All Car Logos with Wings (about 65 brands)

Car Logos With Wings

The art of logo design is a visual representation of a brand and a powerful tool that can evoke recognition and emotion in consumers. In the world of automobiles, where speed, power, and innovation play a key role, the symbolism of wings in logos takes on a special significance.

Wings symbolize freedom, impetuosity, and the notion that there are no boundaries. This mythical element is associated with tales of gods, heroes, and creatures capable of soaring above the earth and clouds. It is, therefore, not surprising that automotive brands that emphasize the dynamism, luxury, and innovation of their vehicles often turn to the symbolism of wings.

For many automakers, incorporating wings into the logo has become a way to stand out by creating a unique and striking visual representation of their brand. From light and elegant to powerful and aggressive, wings in logos have become a universal symbol of excellence and forward motion.

While for some, wings may remind them of ancient aviation traditions, for others, they are a symbol of the highest quality, luxury, and innovation. Automotive logos with wings continue to inspire and mesmerize, bridging the gap between history, mythology, and modernity.


Chrysler LogoUSA

Chrysler is an American company that offers consumers premium automobiles. The brand, established before World War II, even surpassed the sales of the consumer favorite of the time, Ford. The modern Chrysler logo consists of a colored blue part with the company name and silver wings. The main goal is to keep the link between the early models and modern cars.


Alta LogoGreece

The automobile company was founded in Greece and produced leading trucks. Alta was also known for its reliable motorcycles and cars, which were kept in good condition. The models featured a pleasant design and an unusual color palette. The brand ceased to exist in 1978. The Alta logo resembles a bat with the company name inscribed on it. Red and silver colors were used for the design.


Hillman LogoEngland

The British company was founded in 1907 by William Hillman, who was almost 60 years old. The brand remained on the market until 1979. For 72 years, Hillman was part of other automobile companies, and even after the closure, some models continued to be produced. The emblem of the brand consists of many red, white, and gold parts. The Hillman’s name is in the center of the wings, and above it, you can see elements resembling a crown.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin LogoEngland

Aston Martin is an iconic British luxury sports car brand. The name of the company is divided into Aston – after the name of the race track where the Singer model won, and Martin – in honor of one of the creators. The cars have appeared in iconic cinematic films more than once. The minimalistic logo emphasizes the status and elegance of the brand.


Rezvani LogoUSA

The young company was founded in 2014. It specializes in the production of sports cars. The models appear in music videos of musical artists. The Rezvani logo consists of red wings and a rudder. The founder of the company dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot and created cars that allow you to feel the excitement of flight.

JBA Motors

JBA Motors LogoEngland

The company JBA Motors is known for its car, the JBA Falcon. The original name of the brand is JBA Engineering. The abbreviation JBA is a tribute to the founders of the company and consists of the first letters of their surnames. Specialization – production of retro cars until 2007. The JBA Motors logo is black and white, which emphasizes its identity even in the early 2000s.

Suffolk Sportscars

Suffolk Sportscars LogoEngland

Roger Williams founded Suffolk Sportscars in 1990. At first, the brand was engaged in the production of updated Jaguar SS100 models. Now, the company has expanded its activities and is engaged in the production of Suffolk XK120 and C-class. The logo uses an unusual blue color for the automotive industry, as well as graphic elements such as wings, hexagons, and abbreviations of the brand name.


MINI LogoEngland

MINI company has been a part of BMW since 2000. The model range is represented by stylish and modern cars with a recognizable winged logo. Throughout its activity, the company has dramatically changed its basic images, often under the influence of other brands. MINI now focuses on minimalism and brevity, using a black-and-white color palette. The flat logo design has been in use since March 2018.


Duesenberg LogoUSA

The American manufacturer Duesenberg has been defunct for 84 years, but the cars are still popular. The brand produced very expensive models, including racing models. To this day, cars are still considered a symbol of excessive wealth. Collectors dream of getting their hands on one of the 600 models that are still in operation and sell for over a million dollars. The company logo consists of a golden eagle and the name Duesenberg in blue inside.


