Most Famous Logos with a Circle

Most Famous Logos with a Circle

The visual identity has a lot to do with the successful use of shapes and geometric elements. Sometimes these shapes allow you to convey the basic concept of the logo. If the logo contains simple shapes, it is easier to remember it. Underlying this statement is an understanding of how the human brain functions. Moreover, with an abundance of information from all sides, it is difficult for a person to concentrate on something complex. Simple and catchy logos win. Our attention is fixed on them faster. Therefore, these logos will be ahead of their “competitors” with a complex or irregular shape.

If we talk about the symbolism of the circle, then it is associated with completeness, infinity. Such symbolism of this figure is manifested in brand identity and other directions and industries (for example, fine arts).

Analyzing the symbolism of the circle in more detail in the brand identity, it is worth noting its such meaning:

  • an indication of the activity of the company;
  • emphasis on her mobility, dynamics, and ability to be in trend;
  • the integrity of the promotion concept and the product offered under the brand.

Let’s look at some examples of logos that use a circle.



Pepsi Logo

The American brand PepsiCo represents one of the largest companies in its segment. In the Pepsi logo, the circle is more like a globe. Here, quite naturally, the emphasis is on the company’s scale, popularity, and recognition. The combination of blue, white, and red looks interesting and contrasting. It attracts attention. The current trend in the brand identity, which is used here, is the combination of powerful colors with minimalism. Therefore, the logo looks bright, but it is not overloaded with unnecessary details.


Schindler Logo

This Swiss company specializes in the production of escalators and elevators. It has a very solid history since it was founded in 1874. A century later, the company entered the North American market. And today, it is represented in more than 100 countries.

As in many previous examples, the logo has been modernized several times here, but its key idea has remained unchanged since 1910.

With a rich history, the company remains true to its traditions and principles of activity, which it values very much. Schindler’s visual style conveys attention to detail, which is ensured at all stages of production.

It is curious that for the first 36 years, the company operated without a logo. The author of the first emblem was Maxim Chatel. This young artist belonged to the Schindler family, so he managed to convey all the company’s meanings in its positioning.

The emblem was round in shape, which has survived to this day. As a symbol of excellence, the circle is often used in the visual identity of brands, and Schindler is no exception. There is a compass indicating that the enterprise belongs to the architectural segment in the lower part. And the inscription “1874” testified to the solid history of the brand and a tribute to the roots.

Today the company supports innovation, which is displayed in the current format of its logo—metallic color used for the abstract circular emblem. The compass lost its previous appearance; only the outlines remained. At the same time, the symbol has become more multidimensional in meanings – for those who do not know the original history of the company; this triangular element can be associated with the top (in turn, hinting at the pinnacle of quality). At the bottom is the company’s name in an elegant red font.


MasterCard Logo

The famous payment system MasterCard used two overlapping circles in its logo. Equally important here is the successful combination of geometric shapes with their colors. The combination of red and orange looks impressive.

If we analyze the logo from the point of view of the symbolism of colors in the identity, then it carries a rather powerful message:

  • red conveys joy and passion;
  • yellow adds symbolism of prosperity.

If we analyze this meaning considering the sphere in which the logo is used, then everything becomes quite logical.


Xerox Logo

The corporation from the USA, known for its name, has become one of the leaders in its industry worldwide. The copiers offered by the company have optimized the work of many offices, educational institutions, libraries, and other institutions where there is a need to copy documents, fragments of books and periodicals, and other information.

The company Xerox also uses a circle-shaped logo. It has a stylized X inside it, which reminds of the company’s name. At first glance, this idea may even seem simple. But its high-quality execution makes the logo bright, memorable, and attractive.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza Logo

Domino’s Pizza – is one of the largest catering companies in the United States and operates a huge network of pizzerias. The idea of dominoes is conveyed through the contrast of shapes and colors. The rectangular shape associated with dominoes would be incomplete without the circles inside, which give the shape the desired appearance. In addition, the contrast of white, blue and red looks impressive. This is a fairly popular combination; we have already considered it above in the Pepsi logo. But here, these colors are organically “sewn” into the main composition.


MegaFon Logo

The Russian telecommunications company is known in its own country and far beyond its borders. The circle is used in the logo of this giant five times at once. First, the emblem itself is circular. Secondly, small circles play a functional role in their internal elements. The idea behind the logo is that it depicts a talking person. One of the circles symbolically represents an eye, and three circles in the other part of the logo symbolize connection.

Radio Shack

Radio Shack Logo

This company, which specializes in electronics, was founded in 1921 and existed until February 2015. In 1939, the company issued its first catalog. Throughout its existence, there have been ups and downs in the company’s development. Nevertheless, 2014 became a crisis year for the company. The company went bankrupt.

We will analyze her logo because it uses a circle like other logos from this collection.

The logo starts with a red circle. Against the background of negative space, inside it is the capital letter of the company name. Interestingly, it is not in the middle but closer to the left edge and below. This visual device grabs attention. Next is the company name in black.


Knirps Logo

The company from Germany is famous for producing high-quality umbrellas. The company has a solid history since it was founded back in 1928. The huge red dot on the logo is not only an important part of the logo itself. It is also an integral part of the brand’s identity. In the first years of the company’s operation, the circle was white, and then the brand’s designers made it red. By the way, a notable feature of Knirps umbrellas is that they all have a red button. Thus, the logo is conceptually related to the product, which is a good solution.

London Underground

London Underground Logo

The London Underground opened in 1863. Since that moment, he has gone through a lot. Nevertheless, it works properly to this day, being an important part of the city’s transport infrastructure.

A remarkable fact is that the London Underground is the first in the world. And also – it is one of the largest subways on the planet. It consists of 11 lines that stretch 402 kilometers. 45% of the metro is underground.

If we talk about the graphic design and identity of the London subway, then here too, we will see the emblem, which is based on a circle. Over the many years of the metro’s existence, the design of its logo has changed many times. It is a red circle with negative space inside, horizontally intersecting with a wide blue stripe with the word “Underground.” It looks very stylish, because, on the one hand, the company’s solidity is felt, and on the other, the identity is updated to match the trends of our time.


