone else, they used wheat. This change made their bourbon smoother and softer, and it was a big hit. This idea also connects to the famous Pappy Van Winkle bourbons many people love today.

The Weller bourbon bottle has a special logo that looks fancy and smooth, just like the bourbon tastes. The writing on the bottle is pretty and simple, showing that sometimes the best things don’t need to be complicated.

Weller’s story is linked to another big name in bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle. After Weller’s company did well, William’s son, Pappy Van Winkle, took their family’s special bourbon recipe to a new place called Stitzel-Weller Distillery in 1935. This helped make the smooth wheat bourbon very famous.

Even after the original distillery closed in 1972, the Weller bourbon didn’t disappear. It was passed around until Buffalo Trace Distillery decided to make it again in 1999. They wanted to keep William Weller’s creative idea and the legacy of Pappy Van Winkle alive for more people to enjoy. Weller bourbon is known for being smooth and tasty, reminding us of the history and tradition that go into making something truly special.

Booker’s Bourbon

Booker's Logo

Booker’s Bourbon is a special kind of whiskey that honors Booker Noe, the grandson of Jim Beam and a famous whiskey maker who loved strong and flavorful bourbon. This bourbon is known for being bold and coming straight from the barrel without any filters, just like Booker liked it. The logo of Booker’s is big and bold, just like the taste of the whiskey, showing that this bourbon is all about being real and full of flavor.

Booker started Booker’s in 1988 to share the kind of bourbon he enjoyed on special occasions. This bourbon is aged between six to eight years and is very strong, with alcohol levels between 60.5% and 65.5%. It was one of the first to be called “small batch,” meaning it’s made in small amounts to ensure it tastes great. Booker started a new trend of picking out the best bourbon barrels, adding something special to the Jim Beam family’s way of making bourbon.

After Booker Noe passed away in 2004, his son Fred Noe took over, keeping up the family tradition of making top-quality bourbon. Now, more than 30 years later, Booker’s is still seen as one of the best bourbons out there, keeping Booker Noe’s love for strong, flavorful whiskey alive and showing the lasting mark the Noe family has made on the bourbon world.

Eagle Rare Bourbon

Eagle Rare Logo

Eagle Rare is a special bourbon made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, known for its deep flavors and careful aging. Its logo, with fancy writing and a picture of an eagle, shows it’s a top-notch drink. The eagle and stars in the logo remind us it’s proudly American.

Eagle Rare started in 1975 in Frankfort, Kentucky, to celebrate 200 years of Kentucky. This bourbon, aged for ten years, quickly showed it was something special, just like Kentucky’s long history of making great drinks. The name “Eagle Rare” was picked to show Kentucky’s pride and tradition of bourbon making.

After starting strong, Eagle Rare took a break. But when the Sazerac Company bought Buffalo Trace in the late 1990s, they brought Eagle Rare back as a single-barrel bourbon, which means each bottle comes from one barrel, making it extra special. Now, aged for about ten years, it has a rich, smooth taste that stands out from other bourbons.

More than 40 years later, Eagle Rare is a top choice for people who love bourbon, mixing old Kentucky bourbon-making ways with what people like today. This bourbon, with a strength of 90 proof (45% alcohol), is rich in taste and easy to enjoy, showing its long history of being made with care.

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Bourbon

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Logo

The Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Bourbon from Buffalo Trace Distillery is all about celebrating a very important person in the history of bourbon. The logo has the name “TAYLOR” in big letters to show how much he means to bourbon making. Above his name, in smaller letters, is “COLONEL E.H.,” which helps us remember the man behind the name. A special seal also says “1ST AND ONLY,” which tells us that this bourbon is special and unique in the bourbon world.

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. was a big deal in the bourbon world in the 1800s. He helped make bourbon what it is today. He started the O.F.C. Distillery in 1870, which led to big changes in how bourbon was made, like using copper containers for fermenting, heating systems for making bourbon all year round, and special warehouses for aging bourbon so it tastes right.