Hispano-Suiza LogoSpain

Hispano-Suiza specialized in the development of premium cars and aircraft engines. The activity of the brand came during the period of the First and Second World Wars. Since the products were expensive, there was no great demand for them. The Hispano-Suiza logo uses the national colors of Spain: red and yellow. The main elements of the image are large wings and a white cross underneath.


Stutz LogoUSA

The Stutz company was engaged in the production of high-quality, expensive cars, including sports models. The company existed from 1911 to 1935. Several times, the brand tried to revive and release new models. The Stutz logo consists not only of wings and the name but also of the phrase “A car that became good in one day.” The U.S. national colors for the design were white, red, and blue.


Genesis LogoSouth Korea

The new Korean company was founded in 2015 as part of Hyundai Motor. The brand produces premium-class cars. The Genesis logo demonstrates the status and specialization of the company. The 3D logo consists of a pair of silver wings complemented by matte details and a black shield in the center. The brand name is also in silver color. The designers used an imitation of different textures.


Morgan LogoEngland

Morgan specializes in limited edition premium sports cars. The company is wholly owned by the Morgan family. The brand’s logo has remained virtually unchanged for 112 years, except for some details. It is also unknown why the main image had the shape of wings combined with a circle and a crosshair. According to one version, a famous World War I pilot drove a Morgan and said that the ride was like flying.


Bentley LogoEngland

The legendary British company Bentley has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998. The brand positions itself as a manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars. The company’s logo symbolizes aristocracy and modernity thanks to two wings. Between them is a circle with the large letter “B.” The combination of white, black, and silver colors makes the image unique and elegant.


Mazda LogoJapan

Mazda is a Japanese company that dates back to 1920. The brand got its name in honor of the deity Ahura Mazda. He is the creator of the sun, moon, sky, earth, water, and people. The surname of the founder of the company, Jujiro Matsuda, was consonant with the name of the deity. The company logo is the letter “M” in a circle. According to some reports, it resembles the wings of a seagull or an owl.


Lagonda LogoEngland

Lagonda, a British company that merged with Aston Martin in 1947, began as a motorcycle manufacturer. A year after its founding, Wilbur Gunn built the first automobile. During wartime, the company was engaged in the production of artillery shells. The company name inside the silver wings represents the brand logo.

London EV Company

London EV Company LogoEngland

A subsidiary of Chinese manufacturer Geely, it produces the iconic black cabs that can be found in London. London EV Company also plans to produce electric cars to move towards more environmentally friendly transportation. The brand’s stylish logo perfectly complements the famous cars with brightly colored fenders combined with a black circle and graphic elements on the inside.


Bignan Logo

Bignan was a French automobile company that existed from 1918 to 1931. The reason for liquidation was bankruptcy. For the logo, the brand chose an unusual symbol – a flying stork. Many believe that the bird brings happiness to any home, and a flying stork is often associated with an angel. Originally, the wings of the bird protruded beyond the edges of the circle, but in 1923, they were placed inside the figure. In addition, the name Bignan Sport is placed in the circle below the image.


Laraki Logo

Laraki manufactures luxury sports cars. The company was founded in 1999 in Morocco and produced extremely expensive cars in small runs. For example, The Laraki Epitome was introduced in 2013 as a limited edition with a very high price tag of 9 cars, costing $2 million each. French Montana boasts one of them in its collection. The elegant logo confirms the exclusive status. The silver wing is located on a black circle and is complemented with metallic shine.


Arrinera Logo

Poland’s first supercar company was founded in 2008 by Lukasz Tomkiewicz. Arrinera specializes in the production of sports cars, and the first concept was presented in 2011. The Arrinera logo can be called bold and confident. Pay attention to the combination of colors: bright red and dark gray. The logo is also complemented by a symbol – wings pointing upwards. They symbolize development and progress. At the top of the logo, you can also see one of the racing flags.


Vauxhall Logo

Vauxhall is a car manufacturer with a very long history. The company was founded in 1857 in Fulks Hall (Sir Falx de Breote’s mansion), which eventually became known as Vauxhall. The brand’s symbol is the griffin, a creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. In 2020, the logo changed slightly and became more modern. One wing wraps around the image and is associated with strength and power. The image of the creature is gray with a metallic sheen.