Minolta Logo

The Japanese company Minolta specializes in the production of cameras, accessories for them, and several other types of equipment. The Minolta logo has changed periodically, but the circle has been used in it for a long time – since the 70s. The symbolism of this logo is quite interesting since it symbolically represents the globe, on which rays of light fall. This indicates the scale of the company and its worldwide recognition.

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson Logo

In 1876, a young Swede, Lars Magnus Eriksson, founded workshops to repair telegraph and signaling equipment with his colleague and comrade Karl Andersson. The master, from a low-income family with many children and had experience working in a mine and someone else’s company treats his work with great diligence. Lars Magnus worked 12 hours a day. His work was not in vain, and he invented the desk telephone – a new device for its time with a mouthpiece and a magneto.

In 1901, Ericsson resigned as head of his company. For some time, he was a member of the board, after which he entrusted the business to partners, selling them his shares, and went to realize his dreams of that period of his life. 57-year-old Lars Magnus set out to implement the idea of an all-electric farm. At the same time, the history of Ericsson did not end after its ideological inspirer retired. The company kept pace with the times, and in the early 2000s, it was the third most popular mobile phone manufacturer in the world. However, a fire broke out at the production site, which led to large losses. To maintain its position, Ericsson is merging with the Japanese giant Sony.

The round Sony Ericsson logo even got its name – “Liquid Energy.” The advantage of this logo is, on the one hand, futurism, and on the other, recognition. A three-dimensional effect complements the freshness and brightness of the logo. It is not for nothing that this logo, in which successful modern graphics are embodied in metallic colors and different shades and gradients of green, is recognized as one of the most interesting logo designs of the 21st century.


Westinghouse Logo

This American enterprise operates in the nuclear power industry. It was founded in 1999. The company logo itself is enclosed in a circle. There are also three small circles on the tops of the W letter. The designers did a good job here because the logo’s meaning turned out to be multidimensional. On the one hand, the stylization of the letter gives it associations with the nuclear chain. On the other hand, it looks like a crown, symbolizing respectability and reliability.

If we analyze the color scheme, then the blue color in the logo looks very appropriate. It is often used in brand identity to emphasize professionalism, consistency, and other advantages that give it prestige.


Instagram Logo

The mugs used in this logo play a decorative and functional role. These are the elements of the camera, which represent the brand logo. Today Instagram is a social network used as a kind of business platform. Many experts sell their services there, and manufacturers sell their goods. However, this social network was originally a place for sharing photos. Therefore, the camera was chosen as a logo for a reason. Bright and cute gradient colors make the logo modern.

7 Up

7Up Logo

The brand is known in many countries worldwide for its carbonated drinks. Many circles are used in the logo – one big one with the word “Up” inside and many small ones symbolizing bubbles. This is quite a successful stylistic solution based on the product that the company offers its consumers. In short, the logo is interesting and attractive. And it is also quite capacious from a semantic point of view.


Holden Logo

The company Holden began its existence back in 1858. It would be logical to continue about the successes of this Australian car manufacturer, but just recently, the enterprise ceased to exist. At first, the company was independent; then, it had the status of a structural division of the famous industry giant General Motors.

If you go back to the company’s origins, then it was founded by James Alexander Holden, an English emigrant who moved to Australia. The first emblem of the company featured a horse. Moreover, the brand owner did not stop there and ordered a gorgeous life-size statue of a horse. It was made from natural wood and stood out at the entrance to the company’s premises. So James Alexander Holden demonstrated to his potential customers that his company manufactures equipment for horses and carriages.

The lion appeared on the enterprise’s emblem later – when the company expanded its range over the years and began producing bodies for cars.

Subsequently, the logo was modernized, taking into account the trends of the time. Still, the key idea, reflected in the round emblem with the image of a lion, remained until the very end of the work of the enterprise. The power and integrity of the concept are what characterized this manufacturing giant, which has managed to stay on the market for more than a century and a half.


Ubuntu Logo

Debian GNU / Linux founded the Ubuntu brand. Canonical took over the role of developer and sponsor of the product. We are talking about an operating system available for use on personal computers, laptops, and servers.

This logo is interesting to consider in terms of its depth and conceptual soundness. The point is that these are not just geometric shapes in a visually appealing combination. The concept of a logo touches on the idea of humanity. If you take a closer look at it, you can see the figures of 3 people. They hold hands, looking up at the sky. Thus, the idea of a “circle of friends” is conveyed. Three such figures form the main circle. And additional small circles are used functionally. They function as heads, which, in combination with arches, form the outlines of people.

The color scheme of the logo is dynamic and rich. Warm and bright colors appropriately convey positive emotions in communication between people.


Ubisoft Logo

Other colleagues from the previous brand, who also work in the computer technology industry, use a circle in their logo. True, this French company offers users not operating systems but computer games.

The following features characterize the brand logo:

  • Three-dimensionality. The icon looks voluminous and interesting.
  • Association with dynamics. The logo looks like a vortex.
  • Futuristic. The emblem is also associated with something cosmic, indicating development and a vector in the future.

This image looks very interesting. It can be seen that the designers reflected their creative vision and artistic approach in it, which is important for game design.


Target Logo

The American company Target operates a chain of stores of the same name in the retail segment. If we talk about the concept of the logo, then it combines minimalism and specifics. It looks quite stylish, laconic, and bright. To some extent, the emblem resembles a target, indicating the company’s ability to hit its targets. Inside the logo is a solid, massive red dot. There is a transparent background around it. The frame is also in red and is quite thick.

This composition looks orderly. And its color scheme may well be associated with strength and confident management style, which emphasizes the company’s scope.

If you delve into the company’s history, its logo becomes even more understandable. The enterprise has been operating since the distant 1902. Therefore, it is obvious that to hold out for such a time in the market successfully, one must broadcast the value of sustainability and possess it.