Taylor also worked hard to ensure that bourbon from Kentucky was protected by law so people would always know they were getting the real deal. Now, Buffalo Trace makes a special series of bourbons named after him, including small batch and single barrel bourbons. These special drinks are made from carefully chosen bourbon that’s been aged for a long time, showing the high-quality Taylor always wanted in bourbon.

Today, every bottle of E.H. Taylor bourbon is a way to remember and celebrate Colonel Taylor’s hard work and big ideas that helped make bourbon the special drink it is today.

Stagg Jr. Bourbon

Stagg Logo

The Buffalo Trace Distillery, known for its deep history in making bourbon, celebrates a whiskey-making hero named George T. Stagg with a very special bourbon called Stagg Bourbon. This bourbon is part of a collection that comes out every fall, showing how good Buffalo Trace is at making strong and complex bourbons. The George T Stagg bourbon is strong because it’s not watered down and comes straight from the barrel. It’s aged for over 15 years and is picked from the best barrels at Buffalo Trace.

The symbol for Stagg Jr., which is part of the same family, shows a big pair of antlers on a simple black and white label. The big, strong letters used for “STAGG JR” show just how bold and full of flavor this bourbon is.

The story behind Stagg Bourbon goes back to when Elmer T. Lee wanted to remember George T. Stagg, a big name in whiskey, by bringing back the Stagg name after the old distillery closed down in 1917. When Buffalo Trace took over the old distillery, they started making this special bourbon every year, ensuring each bottle was a nod to George T. Stagg’s lasting impact. This bourbon is strong, over 120 proof, and its rich flavors come from being aged for a long time.

Whiskey fans look forward to seeing what each new year’s Stagg Bourbon will be like because every year’s batch is different, each with its special taste from aging. Stagg Bourbon links the old days of making whiskey with today’s goal of making great bourbon, keeping George T. Stagg’s dream of top-notch whiskey strong.

1792 Bourbon

1792 Logo

In Kentucky, a place famous for bourbon, there’s a special bourbon called 1792. The Sazerac Company made it at the Barton 1792 Distillery, and they chose the name because 1792 was the year Kentucky joined the United States. It’s also when the Barton family started making their mark in the area. This bourbon, which started in 2002, quickly became known for its quality.

1792 Bourbon is made with a lot of rye, corn, barley, and water from Kentucky’s limestone springs. This mix gives the bourbon a strong and smooth taste. It’s aged in new oak barrels, which adds to its flavor. With an alcohol content of 46.85%, this bourbon is a true example of Kentucky Straight Bourbon, known for its rich taste and complexity.

Since it was introduced in 1792, Bourbon has gained a lot of fans who appreciate Kentucky’s bourbon-making history. The bourbon’s logo looks modern but also pays homage to its roots, with stylish numbers leaning forward, showing the brand is all about moving forward and trying new things. This mix of old and new shows how 1792 Bourbon respects tradition while looking to the future.

Larceny Small Batch Bourbon

Larceny Logo

Larceny Bourbon is inspired by an interesting story about John E. Fitzgerald, who liked to sneak tastes of the best bourbon barrels from the Old Fitzgerald distillery. This bourbon is different because it uses wheat and corn, making it smooth. The logo looks modern and easy to recognize, with a special symbol of an old key that hints at unlocking new and special flavors, just like the story behind the name suggests.

John E. Fitzgerald wasn’t just anybody; he had a reputation for quietly choosing the best bourbon from his warehouses’ barrels for himself and his friends. His sneaky habit got him the nickname “The Larceny Man.” When Heaven Hill decided to make a new bourbon with wheat in it in 2012, they thought of Fitzgerald’s story and named it Larceny to pay tribute to his knack for picking the best whiskey.

Larceny Bourbon is made to match the high quality that Fitzgerald loved. It’s aged for six years and has more wheat, sticking to a recipe that Fitzgerald would have chosen himself. This shows Heaven Hill’s promise to keep making good bourbon and brings a bit of fun and history with every sip, just like the bourbon Fitzgerald enjoyed almost a hundred years ago.

Barrell Craft Spirits

Barrell Logo

Barrell Craft Spirits, started by Joe Beatrice in 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, is known for doing things differently in the whiskey and rum world. Instead of making their spirits, they find amazing aged whiskeys and rums from everywhere, like Kentucky, Tennessee, Canada, and even the Caribbean. Then, they blend these spirits to make strong and special drinks.