American LaFrance

American LaFrance Logo

American LaFrance is the pride of Americans, particularly firefighters. The brand has been around for over 100 years (1873-2014) and is associated with the company’s signature fire trucks. The company is fully dedicated to manufacturing equipment and vehicles for firefighters as a division of Daimler Chrysler. The company logo represents an eagle perched on a plate. The name of the famous brand is placed in the center. The image is completely black and gray.

Hawk Cars

Hawk Cars Logo

This British company is not very popular but boasts a minimalistic logo. You won’t be surprised, as the designers displayed the brand name and placed a hawk inside a circle. The logo is beautifully drawn with smooth lines, and the bird spreading its wings is associated with movement, progress, and freedom. In addition, the company made the image monochrome, using the color “metallic.”


FAW Logo

FAW is a large company and one of the four largest manufacturers in China. Six categories of vehicles are produced under this brand, including cars and trucks. The brand logo is the number 1 with wings inside a blue oval. FAW is an abbreviation for First Automotive Works. Indeed, the company appeared in 1953 and was the first in its industry to bear the brand logo. The company produces a large volume of cars every year, and in 2014, this figure reached almost 3 million units.


Simca Logo

The French brand did not last long – from 1934 to 1970. The car brand managed to produce many different models in high demand, and in 1959, the company sold 100 thousand units. The company’s logo is bright, and the delicate combination of colors fully conveys the spirit of France. Simca used atypical industry colors: light blue, pink, and white. The symbol of the brand is a swallow with pointed wings and a tail.


Durant Logo

The American manufacturer was founded in 1921 and has existed on the market for a short time – only ten years. Durant used a busy logo with lots of graphics and colors. At the very top is a mythical winged creature; below is a coat of arms against a gray star. Different color combinations of red, blue, gray, and white were used in the logo. The name Durant Motors is prominently displayed around the rim of the circle.


Trojan Logo

The British brand Trojan was founded in 1914 and ceased operations in 1965. The company was mainly engaged in the production of passenger cars for everyday use and commercial purposes. The logo does not claim to be the most memorable and consists of simple elements: silver wings above a red circle and the name Trojan inside. The manufacturer also used red and silver colors.


Stoewer Logo

This brand, originally from Germany, was founded in 1858 and specialized in the production of sewing machines, bicycles, and later cars. The brand lasted until 1945, but during the war, the factory was heavily damaged by bombing. In addition, Szczecin became part of Poland, and this country did not want to support the machine industry. Stoewer used a griffin as a symbol, which was placed in the center of the logo. The combination of gold and blue colors gave the brand a twist.


UAZ Logo

UAZ is a Russian manufacturer founded in July 1941. Initially, the company specialized in the production of military vehicles, but nowadays, it produces SUVs, minibusses, and trucks. The logo consists of a stylized letter “U,” which, due to the successful arrangement, resembles wings. In 2016, as part of the company’s development, UAZ presented an improved logo. The wings acquired a metallic color, and a new, more modern font was used for the name.


Invicta logo

The little-known British brand has gone through several closures and revivals. Invicta was founded in 1925 and finally ceased operations in 2012. The company released several car models, but the logo remained unchanged. Laconic fenders divided into two beautiful colors complemented the look of the cars. Between the fenders, vertically placed the Invicta lettering on a green background. The main colors of the fenders are a mixture of blue-purple and red-pink.


SsangYong Logo

One of the largest manufacturers in Korea initially existed without symbols. The first cars were assembled for military purposes, and all that adorned the SUVs was a white star and a serial number. Over time, SsangYong developed its own logo. In translation, the name of the company means “a pair of dragons,” which was reflected in the logo. The cars of the brand are decorated with a logo with two wings, which, with their arrangement, resemble a wreath. This image symbolizes independence, confidence, and constant development.