Air Canada

Air Canada Logo

It is Canada’s largest airline headquartered in Montreal. It is engaged in both regular and charter passenger transportation. The company “Air Canada” was founded a long time ago – in 1937. To this day, it confidently maintains its position in its industry and adheres to sustainable development. It is not in vain that 207 destinations are available for flights today.

As for the company’s main hubs, they are airports in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Throughout the existence of this company, there have been at least seven updates to its logo. But each of them used a round emblem and a maple leaf, which is associated with the brand’s birthplace.

The current logo of the company combines solidity and elegance. The name is fully capitalized and bold black without any serifs. It looks concise and convincing.

The red and white emblem with the country’s symbol and the color palette of its national flag looks patriotic and appropriate. In short, the logo designers considered all the necessary semantic accents.


Xbox Logo

The Xbox brand name is known to many. It is a home game console developed and released by Microsoft. The circle used in the logo is stylized as a three-dimensional sphere, on which the first letter of the brand flaunts.
The logo is designed to give the impression of light emanating from the letter “X.” The logo’s originality is achieved because the designers provided it with a stylish play on color contrasts.

The round shape used in logo design is traditionally associated with positive emotions, integrity, and completeness of the concept. The emphasis on good emotions that the logo carries is important in its semantic content. The game console is designed to bring joy and variety to your leisure time. It is a good addition to fun evenings with family and friends. The designers managed to convey this idea quite well.


ABC Logo

This American company was founded in 1943. The abbreviation comes from the words “American Broadcasting Company.” The headquarters of the company is located in New York, Manhattan.

1948 was the year the company began broadcasting on television. Its gradual development followed this. 1961-1964 marked the enterprise by rapid growth and some restructuring. In 1965, a new round of success began. And in 1977, it was ABC that became the most successful channel in the States.

Further, the history of the company developed in waves. These were recessions and rebounds, loss of hits, and new risky decisions. In any case, the ABC path is interesting enough to explore. Like her logo. Inside a solid black circle is the name of the company, written in small white letters. The symbols of clarity, contrast, and balance of opinions are exactly what a TV channel needs.


Timberland Logo

The company Timberland is based in the USA and specializes in manufacturing clothing and footwear for outdoor activities. If you go into more details about the naming features, then in the literal sense, the company’s name means “the land, which is covered with branches.”

The emblem is circular. Inside it is a tree growing on the ground. The stylized crown of the tree is also circular and follows the shape of the emblem itself. By the way, the history of the logo is quite scandalous. For a long time, there were rumors that the owners of the enterprise belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, and the tree itself allegedly symbolizes the trees on which dark-skinned people were once lynched.

A lot of efforts had to be made by the company’s representatives to cease being associated with such bad rumors.


Garnier Logo

Today, the Garnier cosmetic brand belongs to the giant of its industry – the L’Oréal brand. However, this company’s brand acquisition took place already in the 70s. The history of Garnier began much earlier. It happened in 1904. Initially, the company specialized in producing tanning oil, later – household hair dye. The brand is now known for its beauty products, which are developed considering each continent’s different skin types and cultures.

The Garnier logo uses a circle stylized to resemble the texture of a tree leaf. Considering the emphasis on natural ingredients in cosmetics, this approach looks thoughtful and conceptual. At the same time, he conveys in himself a deep philosophy of the unity of man and nature.

A gradient is a good color scheme because it makes the logo look more natural. In addition to this element, the brand’s name is used in the logo. A circle with a gradient and stylized to the sheet’s surface softens the sharpness of the font lines. So the composition looks more harmonious and thoughtful. In short, the designers did a good job on it.

BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation)

British Columbia Lottery Corporation Logo

The full name of this brand is “British Columbia Lottery Corporation.” This corporation specializes in lotteries and legal Internet gambling. The brand logo is based on the letters of the first words in its name. There are three circles of different colors in the negative space. The colors used are red, green, and orange, which symbolize various positive emotions.

If we go into the symbolism of flowers in more detail, then this logo can be interpreted as follows:

  • orange – energy;
  • red – passion;
  • green – progress.

Intense colors that are combined with rounded letters look stylish, effective, and, at the same time, discreet.


CBS Logo

It is one of the largest television and radio networks in America. The company name is an acronym for its former legal owner, Columbia Broadcasting System. They learned about the company back in 1928, when its owner, William S. Paley, acquired 16 radio stations.

Many experts consider the company emblem one of the most stylish circular logos ever created. The design’s simplicity, brevity, and boldness are reflected in the concept, which conveys the essence of the company and its basic directions of activity.

The logo is created in the form of an abstract eye. On the one hand, this emphasizes the audience’s needs, and on the other hand, it can symbolize a deep vision of the company of its goals. The logo uses 2 round elements. One of them forms the basis of the figure, and the second symbolizes the pupil. It looks very impressive.

USA Today

USA Today Logo

This edition can rightfully be called legendary in the United States. The first national newspaper, published daily, enjoys well-deserved prestige among American readers. Al Newhart founded this publication, and a significant event happened in Washington.

The logo USA Today of the publication uses a large blue circle, which can have several meanings as a newspaper emblem:

  • balance of opinions and stability, which is one of the principles of journalism;
  • stability, which is important for an unbiased presentation of facts;
  • an emphasis on the globality of vision and understanding of the processes taking place in the world.

Even though the logo looks simple visually, its semantic field is voluminous and interesting. This is exactly what is needed for the emblem of a respectable publication.


Yonex Logo

This Japanese company has a solid history as it has been in the industry since 1946. Manufactures equipment for badminton, golf, and tennis. The designers who worked on the company’s visual identity did a great job. The style of the logo as a whole conveys the specifics of the goods that the company produces. Two letters, “YY,” are depicted as badminton shuttlecocks (respectively, the round elements play a functional role there). Combined with the typeface that the company name is written in, these two details look harmonious. This visual solution made this logo recognizable. It also looks stylish and attractive.

As for the colors, different color solutions were used in different periods of the company’s existence. Now it is a combination of green, blue and white.


