All Car Logos With Stars

Car Logos With Stars

The stars have always been a source of strength and inspiration for humanity. The heavenly body seems to be something out of reach. Everyone knows the phrase of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca “Through hardships to the stars,” where the stars are associated with victories, success, and glory. The ancient peoples believed that the luminaries were the gods, and the Pole Star was the center of the Universe at all.

What is All Car Logos With Stars?

This is a list of car logos decorated with stars in different shapes, sizes, and colors. As it turned out, many automakers around the world use this geometric shape in their identity.

Now the stars can be seen on different countries’ flags, for example, Turkey, the USA, Cuba, and Algeria. The automotive industry has not been spared the symbolism either. The use of star logos symbolizes the pursuit of excellence, excellence, protection, and reliability.

Englon (China)

Englon Logo

The brand appeared on the market relatively recently – in 2010. Englon is also a subsidiary of another Chinese manufacturer Geely. The brand produces cars in the classic British style. A striking logo can also be seen on London’s taxi cars since Geely took over the London Taxi Company in 2013. The Englon logo is divided into two parts: blue colors with stars and a fire palette with the image of the Goddess. Also added to the top of the logo is a stylized company inscription in gold in a font similar to handwritten lettering.

Askam (Turkey)

Askam Logo

The Turkish company Askam was a truck manufacturer. In 2015, the brand went bankrupt and no longer offered its products on the market. Initially, in 1962, the company started its activities with the help of Chrysler. The renowned brand supplied the production booths. The Askam logo consists of a star enclosed by lines inside an oval. Below the logo was complemented by the name of the company. The designers made the logo three-dimensional and added reflections to the details.

Western Star (USA)

Western Star Logo

The truck manufacturer is fully imbued with the American spirit, reflected in both the name and the logo. Founder William Signius Knudsen in 1967 created a successful company that is now focused on the B2B segment. He worked for companies such as General Motors and Ford, which helped to reach heights from the start. The brand logo consists of a large “W” with a red star inside. The outlines of the figures are made like metal with a characteristic shine.

Venucia (China)

Venucia Logo

The Chinese manufacturer is a subsidiary of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle, founded in 2010. The first company logo had five stars in different shades of blue and silver. In 2017, the company updated the image to make it more simplified. The designers kept two visible silvery stars and added one outline on a blue background. The direct meaning of the name Venucia is “Morning Star” or “The beginning of a new day.” The brand symbols symbolize the main values: creating an ideal, trust, reaching a new world level.

Facel Vega (France)

Facel Vega Logo

The company’s history dates back to 1939 when the brand specialized in the aviation industry’s production during the war. Then, in 1945, Facel Vega developed bodies, coupes for the respected Panhard, Simca, and Ford in the world. The history of our models’ production began in 1954, and the brand existed only ten years after that.

The Facel Vega logo is composed of a mix of red, yellow, black, and silver. The colors are separated by lines and placed in a circle, along with an abbreviation. The bezel bears the full Facel Vega name and six stars. The company went bankrupt, and the reason was the loss of customer confidence after using a low-quality Pont-a-Mousson engine.

Berkeley (UK)

Berkeley Logo

Berkeley is a British manufacturer that has been a worthy competitor to Mini and developed sports cars. The brand’s logo was bright and recognizable. Red and gray inside the circle, separated in the middle by a straight line. Also inside the circle was a large B. The outline of the figure is a gray strip with a name and five stars. The company’s success in its early years was tremendous, and Berkeley grew at a rapid pace. After experimenting with some models, the products lost demand, and the firm declared itself bankrupt in December 1960.

Subaru (Japan)

Subaru Logo

The name of the Japanese brand, like the logo, has a special meaning and an interesting story. Subaru founder Kenji Kita wanted to give his creation a Japanese name. He even arranged a competition for the best name, but he never chose the right one. The choice fell on the word “Subaru” with the meaning of “collect, connect.” It is also used to denote the Pleiades of celestial bodies in the constellation Taurus. The logo has six stars of different sizes in silver on a blue background. The stars have accompanied the company throughout history, which is not surprising due to the specific history. Only the colors, background, and location changed.

Pontiac (USA)

Pontiac Logo

Pontiac is a division of General Motors that closed in 2010 after the last car was released. The reason for the liquidation was the financial problems of GM. The brand got its name in honor of an Indian leader who led an uprising against the British in the 18th century. Paying tribute to history and roots, the first logo was presented in an Indian headdress. In recent years, Pontiac has shifted to a more concise version – a red arrow pointing downward. The logo is also known as “Dart.” There is a silvery star at the top of the arrow.


Mercedes-Benz Logo

One of the oldest car brands in history features a laconic logo shrouded in many stories and mysteries. There are several variations on how the famous logo came about. One of the Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler brand founders was the first to use the future brand logo. He sent his sons a postcard with views of Cologne. The engineer marked his house with a three-pointed star.
The manufacturer supplied its engines not only for automobiles but also for aviation and maritime transport. The three rays represent the founder’s occupation. Another story says that Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler decorated his house with a star, and his sons embodied his idea in the Mercedes logo.