Peerless Logo

The company Peerless was founded back in 1889, but first, it specialized in the production of clothing and, ten years later – bicycles. The company started to develop automobiles only in 1900 and existed until 1932. Due to financial difficulties, the company stopped producing cars, and the buildings were converted into a brewery. The Peerless logo strongly resembles the coat of arms of the United States. In addition, the brand used the color palette of the country’s national flag.


Isdera Logo

Isdera was founded in 1982 and still exists today. The brand is engaged in the production of exclusive cars that are not produced on a large scale. Each client must personally apply to the director of the company and get a customized project. The private company keeps most of the information about its activities secret. The logo of the brand is a black eagle on a blue background. Also below the bird is the name Isdera with an upper underline.


Virago Logo

One of the exceptions in our selection is Virago. This is not an automobile brand but a line of motorcycles from the world-famous Japanese company Yamaha. The model was first released in 1981. The logo of the line is the inscription Virago with a stylized first letter “V.” It is depicted in the form of wings. The inscription is enclosed in a silver rectangle. The badge looks unusual and modern, especially considering that it is not the whole image of the company.


Arash Logo

Arash is a relatively young company that entered the market in 1999. The brand, originally from England, is engaged in the production of sports cars. The company’s first model, the Farboud GT, pleasantly surprised car enthusiasts at the exhibition in Birmingham with its design and characteristics, in particular, aerodynamics. It is a black shield with a golden bird and the word mark Arash – a modern 3D logo of the brand.


Russo-Balt Logo

Russo-Balt, an enterprise of the Russian Empire, existed from 1896 to 1923. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of railroad cars. Only in 1908 was an automobile department created. Very often, “Russo-Balt” cars could be seen at various competitions. The emblem of the company is the main symbol of the Russian Federation. The image shows an eagle with two heads and crowns on them. Along the rim of the logo is written the name of the company with the indication of the branch.


Anteros Logo

Anteros has a very unusual logo. Large companies often use mythical creatures or other symbols in their logos. Anteros chose a bull with brightly colored wings. The combination of black, red, and silver colors sets the young brand apart from others. Anteros is an American company that entered the market in 2005. Specialists are engaged in the development of premium sports cars.


Bandini Logo

The Italian manufacturer existed from 1946 to 1992. After the death of the founder, Ilario Bandini, production was discontinued. But in March 2020, the company announced its return to the market. Bandini has also announced the production of 30 Dora cars. The company uses its striking signature logo. The bird placed on a yellow background adds to the uniqueness. You can also see the company name and colors from the Spanish flag at the bottom. The shape of the logo is a shield made up of all the saturated elements.


Gumpert Logo

Gumpert specializes in the production of sports cars. The company is currently known as Apollo. The company was founded by former Audi director Roland Gumpert. For the logo, the company used a griffin, which is often found in the images of automobile brands. This creature is associated with greatness, and since the griffin refers to the elements of earth and air, it indicates the speed and high performance of Gumpert’s cars.


Haima Logo

The Chinese manufacturer is engaged in the production of cars for another famous brand, Mazda. Their logos are very similar to each other, and this is not accidental. The very name Haima consists of two parts: the province of Hainan and the company Mazda. The brand badge is a modified logo of the same Mazda. The wings of a bird are positioned above a silver circle. This cooperation was formed to supply Mazda products to the Chinese market.


Rossion Logo

Rossion is a young American manufacturer specializing in the development of sports cars with ultra-modern design and technical characteristics. The brand appeared on the market in 2006. The company’s cars are considered revolutionary due to their speed and handling. The logo of the brand can also be called ultra-modern due to the combination of noble colors and the image of an eagle. The logo is presented as a shield with a black background and gray-white details on it.


Biddle Logo

The small automobile company existed on the market for about seven years (from 1915 to 1922) and produced only 1,750 cars. The first Biddle automobile appeared very quickly, as all parts were supplied by other manufacturers, and the brand itself was engaged exclusively in assembly and set a very high price for cars. The name Biddle is the surname of one of the shareholders of the brand. The logo consists of bright elements: a red shield, a golden crown, and wings, as well as the inscription Biddle in the center of the image.