Tide Logo

Most people have probably heard of this washing powder. It appeared on the market in 1946 and is one of the world’s best-selling detergents. This brand is owned by Procter & Gamble. Even though she presented her first powder to customers back in 1933, the company’s technologists were looking for a formula for a new product that would be more powerful. Thirteen years later, Tide was born. It was marketed as a powder capable of handling even heavy dirt. Since the advertising slogans were true, Tide quickly found a following.

Its logo also played an important role in popularizing the product. The vibrant combination of blue and orange quickly caught the attention of buyers. Sold in brightly colored packaging, the powder stood out from the competition. By the way, the logo was developed by the famous industrial designer and architect Donald Deskey.

The Tide emblem is the brand name written in blue and white-rimmed against a multi-level circle background. In the center is a solid yellow circle, framed by an orange border and then a yellow border. The logo looks convincing, optimistic, and, to some extent, even bold. But at the same time, all its elements are in harmony with each other.


Jeep Logo

These cars are the personification of power, dynamics, and drive. A good SUV is the dream of many drivers who value quality SUVs. The company Jeep was founded in 1941 and has not lost its position to this day. Buyers are used to a simplified version of the brand’s logo, a monochrome bold sans-serif typeface. However, experts know that there is also a graphic part of the logo. It is in this that the circle is used.

Inside the circular emblem is the well-known font part of the logo, combined with the image of the car grille, made in the style of minimalism. Also, inside there are two circles with a clear functional task – to symbolize the car’s headlights. Thus, the logo looks extensive and informative. It attracts visually and conveys the meanings that the designers who worked on the brand’s visual identity wanted to put in it.

AOL Inc.

AOL Logo

AOL Inc. is a media conglomerate from the United States. The company offers online services and operates several electronic bulletin boards and an online pager. At one of the stages of its existence, she was a leader in her niche in America. In terms of the history of the brand name, it comes from America Online.

The company was founded in the early 90s. It was in the early stages of its development that the first logo was developed in which a circle was used. For a long time, the circle was the main element on which the company’s visual identity was based. However, the logo has changed over time.

Until 2009, a white circular shape was used with a blue triangle as the background. The emblem has gone through several transformations. The circle looks like a small solid dot, which is located after the logo itself. This is an excellent solution since it combines laconicism and semantic fullness from a semantic point of view. The logo looks convincing and holistic.

AT&T Inc.

AT&T Logo

This US-based conglomerate in the telecommunications industry has a strong reputation and a Dallas-based home. The company AT&T has been working in its industry for a long time – since 1885. In the early 80s, the brand’s logo used the blue sphere. However, even before that, the circle was on the company’s emblem, serving as a frame.

If we talk about the symbolism of the logo, then these are:

  • unity;
  • communication;
  • reliability;
  • a sense of security.

The fluidity can also indicate its emphasis on customer loyalty in its communications policy.


Rotring Logo

Based in Germany, this company specializes in supplying the professional tools needed for the fine arts. The double round element is integrated into the company logo since it performs the function of the letter O. Moreover, in addition to such a functional meaning, the circle plays the role of a visual accent in this composition.

The company’s designers have made a rather interesting decision in terms of balance. The fact is that the stylized letter “O” is not the only round element in this logo. There is also a small solid dot above the “i.” Thus, the proportions are well maintained in the logo.


Bic Logo

This company with a short and memorable name is known in different countries of the world—the brand’s birthplace in France. The company was founded in 1945 and was named after the surname of its founder, Marcel Bick. Marseille did not start the company alone; Edouard Buffard became his partner.

The company specializes in producing products such as lighters, razors, and ballpoint pens. Since the company puts a special emphasis on pens, this is reflected in its logo.

As for the round elements, there are 2 of them. As in the previous case, one of them is the dot above the “i.” The second circle plays the role of a head in a figurine of a man wearing a yellow suit and holding a pen. The logo looks not only stylish but also quite optimistic and perky. It evokes good emotions and disposes of a potential target audience to loyalty.

Another distinctive feature of this logo is the abundance of small details. Nevertheless, they do not get lost and look actual.


SAF-Holland Logo

This company manufactures axles and air suspensions for trailers and semi-trailers. In its niche, the company is one of the leaders in Europe.

If we talk about the logo’s symbolism, it indicates the power. The laconic and strong red logo is further enhanced by the fact that there is a solid red circle after the word with the brand name in the emblem. Despite the minimalism of the visual concept, the semantic field of this logo is quite extensive. It conveys the strength, reliability, and solidity of the key benefits of mechanical parts sold under the SAF-Holland brand.

The visual composition impresses with its straightforwardness. Everything is clear in it, and there are no hidden meanings. The strengths of the brand are highlighted very convincingly. They also emphasized the confidence in the strategy of this company, which, since 1881, has been developing and maintaining its position in the market. Even though the start of the enterprise began with a village blacksmith shop, now it is a brand with a worldwide reputation. Impressive, isn’t it?


QlikTech Logo

QlikTech is a company specializing in software development for the business intelligence industry. The main office is located in Radnor. There are 2 round elements used in the logo of this brand. On the one hand, the logo looks pretty simple. There are no complex or multi-level elements and implicit overtones in it. However, the visual solution became very successful, due to which this logo attracted attention.
The first circle appears in the first letter of the company name. The color used is solid gray, as for the rest of the word.

Also, round elements are used in the image that follows this name. You can see the partial duplication of the capital letter with the green color. However, there is not a completely negative space inside, but a solid large gray dot that looks like it is in a frame. The gray color is in harmony with the color scheme of the font used for the brand name. It gives the logo a stylistic unity. And green makes the logo more interesting, vibrant, and memorable.

Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Logo

This famous American company produces cigarettes. She also went down in the history of the tobacco business by releasing the first chewing tobacco. The company is one of the oldest in its industry since its history dates back to 1869. At the beginning of the last century, the ATC company bought the brand. It later acquired the name British American Tobacco.

