Car Brands that start with H

Car Brands that start with H

The automobile is one of the most significant achievements of mankind. The history of automobile construction, which began in the middle of the 18th century, passed through several turbulent stages of its development, which were determined by the way of realizing the movement and obtaining the necessary energy. At the same time, later periods in the development of the automobile were also determined by trends related to size, stylistics, and purpose. At the same time, road transportation has many positive implications for the development of society, values, and conveniences that it creates for people. Among them – are saving time on the road and reducing the physical costs of cargo transportation.

What car brands begin with the letter H?

There are far fewer automobile brands and car companies whose names begin with the letter H than others. However, there are many significant brands that have left their mark in the history of mankind. Among them are Honda and Horch, Hyundai and Hennessey. You can learn more about each of them and get acquainted with many others by visiting the resource dedicated to the history of automobile manufacturing, where detailed information about the brands whose names begin with this letter is placed.

And if the slogan that appeared at the beginning of the century: “A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation,” was the goal to which everyone aspired, then today it is realized. Now everyone can choose a car, based not only on the tasks that need to be solved with its help but also on the size of his income.


Hafei Logo

Chinese manufacturer of small cars – the company Hafei (Harbin HF Automobile Industry Group Company Ltd.), founded in 1994 in Harbin, was established as a subsidiary of the National Aircraft Corporation of China. The first automobile was a small Daewoo Tico. In 1996, the Hafei Zhongyi minivan – a joint work with Pininfarina – was released. In 2003, the brand was named the fastest-growing company. In 2008, the brand was renamed Hafei Motor. In 2008, 2 million cars were produced.


Heynsdyk Logo

Among the little-known automakers that have contributed to the development of the automotive industry is the Dutch company Heynsdyk or Heijnsdijk Sportscars Ltd. It was founded in 2006 by Ronald Heynsdyk and is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Today, the brand is a subsidiary of Normfinish, which produces finished cars based on the Porsche 944. The same type of product is also the main product type for Heynsdyk, which produces sports cars. The company developed and launched the Heynsdyk 2500SF sports car in 2009.


Hispano-Suiza Logo

Hispano-Suiza was a Spanish automobile brand that produced expensive luxury cars. It was founded in 1904 by Mark Birkigt, Juan Castro, and Damian Mateu in Barcelona, Spain. The company was based on the bankrupt electric omnibus firm La Cuadra, where Birkigt worked as an engineer. The company was bought by Juan Castro and renamed J. Castro Fabrica Hispano-Suiza de Automoviles. But a year later, it was bought by Damian Mateu and Francisco Seio and named La Hispano-Suiza Fabrica de Automoviles S.A. In 1906, the company produced 300 copies of Hispano-Suiza 20NR. One of the famous models is the Hispano-Suiza H6. But in 1936, it switched to aircraft orders.


Holden Logo

The Holden automobile brand was well known in Australia, where it was founded back in 1856 by Edward Vivall Holden in Melbourne, Adelaide. The company’s founder had moved to South Australia from England, establishing his business, J. A Holden and Co. When the founder’s son, Edward Vivalle Holden, joined the business in 1905, the manufacture of auto parts began. In 1919, the company became Holden’s Motor Body Builders Ltd (HMBB), fitting bodies to Chevrolet chassis. In 1931, the company became part of General Motors, becoming General Motors-Holden’s Ltd.


Hommell Logo

Among French manufacturers, the automobile brand Hommell stood out for its ideas. The company was founded in 1990 in Loheac, Ile-et-Vilaine, France, by Michel Hommell, a former racing driver and owner of Échappement, a magazine covering automotive topics. Michel decided to realize his dream by creating a two-seat sports coupe, the prototype of which was presented at the Paris Salon in 1990, and in 1994, the production version was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. In 1998, the Barquette open-top version and the Berlinette RS model were created. In 2001, the Berlinette RS2 model was presented. But in 2003, the brand was closed.


Honda Logo

The second largest automobile company in the world is the Japanese brand Honda Motor Co. It was founded in 1948 by Japanese engineer and inventor Soichiro Honda and banker Takeo Fujisawa. In 1959, the brand was named the largest motorcycle manufacturer. Having expanded production to include automobiles (the first Honda T360 pickup truck was released in ’63), the company took second place to Takeo Fujisawa in 2001. Today, the brand is based in Paste, Tokyo, and has several divisions, as well as an Acura subsidiary, to produce high-end premium cars.