Venturi Logo

Venturi specializes in the production of premium sports cars. The brand went through bankruptcy proceedings in 2000 and was bought by Gildo Pallanca Pastor in 2001. The company’s original goal was to produce a product that could compete with Bugatti, Ferrari, and Porsche. The brand’s logo is modern and concise. The letter “V” is stylized as wings and is made in red color. The designers chose a contrasting black background and added a white Venturi inscription.


Bizzarrini Logo

The Italian brand existed from 1964 to 1969. The company tried to revive in 1990, but the cars did not interest car enthusiasts. In 2008, only 1 model was released – Scuderia Bizzarrini. The logo of the brand is very interesting and unusual. It represents a stylized gear with a red background inside. The central figure of the image is a bird with triangular spread wings. In this way, Bizzarrini demonstrated freedom. The logo could be seen very rarely, as the brand produced a small number of cars.


Wanderer Logo

The brand from Germany was founded in 1896 by Winklhofer & Jaenicke (the founder’s surname). In 1911, the company was named Wanderer, which means “wanderer” in German. The company specializes in a wide range of products: cars, bicycles, minibusses, and other vehicles. An unusual color palette – a combination of green and white- was chosen for the Wanderer logo. The image was a large letter “W” with pointed ends, which gave the brand confidence.



The young car brand from China, which appeared in 2017, loves to dream and encourages everyone to do so. In this way, it wanted to emphasize one simple and very utilitarian truth: its cars are a real dream. And achievable, which can be curbed if desired because they inspire. That is why, on its emblem, there are two spread wings. That is, there is no practical or historical implication in them. There is just an artistic allegory because “TRAUM” in German means “to dream.”


Wuling Logo

The young Chinese brand Wuling has already produced about 22 million cars since 2002. The manufacturer specializes in the production of passenger cars, but minibusses have become especially popular. The company logo is presented in red color. The letter “W” consists of 5 voluminous rubies. In 2020, the company presented the logo in gray color and announced the beginning of globalization and expansion to other markets. According to the manufacturer’s own statement, there will be no differences in technical specifications.


Packard Logo

Packard is a famous American manufacturer that existed from 1899 to 1956. James Ward Packard, the founder of the brand, was dissatisfied with the quality of the cars on the market. He sent a letter about his dissatisfaction to one of the companies and received a reply that suggested he create a better car if he so desired. The founder created his popular models. The logo of the brand is a coat of arms in red and gold colors with many details, including a bird at the top of the image.


Cole Logo

Cole, one of the first American car brands, is another owner of a winged logo. The company was on the market from 1909 to 1925. Cole specialized in the production of premium cars. The company logo consists of an image of an eagle with a square with the name Cole on top. At the bottom of the image is the city where the brand was founded, Indianapolis.


Bianchi Logo

Bianchi is a famous bicycle manufacturer founded in Italy in 1885. The company also manufactured automobiles and introduced many models. The logo of the company is a majestic eagle with massive wings. Earlier, the bird was gold on blue. On modern bikes, you can see a badge in the form of a silver eagle with a crown over its head. The company’s official website shows a similar pattern, only in turquoise.

Jensen Motors

Jensen Motors Logo

Jensen Motors existed on the market from 1922 to 2011. The company specializes in the production of sports and commercial vehicles. The logo of the brand has an interesting winged shape. All the ends were pointed and painted in taupe color. Inside the base of the wings was a red badge with a stylized Jensen inscription. Like the base, the font consisted of straight, pointed lines.

Iso Rivolta

ISO Rivolta Logo

Iso Rivolta is an Italian company that existed in the middle of the XX century. The brand was engaged in the production of cars and motorcycles. Like most Italian brands, ISO Rivolta chose the colors of the country’s national flag for its visual design. It also features a golden griffin on a white background with stripes and an ISO inscription at the top. In 2020, Zagato announced the revival of the ISO Rivolta model. Only 19 cars will be created, and 9 of them have already been sold out.