The Lucky Strike logo has an amazing consistency, as it is traditionally associated with a red circle inside, which has several rims – white, gold and black. Such a visual solution is somewhat reminiscent of a target, inside which is the brand name.

This logo has undergone a redesign – and the motives associated with the target have disappeared from it. The red circle remaining on the emblem began to serve exclusively as a background for the golden letters.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset Logo

This French company specializes in the production of cast iron cookware. She is widely known for her high-quality pans, pans, and other products from this category. It was founded back in 1925 and will soon celebrate its centenary.

In producing this tableware, current modern technologies emphasize the harmonious combination of high quality and fashionable design.

Most of the company’s products use orange. It is not for nothing that it is involved in the logo, which indicates the unity of the brand’s identity and its products. With the help of circular graphic elements, an abstract visual composition is depicted, which is close to the culinary theme.

A solid orange circle in a black frame that repeats its shape, in general, resembles a slab. The laconicism and semantic capacity of the logo give it even more elegance.

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics Logo

Decorative cosmetics, which are sold under the BH Cosmetics brand, are in great demand. This is the case when the affordable cost is not equal to the low quality because the brand’s target audience values this product very much. Among the main secrets of the success of these cosmetics are unusual solutions, stylish and original design, and loyal value.

At the same time, the originality and paradoxicality of the concept lie in the fact that the logo begins with a square shape formed by four circles. Delicate pastel shades encourage friendliness and tranquility. You can see the colors turquoise, pink, green, and orange. The delicacy and unobtrusiveness of the color scheme can be associated with natural beauty, which is designed to emphasize high-quality cosmetics. The typeface used to depict the company’s name in the logo looks elegant and at the same time confident.

Even though the company does not yet boast a solid history, since it was founded in 2009, with such a strategy, it has every chance to get success in the market in a long-term context.

Bavarian Nordic

Bavarian Nordic Logo

The Bavarian Nordic logo consists entirely of different-sized circles. The company operates in the biotechnology industry. Manufactures anti-cancer drugs and vaccines against various infections. The company was founded in 1995.

The composition uses eight solid circles. This abstract image shows the association with molecules and bacteria, which indicates the company’s scope. And in this lies not only the sphere but also the main goal, the direction of the enterprise’s work. The composition looks stylish and effective combined with the futuristic font used for the company name.


Volkswagen Logo

The Volkswagen logo is renowned worldwide. This icon represents a stylized combination of the letters V and W. They are set against a blue background. The round shape of the logo looks stylish and harmonious. At the same time, its semantic content corresponds to the values that the company puts into its cars. The round emblem, in principle, conveys the harmony and integrity of the concept of the brand and the product that is offered to customers. Blue is associated with depth and a thoughtful approach. These are exactly the values that are embedded in reliable, practical, and durable cars.

If you go from the logo itself to the history of this German company, then you need to start with the meaning of the name. Translated from the original language, it means “a car for people.” Curiously, the first car was produced under the auspices of Adolf Hitler because it was he who wanted to see a car for the people. A significant event took place in 1934. There is a version that Hitler even took part in naming the car, but it has no confirmation and remains at the level of a hypothesis.

Despite such a scandalous story, cars are associated not with a bloody politician but with reliable technical mechanisms that provide the driver with road safety and comfort.


BMW Logo

This abbreviation is taken from the company’s name, which sounds like Bavarian Motor Plants in translation. The history of the enterprise is quite solid and begins in 1917. This brand originated after the renaming of the Rapp Motorenwerke company, specializing in the production of aircraft engines. Curiously, there were no transformations in the staff with the renaming of the enterprise. There was also no change in the context of the equipment used.

When its first emblem was developed at the beginning of its operation, logos were not yet so decisive for the business. They were not a tool for communicating with the audience. Nevertheless, the key motifs of the logo remain to this day. This also applies to the round shape.

There is an interesting legend associated with the BMW emblem. Some people believe that there is an image inside the circular shape, which symbolizes a rotating propeller. This is not true. This version appeared in 1929 after an advertisement featuring airplanes, where the BMW logo was inscribed on a rotating propeller. Such a publicity stunt was associated with the desire of the company to focus on new aircraft engines and, probably, is not related to the concept of the logo.

In 2020, the logo changed; the black color has disappeared from it. The updated concept and accents of the color scheme symbolize the mobility of the future and how important it is for the company to be open in communication with the target audience.


WordPress Logo

When people who know how to create websites hear this word, they understand that we are talking about the most popular content management system on Internet resources. Simply put, I mean the engine on which the site is located.

The WordPress logo is simple, clear, and concise. At the same time, what concept provides him with recognition and testifies to the information content and capacity. The emblem is round. In the center is the capital letter of the brand name. A very interesting font has been chosen for it. One symbol combines clarity and smoothness of lines. This visual solution makes the logo memorable and distinguishes it from many others. This is the case when the laconic design is combined with a successful ascent on the details.

The first version of WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. And today, about a third of Internet resources worldwide are located on this engine.

Korean Air

Korean Air Logo

It is the largest South Korean aviation company that was founded in 1969. To this day, the enterprise has been successfully operating. The company itself, speaking about the meaning of its logo, associates it with a leading position in the segment of international air transportation.

The Korean Air emblem is not circular, but a circle is used as one of its elements. It is used to stylize the second letter of the company name visually. On the one hand, this is the eastern yin-yang sign, and on the other, a hint of propellers in motion. Thus, the logo designers tried to emphasize the desire for dynamics, which many associate with air transport.


Bayer Logo

This company produces medicines, as well as goods that are intended for agriculture. The company is a great success, and its management declares relevant and understandable values to the target audience. Bayer offers its customers products and services that benefit people and improve their quality of life. The company adheres to the principle of sustainable development and declares its social responsibility.

At the heart of the Bayer, the logo is a cruciform intersection that duplicates the name. This has been the case since 1904. In the city of Leverkusen, where the company’s headquarters are located, this logo is installed, the largest luminous advertisement globally. This logo attracted attention and was included in the collection for a good reason – it also has a circle. The cruciform figure, formed by the intersection of the two words “Bayer,” is in a round frame that complements the composition.