The famous logo is depicted as a three-pointed star inside the wheel. Initially, a laurel wreath was used as a symbol of success and victories. Also, the symbol’s location on the car itself has shifted from the hood to the radiator grille to reflect expensive models’ sporty style.


Polestar Logo

Polestar is a Swedish company that has specialized in the production of passenger cars since 1996. Now owned by Volvo, and is developing electric vehicles and racing models. The company is also known for the production of electric motors.

The Polestar logo is presented in the form of a polar star formed by two arrows’ connection. The company opted for gray and white shades. One half is darker to create a shadow effect. When the logo is placed on the car itself, it becomes clearer and more intense. The brand uses a glossy texture, which adds extra shine, and looks nobler than the paper version.

Polestar is prohibited from using the logo in France due to legal proceedings with the manufacturer Citroen. Also, the court ordered Polestar to pay a fine of 150,000 euros.


JAC Logo

The Chinese car manufacturer updated the logo a few years ago and now uses its name inside an oval. JAC used to be recognizable because of its logo with a star in red. A thin five-pointed star inside a large circle was popular in its time and symbolized harmony and security. With the help of white lines, we managed to make the logo more voluminous. As a result, the brand felt that the emblem was too large for cars and switched to a laconic version.

The Chinese company initially specialized in the production of trucks. In the late 1980s, JAC released frame chassis, which saved the company from bankruptcy. Since 2001, the brand has launched additional production of passenger cars. JAC produces over 500 thousand cars a year.


Jeep Logo

The car brand Jeep began to use the “star” logo during the Second World War. Before the hostilities outbreak, a lot of cars were exported from the United States to other countries. When they left the production, they received an identification number and a star logo. When the Second World War came, it was necessary to come up with a way to distinguish enemy vehicles from American ones. Thus, Willys also added a circle around the star using a special stencil.

In modern realities, Jeep uses a simple logo with the brand name. By the way, there are several versions of the origin of the name. Three of them are related to wartime, and the fourth says that Jeep is dedicated to Eugene the Jeep from the comic about the sailor Popeye.


Chrysler Dodge Logo

The brand has completely changed the logo’s symbolism many times and returned to the stars several times. The star first appeared on the logo in 1962. Designer Robert Stanley created the five-pointed symbol. Lynn Townsend, one of the company’s directors, chose from 700 options to find a logo that can convey modernity and versatility. There is a version that the five-pointed star corresponds to five divisions of Chrysler. But as it turned out, there was no secret meaning, and the management just liked the logo.

Then the company reverted to the “star” logo in 2008. The symbol was placed in a pentagon, and the color changed to gray. The star has become more prominent, and the crisp lines symbolize strength, precision, and confidence. Also, the designers added volume to the logo, and some parts of the star are drawn in a darker color. Chrysler-dodge now uses a simple logo with the company name.

Durant Motors

Durant Motors Logo

Durant Motors was founded in 1921 by William “Billy” Durant and only lasted ten years. After leaving General Motors, the founder decided to start his own business. One of the most famous Star logos appeared on the Star Four, which the company produced from 1922 to 1928. The car was very popular and was produced with different body styles.

The logo that accompanied the successful model is presented in shades of blue, white, and gray. In the center of the image is a star with a shield and a dragon on top. On the shield itself is written “Star,” and below “Four” and Durant Motors. The company’s main logo consisted of the same shield and dragon, only instead of blue, red flashed.

We can say that stars are not the most popular solution among car companies. Car emblem with stars conveys a strong association, as the symbol is often used at the level of countries and large-scale organizations. In any case, we can follow the trend that quite popular brands, for example, Mercedes and Subaru, use the image on their cars. The car with a star symbol often hides an interesting history or meaning for the founders of the company itself.

What do car badges mean?

Most often, car emblems symbolize speed, premium quality, reflect the manufacturer’s history, or are somehow connected with the company’s creator. The stars in the logos represent the pursuit of excellence and new heights.

Which car brand has a star logo?

Polestar (Sweden), Western Star Trucks (USA), Subaru (Japan), Mercedes-Benz (Germany), and at least three brands from China have a logo with stars: Englon, Venucia, JAC Motors. Some companies that no longer exist had similar symbols: Berkeley Cars Ltd (Great Britain), Facel SA (France), Askam (Turkey), Pontiac (USA).

What car has a 4 point star logo?

The most famous logos with four-pointed stars were used or are still used by Polestar (Sweden), Pontiac (USA), Subaru (Japan), Askam (Turkey).

How many car logos are there in the world?

There are a lot of car logos in the world. It is impossible to count their number because new brands are constantly appearing.