Heinkel Logo

Heinkel is known primarily for manufacturing airplanes, especially during World War II. The company closed in 1965. In addition to a wide range of airplanes, the brand was involved in microliter cars, mopeds, and scooters. The Heinkel logo is associated with the profession. The letter “H” is complemented by a wing and placed in a wave above the Heinkel name. The basic color of the badge is red, but it transforms to silver when placed on a vehicle.


Qvale Logo

The brand specializes in the development of sedans. The company existed for only a few years, starting in 2000. Due to the unstable financial situation in the world, the founders were forced to sell Qvale. The logo of the brand was very bright. It represents a blue rounded rectangle. Inside it, there is an image of a white dragon. Under the symbol, you can see the name Qvale.


Changan Logo

Another car symbol with wings is popular in China. This Chinese company is considered to be one of the best in the country. It was founded in 1862 and is also one of the first in China. The name consists of two parts, “chan” and “an.” Translated from Chinese, the name means “reliability that has passed the test of time.” The logo of the brand is quite simple and laconic. The blue background symbolizes the planet Earth and constant innovation, and the winged letter V is associated with the victories and values that Changan carries.


Panther Logo

The British company was founded in 1972 and, like all the other brands presented in our selection, specializes in the production of different types of cars. For a long time, Panther belonged to the Korean corporation SsangYong Group. The company’s logo is laconic and simple. The black and white logo includes additional wings, in the center of which on a black background is the word designation Panther.

American Austin

American Austin Logo

The company existed from 1929 to 1956. American Austin produced small cars at a competitive price, but economic hardship greatly affected customers who were unwilling to pay attention to the cars. The company produced 8,000 cars in the first year. The American Austin logo is very colorful and memorable. Red-gold colors, in combination with a mythical “winged” creature as best as possible, suited the product of the brand. The logo had an oval shape with the word mark American Austin and additional graphic details.

Avion Voisin

Avion Voisin Logo

The French company specialized first in the production of airplanes and then in the production of automobiles. Avion Voisin existed from 1905 to 1958. The brand introduced a huge number of automobiles during the entire period of its activity. The company logo is massive and meaningful. The cars were decorated with a bird with large wings of blue color, which symbolized reliability and confidence. The logo itself was associated with speed and elegance.


Donkervoort Logo

The famous sports car manufacturer was founded in 1978 in the Netherlands. Donkervoort produces new models under the motto “Without compromise.” The brand has introduced a variety of models. The logo consists of an image of red-colored wings with white lines. An oval with graphic elements is added inside the wings, and inside it is the name Donkervoort.

What car brand has a logo with wings?

Several automobile manufacturers across the globe have adopted winged emblems. Among them are renowned names such as Chrysler (from the USA), Mazda Motor Corporation (originating in Japan), Bentley Motors Ltd., MINI, and Aston Martin Limited (all hailing from the UK), not to mention numerous others.

What car has angel wings?

Logos resembling angelic wings can be attributed to brands such as Aston Martin Limited (UK), Stutz Motor Car Company of America (USA), Hispano-Suiza (based in Spain), and Morgan (from the UK).

What is the brand with the wings?

A plethora of brands integrate winged motifs into their emblems. This ranges from prominent names like Aston Martin (UK) to niche players like Donkervoort Automobielen BV (from the Netherlands).

What car emblem has black wings?

While most automobile firms opt for metallic-hued silver badges, there are exceptions. JBA Motors, for instance, flaunts wings with a striking black trim. Similarly, Anteros Coachworks Inc. highlights a figure with prominent black wings in its emblem. Both these manufacturers are based in the USA.

What luxury car logo looks like wings?

The British marque Aston Martin is synonymous with luxury and performance. Its emblem prominently showcases wings, encapsulating the brand name, bordered by a distinct shade of green.

What car emblem has wings and H?

Hyundai’s luxury segment, Genesis, presents a distinctive logo that comprises two winged motifs flanking a dark shield. This shield emphasizes the word “Genesis.” The incorporation of wings in the emblem is perceived by many as an indication of its upscale branding. This design approach mirrors that of other notable wing-themed automobile logos, such as Aston Martin, Chrysler, and Bentley.