Lucent Logo

This company worked in the telecommunications and computer hardware industry. It began its existence in 2006, and in 2016 it was abolished. It is also known as Alcatel-Lucent. At one time, the company was a pioneer in the market segment related to equipment for 4G networks. In addition to technological innovation, the company has become known for its involvement in several corruption scandals. In short, the history of the enterprise was bright, interesting, and, in some respects, contradictory.

The purple circle used for the company logo is adorned with a stylized symbol on the inside, which looks like the transition of the letter A to the letter L, done with a rough brushstroke. Such a logo is associated with relevance, dynamics, and creativity, which is important for companies that represent innovation.


Vodafone Logo

This mobile communications company Vodafone was founded in 1984. The name was formed by combining abbreviations from “Voice Data Fone” into one word. The name turned out to be very successful, capacious, and memorable.

The corporate colors of the company are white and red. The logo has changed several times. But since 1997, his main idea has been preserved. Inside the circular emblem is an inverted comma, which symbolizes direct speech.

The contrast of white and red in the logo looks stylish and prompts a call to action. In general, through its corporate identity, the company conveys ideas of attention to each client, careful attention to detail, and comfortable service.


Spar Logo

This Dutch company was founded in 1932. She owns grocery supermarkets as well as hypermarkets. The history of the company is quite interesting. Adrian van Vell founded it as a volunteer grocery chain that saw the emergence of large retail chains in Europe. They decided to maintain cooperation between retailers and wholesalers. The company’s positioning was initially based on the fact that its members benefit from cooperation. If we talk about the name, then it means “spruce.” Today the SPAR network is represented in 48 countries and unites more than 13.5 thousand stores.

The company logo is eloquent and laconic. Inside the solid red stripe is the company name in white font. The anti-aliased edges of the letters somewhat counterbalance the visual accents created by the combination of contrasting colors. Nearby is a green circle with a Christmas tree inside and a negative space background. Thus, the drawing reinforces what is written with the help of the text and further emphasizes the title. The logo, to some extent, looks like a shop sign, which is very useful, based on the specifics of the company.


Bacardi Logo

The Bacardi company was founded in the USA. She specializes in the production of beverages. The enterprise has been operating since 1862. It is privately owned and owns over 40 brands. Among them are well-known brands of rum, vodka, martini, tequila.

When a company has been on the market for many years, it is quite logical that its logo undergoes various transformations over time. Bacardi is no exception. Its logo has changed several times to reflect current trends, but its key has remained unchanged – around a red emblem and an image of a bat inside it. Another distinctive element of this logo is the lettering “Bacardi Marca de Fabrica,” which can be seen around the perimeter of the emblem.

By the way, a very interesting fact is connected with the appearance of a bat on the company’s emblem. When the Bacardi family acquired the distillery in 1862, these creatures lived under its roof. Since then, the bat has steadily accompanied the company logo.

Below the emblem is the name of the company, depicted in black font. The letter I am stylized quite interestingly, the top of which resembles a light. Looks stylish.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Logo

The current version of the Alfa Romeo logo was designed in 1910. However, it is based on older symbols. This is the coat of arms of Milan, dating from the 14-15th centuries. The cross used in the logo is a sign of respect for the Milanese warriors and, of course, a revered symbol of the Christian religion.

The logo also depicts a snake with a human body peeking out of its mouth. The color used for the body is red. This symbol is borrowed from the family coat of arms of the Visconti family, which belonged to the most influential in Milan. This visual composition supposedly symbolizes power and influence.

If we talk about the history of this famous Italian car brand, then its first name is different. The company was called Alfa Milano, and the naming was based on a rather laconic but, at the same time, capacious idea. The first word represents the first letter in the Greek alphabet and can indicate primacy, high standards, and cutting-edge quality in this context. The second word indicates the city where the brand was born. In 1915, the second part of the name was changed to honor the new owner who acquired the company – Nikola Romeo. Despite the company’s transition to new hands, the basic elements found inside its circular logo have remained unchanged.


Vattenfall Logo

The company operates in the energy sector. It has had international status and solid history since it was founded in 1909. The company produces electricity and is represented in different countries (Sweden, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark, etc.). The company’s turnover is fantastic, as back in 2017 its net profit was at around 9.5 billion kroons.

The current logo modification was developed in 2018, although it retains some of the features inherent in the variants of previous years.

The company name is written in dark gray sans serif typeface. Here we can see a combination of brevity and persuasiveness. Next comes the circle, divided into two parts – yellow at the top and blue at the bottom. The color scheme of sun and water perfectly captures the essence of an energy company.


Motorola Logo

This company was very famous at one time. It has functioned in the telecommunications industry. Despite a fairly solid history, at one of the stages of its development, the company was unable to cope with financial losses.

The company was founded in 1928. And in the period 2007-2009, it lost about $ 4.3 billion. The company could not recover from such a loss and keep its momentum. Therefore, after two years, it ended its existence. However, many people remember Motorola phones because they were durable, high quality, and functional for their time.

If we talk about the company’s corporate identity and its visual identity, then the blue circle was chosen as the emblem. Inside it is the letter M, for the stylization of which a very interesting technique was used. Two triangular shapes with arched openings form the letter. The meaning of such an emblem is quite multidimensional – from the literal emphasis on the first letter of the brand and ending with the metaphor of mountain peaks. As a symbol of inspiration and perfection, Blue looks good in this composition. It’s a pity that the company, after the losses, didn’t manage to conquer the peaks it had taken earlier.


Firefox Logo

The brand Firefox appeared in 2002. Now it is so recognizable under its current name that few remember – the browser was originally called Phoenix. The idea of ​​flame and power, despite the rebranding, and now remains key. A fox is used only for her image. Accordingly, this is also reflected in the title.

The first logo to feature a phoenix did not have round elements. Such an element appeared already in 2004 – after the brand was renamed.