This company has shaken up how whiskey and rum are made in the U.S. They focus on making small amounts of strong and tasty drinks. People who love whiskey and rum have been super impressed by the flavors Barrell Craft Spirits creates, and the company has even won awards for how good their drinks are.

Barrell Craft Spirits has become famous in craft spirits, even earning special recognition for being an innovative and important brand. They’re known for experimenting with how they age and finish their spirits, making them leaders in making new and exciting whiskeys and rums.

The logo of Barrell Craft Spirits is simple but stylish, with a hidden ‘b’ that reminds you of the layers in a bourbon barrel. This smart design shows how the company is all about making drinks with many different flavors mixed in a cool way.

Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon

Willett Logo

Right in the middle of Bardstown, Kentucky, there’s a special place called Willett Distillery. It’s known for making good bourbon and rye whiskey. A man named A. Lambert Willett started it all back in 1936, right after it was illegal to make whiskey in the U.S. Since then, the Willett family and their friends have been making whiskey that lots of people love.

Thompson Willett, Lambert’s son, helped the distillery grow big and strong. He ensured more whiskey could be stored and sent to places far and wide. Later, a man named Even Kulsveen and his family took over, and they decided to bring back the Willett name in a big way. They started making very special whiskey again, calling it Willett Family Estate bourbons and ryes.

Now, the Willett Distillery is like a superstar in the world of whiskey. They’ve been making it for over 80 years and are still about making it the best way possible, with great care and attention. They have some whiskeys called Rowan’s Creek and Noah’s Mill that people like, and they even let folks pick out their whiskey barrels to take home.

The way Willett looks on the outside, with its fancy writing and design, is like how special their whiskey is inside. It’s all about being careful and doing good things like the Willett family has always done.

Michter’s US*1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Michter's Logo

In America, a very old whiskey brand called Michter’s got a new start thanks to Joseph J. Magliocco in the 2000s. The story of Michter goes way back to 1753 when a man named John Shenk, who came from Scotland and Ireland, started making whiskey in Pennsylvania. He used the local rye to make his whiskey, beginning what would become a big part of American whiskey history. Over the years, the distillery changed names a few times, from Bomberger’s to Old Shenandoah, and became known for making good rye whiskey. Even though Michter’s grew a lot in the 1900s, it had to close down in the late 1980s after being around for over 200 years.

When Magliocco brought Michter’s back, he wasn’t just bringing back a name; he was bringing back its tradition of making good whiskey. He focused on making small amounts of high-quality bourbon the old-fashioned way. Now, Michter’s is in Louisville, Kentucky, making some of the best American whiskeys, just like it did a long time ago.

The Michter’s logo looks classic and is shaped like a whiskey barrel, showing that they’re all about making whiskey the best way, in small batches. There’s a picture of a pot still in the middle, with stars around it, which tells us that Michter’s is proud of its American roots and commitment to making excellent whiskey, just like it has been doing since the beginning.

Smoke Wagon Small Batch Bourbon

Smoke Wagon Logo

In 2016, in the bright city of Las Vegas, Nevada, two friends, Aaron Chepenik and Jonathan Hensleigh, started a very special project. Aaron knew much about running bars and restaurants, and Jonathan wrote stories well. They both loved whiskey and wanted to make a bourbon that reminded people of Nevada’s whiskey history, which few people talk about. That’s how Smoke Wagon Bourbon came to life, and it quickly became known for its rich taste that takes you back to the adventurous days of the Wild West.

The way Smoke Wagon looks is cool. It has two crossed guns around the name, making you think of cowboys and the old, wild days when people were bold and the land was untamed. The font they use and the pictures on the bottle aren’t just for show; they tell you this bourbon has a story of bravery and the wild spirit of the past.

By 2019, Smoke Wagon was making bourbon the old-school way, without taking shortcuts, which means it kept all its rich, deep flavors. Aaron and Jonathan worked with another local place that makes spirits to start this project, picking out the best ingredients and waiting patiently as their bourbon aged to perfection. This careful process made Smoke Wagon a bridge between the old times of cowboys and today’s taste, making it something special for everyone who tries it.

