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Car Logos with Horse

Car Logos with Horse

Unsurprisingly, brands devote huge amounts of money to create a unique logo. Sometimes images can be worth millions – everything is done to increase the company’s awareness and evoke the necessary association. Car logos flash before our eyes every day, and high competition makes manufacturers look for new solutions to attract an active audience.
The horse is one of the most common symbols used in the automotive industry. In many religions and cultures, the horse is considered a sacred animal. It is also associated with strength, movement, perseverance – the perfect combination with famous car brands.

1 Porsche

Porsche Horse Logo

The Porsche logo is nothing more than a tribute to the city in which the brand was founded. The company was founded in 1931 in Stuttgart, which was part of the state of W├╝rttemberg. The company decided to borrow the local coat of arms, color palette, and symbols. The town was founded in 950 and consisted of a horse farm. This fact became the reason for using the horse as the main symbol for the coat of arms.

Franz Xaver Reimspie├č created the logo. He used a combination of red, black, and gold colors and a horse’s image. Also, there are antlers on the logo, which were also borrowed from the German land’s coat of arms. The horse acquired a relief body, as well as a magnificent tail. The image is complemented by the name of the brand and the city: Porsche and Stuttgart. The company’s logo symbolizes dynamism and strength as its main qualities, roots, and history.

2 Ferrari

Ferrari Horse Logo

Would you agree that a brand logo has added value if there is a whole story behind its creation? Ferrari is famous for high-quality cars and for the famous logo, which has been noted by designers many times as one of the best. The new image first appeared in 1929. As Enzo Ferrari himself said, the image of a horse was used to attract good luck. The same symbol was depicted on the fighter pilot of Francesco Baracca. After the plane crash, Francesco’s mom suggested that the founder use the horse for her brand.

The logo consists of a black horse on a bright yellow background to honor the city of Modena. You can see a reference to Italy’s flag with red, white, and green colors at the top of the picture. The company now uses three logo variations: on a shield, on a rectangular backing, and a silver horse on a red background.

3 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Horse Logo

The brand’s logo, unlike previous companies, does not symbolize the neighborhood or specific people. The image was created by Phillip Thomas Clark, a 27-year-old designer who joined Ford in 1964. The young illustrator was very excited about the work ahead and painstakingly created the logo. It took 100 days to develop the iconic image, soon to become the new car’s emblem. Before agreeing on the final result, the details of the logo were changed several times.

The image consists of the symbol of a horse running to the left. Over time, the image of the animal became more muscular and detailed. There are many guesses about the direction of the horse. One of them says that the designer was right-handed, and it was easier for him to draw a horse running to the left.

4 Baojun

Baojun Horse Logo

The Baojun brand represents budget cars on the market. The brand appeared in 2010 due to cooperation between General Motors, SAIC, and Wuling Motors. The company’s logo’s history is quite simple: Baojun is translated from Chinese as “precious horse.” The image conveys the meaning of the brand name.

The horse also symbolizes reliability, loyalty, but at the same time, speed is the perfect set of associations for budget cars. The brand also introduced a new logo for higher-end cars in 2019. An image that looks like a three-dimensional diamond will adorn expensive vehicles, and a silver horse will be used on all previous models.