The circle in the logo has changed and simplified over time. Since 2019, it has been just a round shape in purple hues. If we go into the history of the logo, then earlier, it was a stylized globe made in gradient shades of blue. In principle, a clear idea, if we talk about a browser, with which people can read information from different parts of the world and communicate on sites. The fox image in the logo has gotten easier over time. In principle, the trend towards simplification is visible not only in the logo of this brand but also in many other logos.


PBS Logo

It is a brand of public service broadcasting. The company was founded in 1952 in the United States. This national enterprise originally played the role of an important educational radio and television center.

The PBS logo has been repeatedly redesigned to match the times’ trends better. The text now uses a monochrome blue color scheme, and the emblem also has white in front of it. The logo begins with a round shape, inside which is depicted a stylized profile of a person, repeated three times. The second figure is formed by the contrast of blue and white colors.

If we analyze the logo from a semantic point of view, then we can note how successful its composition is. It makes sense for a broadcasting company to use images of people in their logo plot. This leads to associations with communication and the fact that a TV and radio company is an enterprise where some people work for others, delivering important information to them.


Danone Logo

This company has a solid history. Founded in 1919, it remains firmly established in the market today. The company Danone specializes in food products. The territory of operation of this company covers over 130 countries.

It conveys through its logo the idea of ​​high-quality products and customer loyalty. He tries to broadcast a message of reliability through his visual identity.

It should be noted that the round shape did not appear in the logo right away. It was the result of its redesign. In this case, the circle is not used by itself. With the change in the font, the traditionally oval letter O, such as we see it in the alphabet, acquired such outlines.

In addition to the stylized letter O, a round emblem appeared on the logo, inside which a boy is depicted. The idea with such changes in the logo belongs to Daniel Carasso – the son of the founder of the company. Also, on the modern logo under the brand name, there was an inscription “One planet. One health “. As for the color scheme, I used a gradient of blue and white.

General Electric

General Electric Logo

General Electric is one of those businesses that value its roots. This is also evident in the company’s visual identity, founded at the end of the century before last. Today the company is more than 125 years old. And its logo has hardly changed. General Electric subsidiaries operate in industries ranging from diagnostic imaging to financial services.

Unlike many other companies with a solid history, which over time make radically different logo redesign options, this brand remains true to its traditions.

The first General Electric logo saw the world in 1892. Impressive, isn’t it? Then the company emblem was laconic but at the same time elegant monogram, consisting of two capital letters in the brand name. The black and white palette made the emblem look like a timeless classic. At the same time, it indicated the professionalism of the company. In 1900, the monogram was placed in a round frame to give it visual completeness.

Now the logo retains both authentic letters and around the frame. At the same time, the letters themselves became more distinct, and loops were added to the frame, which depicts movement. This is a very good idea. Through it, the meaning of an enterprise that remains true to its traditions and best practices is conveyed, but at the same time moves in step with the times.


ESA Logo

This abbreviation is chosen for the name of the American hotel chain. Even though the company is relatively young and was founded in 1995, there are over 600 offices in the USA and Canada today. Its services are popular because it provides inexpensive rooms for long stays.

Even though the logo of this brand does not have a pure circle, it did not appear in this collection for nothing. In front of the company name, the logo features a stylized star with rounded edges. This unique styling solution distinguishes this logo from many others, where a star is also used. At the same time, if we analyze the segment of services in which this hotel chain operates, such a logo becomes quite logical in meaning. Its flowing lines can hint at customer loyalty and low prices.


Starbucks Logo

This chain of coffee shops was founded in 1971, and today it has grown very significantly. The number of over 23 thousand coffee outlets around the world speaks volumes. The symbolism of the logo is quite contradictory. The Siren is depicted inside the circular green logo. She has a crown on her head, in the center of which is a star, which echoes the company’s name.

The Siren is known as a mythological character. According to many myths’ plots, she lured sailors with her songs, leading them to shipwreck. Brand Creative Director Steve Murray cites Siren as the brand’s main symbol. If you trace the transformation of the logo in dynamics, then this trend can be traced.

Anti-Zionist groups have criticized the Starbucks logo. There are versions that if you turn over the 1971 logo, you can see a goat’s head, which is a bad symbol used by the Illuminati. There are also versions that the emblem depicts Queen Esther.


LG Logo

An internationally renowned company based in South Korea. Moreover, its products are represented in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company manufactures electronics, home appliances, and some other goods. The company dates back to 1947.

The company LG is currently using a version of the logo, which was redesigned in 2014. If we talk about the round symbols in this logo, then there are 2 of them. Before the company’s name, there was a round emblem made in a gradient of burgundy color. Its outline partially repeats the stylized letters G, and inside there is the letter L, which is smaller in size. White is used for the letters inside the emblem. There is also a solid white dot next to them – the second circular shape in this logo. The brand’s name is depicted using a gray font, and underneath is the inscription “Life’s Good.” The semantic meaning of the brand conveys solidity, which is balanced by an optimistic motto.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Logo

The brand Mercedes-Benz celebrated its centenary in 2021. And he continues to remain popular, maintain his position, and be associated with high-class cars. The three-pointed star, which is in a circular frame, is recognizable. The logo has undergone certain changes throughout the entire existence of the brand. It reflected the trends of the time, but at the same time, the basic composition was recognizable and reflected the belonging of the logo to the given company.

Today the trendy metallic color is used for the logo. By the way, it is often used by companies that work in the automotive industry. At the same time, a gradient of this color was used, which gives the emblem an association with the high cost and prestige of the product that the company represents. In practice, this is the case. And the 3D effect makes the logo more voluminous and complex from a visual point of view.


Safari Logo

This is a browser that has been designed specifically for and supported by Apple devices. The brand appeared in 2003. After Google Chrome, this browser is the second most popular.