Through Smoke Wagon, Aaron and Jonathan bring Nevada’s whiskey story to life and put it up with America’s best bourbons. They mix new ideas with old traditions in every bottle, making Smoke Wagon a tribute to Nevada’s wild spirit.

Old Rip Van Winkle Handmade Bourbon

Old Rip Van Winkle Logo

The Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery is famous for making some of the best bourbon you can find. Its logo looks old-timey, reminding people of the distillery’s long history of making bourbon. The way the logo is designed, with different sizes and colors of letters, makes it lively and interesting. The name “Old Rip Van Winkle” makes you think of the old story about Rip Van Winkle, adding to the feeling that this bourbon has been around for a long time and is made with a lot of care.

This bourbon’s story is tied to the Van Winkle family, who have been making bourbon in Kentucky for many years. The bourbon became famous thanks to Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle Sr., who started selling a very special 23-year-old bourbon after Prohibition ended, keeping his family’s bourbon-making tradition alive. His son, Julian Jr., took over in 1972, keeping up the tradition of making good aged bourbon. Later on, after their original distillery closed, they teamed up with Buffalo Trace Distillery to keep making their famous bourbon.

Today, with Buffalo Trace making the bourbon and the Van Winkle family still involved, they continue to produce their very special Pappy Van Winkle 20-year bourbon and the Family Reserve “Old Rip” bourbon. These bourbons are hard to find because everyone wants them. Still, they stand for the Van Winkle family’s long history of making incredible bourbon, a tradition that Buffalo Trace helps keep going for bourbon lovers now and in the future.

Noah’s Mill Genuine Bourbon

Noah's Mill Logo

Noah’s Mill is a special bourbon made in Bardstown, Kentucky. It’s known for having a strong taste with lots of different flavors, all because of the careful way it’s made in small batches and aged until it’s just right. The logo for Noah’s Mill looks a bit old-timey and fun, with words that remind you it’s a real bourbon with a long history. This look tells you that the people who make Noah’s Mill take their time to do things the old-fashioned way, making sure their bourbon stands out as something truly special.

In the mid-1990s, the Willett Distillery, some folks also call Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, decided to make Noah’s Mill one of their first “Small Batch Bourbon Collection.” This was a big deal for Willett because it showed they were good at making unique and high-quality bourbons. They named Noah’s Mill after an old windmill built by a distiller in the 1800s, showing respect for the people who first made whiskey in Kentucky.

Noah’s Mill is bottled at high strength, 114.3 proof, which means it’s very strong and full of flavors like smoke and spice that come straight from the barrel. For over twenty years, people who love bourbon have been big fans of Noah’s Mill because it’s a perfect example of how great Kentucky bourbon can be when made with care and tradition.

Old Carter Bourbon

Old Carter Logo

After they breathed new life into Kentucky Owl bourbon, Mark and Sherri Carter, a couple with a lot of drink experience, started Old Carter Whiskey Co. in 2017. They didn’t just start another company; they poured their hearts into making special whiskey. They’ve combined their knowledge from making wine in California with Kentucky’s bourbon-making traditions to create Old Carter, a brand known for making very special, small-batch drinks.

Old Carter’s logo looks fancy and classic, just like old-time whiskey brands. It uses special lettering and colors that make you think of tradition and quality. A bright red part also says ‘WHISKEY CO,’ a proud shout-out to the bourbon world.

The Carters set up shop in Louisville, Kentucky, and used their friendships and connections there to start making a variety of whiskeys, including straight rye whiskeys and bourbons. Every bottle from Old Carter shows off what they love and know about whiskey. They only make a few bottles of each kind, making each one a special piece of their whiskey-making adventure.

New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon

New Riff Logo

In 2014, a new player called New Riff Distilling popped up in Kentucky’s bourbon scene, bringing a fresh twist to how bourbon is made. Ken Lewis, who started New Riff, used to sell liquor and even helped change some laws in Kentucky to make it easier for smaller, creative distilleries to open up. He wanted to mix the old ways of making bourbon with new ideas, so he gathered a team from different backgrounds to start making bourbon, rye whiskey, gin, and other unique spirits right by the Ohio River in Newport, KY.