The round shape at the base of the logo is justified here and irreplaceable since the compass was chosen for the logo. To date, the logo has been redesigned six times. And each time, it became more and more simplified visually. Therefore, only those details remained that make it possible to discern the basis of the concept and see the visual similarity with a compass. In principle, this trend towards simplification is not new; it has already been mentioned above in several other logos. Therefore, here we can say that the Safari logo follows the same path as the logo of another browser – the Firefox brand.

The color scheme is quite simple – it uses gradient blue, red, and white.


Twitter Logo

The American social network, whose office is located in San Francisco, California, has a very recognizable emblem. It arose simultaneously with the launch of an Internet communication platform in 2006. The iconic bird on the Twitter logo is inside a blue circle and represents the active distribution of various messages. This feature is based on her natural ability to “chirp.”


Skype Logo

Microsoft owns the telecommunications program and operates by its Skype Technologies division. The application is popular due to convenient remote communication tools with the ability to send various kinds of messages: voice, text, and video. This is reflected in the circular blue Skype logo with two diagonal half-discs. In the center of the emblem is a white “S” – the first letter of the name of the service.


Linkedin Logo

An online job search and recruitment service appeared in 2003. It is used as a career development platform, allowing employers to advertise jobs and job seekers to post resumes. The Linkedin logo features a blue circle with a white fragment from the site’s name. The inscription consists of a combination of two lowercase letters – “in” (there are two pairs of them).


The logo of one of the most important US federal structures uses an abbreviation derived from its full name – National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This service was organized in 1958 and has been involved in various space programs since then. The modern NASA emblem is round in shape, representing the universe. Against its background are a thin elliptical rocket orbit, a red forked sign in the form of a flying ribbon, and the name.


Telegram Logo

This messaging service has gained much popularity thanks to encrypted chats and video calls. It has been operating since 2013 and is adapted to various systems. The Telegram logo is well recognizable by the white paper plane in a light blue circle, representing fast messaging. It has rounded ends to give users a sense of reliability, security, and confidence.


HP Logo

The American technology company is focused on producing computers, laptops, printers, and consumables. It has existed since 1939 and is located in Palo Alto, California. The HP logo uses a lowercase abbreviation set in italics. The designers drew attention to the almost complete similarity of the letters and lengthened their legs to the edge of the circle, which made it look open.


Pinterest Logo

This platform combines two areas of interest: practical and creative. It helps you create and share ideas from images saved on your personal whiteboard page. The Pinterest logo follows this concept: it consists of an element that simultaneously resembles a pencil and a pushpin (pin). The background is a red circle.


Hoover Logo

The products of this company are in great demand, so its emblem is well known in the United States. Since 1908, she has been manufacturing household appliances – in particular, vacuum cleaners. The Hoover logo consists of a red circle with a white ring inside. In the middle, it has the name written diagonally and connected to the frame.


Fiat Logo

The Italian automobile company appeared in 1899 and was gradually transformed into the largest factory. Its name is an abbreviation derived from the phrase Fabbrica Italiana Automobili di Torino. The round Fiat logo is reminiscent of a chrome wheel rim, a steering wheel, and a modern control panel. In the center is the brand name in bold gray letters.


Texaco Logo

This brand of technical oils was founded in 1902 and is owned by Chevron Corporation. Its name is an abbreviated version of the words “Texas Company.” The Texaco logo is centered around a blocky “T” set against a white star. And that, in turn, is drawn in a large red circle.


Opera Logo

Both the software company and the web browser it owns have a round logo representing the abbreviated name. The icon is painted bright red. The time of the appearance of the brand is 1995. Now the Norwegian high-tech firm is focusing on not one but a range of Internet browsers.


ABC Logo

The US commercial television network has been on the market since 1943. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company and is the flagship service of its ABC Entertainment Group. The ABC logo uses a circle as a symbol of the lens of a television camera that captures everything that falls into its field of view. The emblem is painted in two shades of black and complemented by light highlights.


Lipton Logo

The famous brand from the UK was founded in 1890 and has since grown into a real tea empire. Ekaterra now owns it. The current Lipton logo features a circle with a narrow gold border. In the middle is a figured element of the same color with the name of the tea manufacturer.


Scoot Logo

The Singapore airline began operation in 2012 and now maintains air links with airports from the Asia-Pacific region. The Scoot logo is a yellow circle with the name in lowercase. It corresponds not only to the purpose of the air carrier but also to its slogan, “Escape the Ordinary”: the letter “t” is behind the circle’s edge and looks like an airplane.


Turkcell Logo

It is the main mobile operator in Turkey. It appeared on the market in 1993 and currently has almost 40,000 subscribers. It also has a yellow badge representing a circle with two elements that resemble snail horns. Before, the Turkcel logo was flat, but now it is convex, with a gradient and a light flare.


Symantec Logo

Symantec is the old name for an American software developer. Now it is called NortonLifeLock, which is reflected in its logo. To the left of the inscription is a wide ring with a checkmark in the middle. Its right side at the top goes into pixels.

Versus Versace

Versus Versace Logo

This brand and the fashion house of the same name have one creator: it was founded in 1989 by the Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. The main specialization of the brand watches. Each piece is adorned with a round, maned lion Versus the Versace logo. It represents the reverse side of the image of the Gorgon Medusa and personifies passion, determination, and confidence.


Wikipedia Logo

This is the main cognitive and information resource of the Internet, presented in the form of an electronic encyclopedia. The designers proposed Wikipedia, a badge in the form of a globe consisting of puzzles. Each fragment depicts one letter from the alphabet of some country in the world.

Bored Panda

Bored Panda Logo

This is the name of a Lithuanian Internet resource that publishes light content on harmless topics. It was developed in 2009 by Tomas Banišauskas, who was a student at the time. The Bored Panda logo naturally represents the panda. She has a large round head, almost invisible paws, and eyes of different colors.

White Claw

White Claw Logo

The Mark Anthony Group owns the brand, which launched in the US in 2016. It represents an alcoholic drink produced based on seltzer water. The White Claw logo, in addition to the circle, has a frame consisting of the manufacturer’s full name. The text circles around the central part – high waves and seagulls.