New Riff is all about trying new things, like playing with different ingredients, how they ferment the mash, and how they age their spirits. They don’t filter their whiskey the usual way because they want to keep all the good flavors. They’re into making high-quality drinks and shaking things up in the whiskey world.

Their logo is pretty cool, too. It’s simple, with an orange wave that looks like it’s saying, “Here’s something different in bourbon making.” The design is about being modern and clear, showing that New Riff brings new ideas to bourbon while respecting the old traditions.

Penelope Bourbon

Penelope Logo

In 2018, two San Francisco Bay Area buddies, Mike Paladini and Danny Polise, decided to make a new kind of bourbon called Penelope Bourbon. They wanted to make a bourbon that felt like a warm hug, full of the good feelings you get when you’re with family or celebrating something special. The idea took off when Mike and his wife, Kerry, prepared to welcome their daughter, Penelope, into the world. Naming the bourbon after her was their way of celebrating this big moment in their life and making something that brings people together.

Penelope Bourbon stands out because it’s made with four different grains, mixing them to create a bourbon that’s both smooth and rich in flavor. This special touch has made bourbon lovers take notice. The way Penelope Bourbon looks, with its fancy ‘P’ on the bottle and simple but stylish design, shows off its blend of old-school charm and modern vibes.

Making Penelope Bourbon involves using tried-and-true bourbon-making ways from Kentucky, plus a little twist from Mike’s family’s wine casks. This special step gives Penelope Bourbon a great taste that mixes old whiskey traditions with a new idea.

Even though it started as something special for folks in California, Penelope Bourbon has grown a lot. It’s won awards and gathered a bunch of fans in different places, showing it’s something special. But more than anything, Penelope Bourbon is about celebrating the good times with people you care about, inspired by two friends’ ideas to make life’s moments even sweeter.

Remus Repeal Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Remus Logo

In 2019, a new bourbon called Remus Bourbon was made by MGP Indiana, and it was inspired by a very interesting person named George Remus. He was famous in the 1920s when making and selling alcohol was prohibited, but he found ways to do it anyway and became known as the “King of the Bootleggers.” Remus Bourbon tries to capture that time’s exciting and fancy flavors with a mix of sweet maple, vanilla, cherry, and spicy rye, all from being aged for more than five years.

The way Remus Bourbon looks, with its logo and fancy letters, takes you back to the 1920s. It looks classy and old-school, like how things were in George Remus’s time. This look helps tell the story of the bourbon, connecting it to its history and the fancy, rule-breaking world of George Remus.

Even though Remus Bourbon is made legally and safely today, which is very different from how George Remus did things, it still tries to bring some of his adventurous and creative spirit into each bottle. It’s like a little piece of American history that you can taste, showing off the fun and fancy tastes of the past.

McAfee’s Benchmark Old No. 8 Brand

Benchmark Logo

Benchmark Bourbon comes from the famous Buffalo Trace family and is known for being a good Kentucky bourbon that’s not too expensive. It’s a classic type of bourbon that many people can enjoy. The logo of Benchmark mixes modern letters with a fancy script that says “McAfee Brothers,” showing off its old roots and stylish taste at the same time.

The Sazerac Company owns Benchmark Bourbon, and it shows how Buffalo Trace Distillery is good at making drinks that everyone, from casual fans to serious cocktail lovers, can enjoy. Since it first came out in the 1960s, Benchmark has been a favorite at many bars because it’s great for mixing into drinks or just drinking by itself. It used to be stronger with 50% alcohol, but now it’s made a bit lighter at 40% alcohol to match what more people like these days without losing its great quality or becoming too pricey.

Benchmark has been around for more than 60 years, known for keeping up with the times while still holding on to its special way of making bourbon. Even though the exact details of how it’s made are kept secret, the fact that it’s still popular shows it’s always been made well. Benchmark is all about being a dependable bourbon for everyday sipping and making interesting cocktails, showing off its rich background with a logo that blends boldness with beauty.