Hongqi Logo

China’s oldest automaker, Hongqi, was founded in 1958 and today is owned by FAW Car Company, part of the FAW Group. The brand is headquartered in Changchun, Jilin Province, China. The main direction of its activity was the production of Lux class cars, which were initially developed and produced for the state apparatus, which was discontinued in 1981. But in the 1990s, the company was revived. The most famous is the government model Hongqi CA72. In a later period, cabs and affordable business sedans were produced under this brand.


Hooper was originally a British manufacturer of luxury “dressage” and customized carriages for the royal family and the “powers that be.” Founded in 1805 as Adams and Hooper, it received a named royal warrant for production in 1930. Its carriages were characterized by a unique elegance and decoration bordering on a work of art. In the 1920s, the brand switched to the production of luxury bodies – Tourer 1920 on the Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost chassis and Limousine 1929 on the Rolls-Royce Phantom I chassis. After the war, the production of luxury sedans in the Empress style began. The seven-seat limousine for the Prince Regent of Iraq is particularly famous. In 1959, the brand changed its name and brand.


Horch Logo

August Horch founded the Horch brand in 1904. The company’s office was located in Zwickau, Saxony, Germany. Products – medium and premium class cars. The brand was founded on the basis of Horch & Cie. Motorwagen Werke in 1899. In 1904 it was renamed August Horch & Cie. Motorwagenwerke AG. In 1932, it became a part of Auto Union. The first car of the brand, developed even before the company was founded, was the Horch 4-15 PS. Almost every year until the loss of independence, a new model range was produced, among which the Horch 853A of 1938 became especially famous.

Hotchkiss et Cie

Hotchkiss et Cie Logo

In 1875, American designer-inventor Benjamin Hotchkiss founded Hotchkiss et Cie in Vivier, France, before moving to Saint-Denis. At first, it was engaged in defense production of artillery guns, small arms, tanks, and APCs. The alternative to defense orders was automobiles. In 1900, a workshop for the production of automobile components was opened. The first automobile – Hotchkiss 17CV – was produced in 1903. In 1926, the luxurious AM4 was produced, followed by the AM73 and then the AM80 in 1929. After World War II, the Hotchkiss 686 was produced in 1946. In 1948, the Hotchkiss-Artois was released. In 1966, the brand was absorbed.

Howell Automotive

Howell Automotive Logo

In 1990, Howell Automotive, a car tuning company, was founded in Kaiser, Virginia, USA. In 2000, it was recognized by Mopar Muscle Magazine as the best car tuner in the world. She became famous for modifying the Dodge Neon SRT-4 car. It became the basis for the development and creation of a two-color model of the Howell Neon SRT-4 supercar. In 2005, the brand won the Super Four Challenge FWD Class competition, organized by Car & Driver magazine. From 2007 to 2011, it was recognized with a Governor’s Commendation for securing the region’s entry into the international market.


HRG Logo

HRG Engineering Company was founded in 1936 in Tolworth, Surrey, England, by three friends, Edward Halford, Guy Robins, and Henry Ronald Godfrey. The name of the brand was formed from the first letters of the founders’ surnames. In the 21 years since its founding, the brand specialized in the production of passenger cars, creating its first prototype in 1935. The first production, HRG, weighed less than 450 kg and was half the price of the then-popular Aston Martin. The 1947 HRG Aerodynamic model was particularly popular.


HSV Logo

Australian company Holden, in 1987, initiated the creation of the Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) division in Clayton (Victoria, Australia), the founder of which was Tom Walkinshaw. Its remit was to design, modify, and manufacture high-performance vehicles. Among its modifications, the Commodore, Caprice, Statesman, Ute, commercial vehicles, and several variants from General Motors’ overall model lines are particularly well known. The division was closed in 2020.


Hudson Logo

Between 1909 and 1954, there was a car brand called Hudson Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The corporation got its name from the surname of Joseph L. Hudson, who financed its creation. Among the founders was Roy D. Chapin Sr. The company’s first automobile, the Twenty, was produced the year the company was founded, becoming the cheapest automobile in the United States. In addition to the widespread mass production of affordable cars, the brand is also known for developing innovative designs for automobiles and the 6-cylinder engine. In 1919, the brand formed a joint production with Essex, a partnership that ended in 1932.

Hulme Supercars

Hulme Supercars Logo

New Zealand entrepreneur Jock Freemantle and designer Tony Parker founded the car company Hulme Supercars Limited in New Zealand in 2003. This allowed Tony Parker to realize his hobby of real cars. The founders dedicated the company to New Zealand’s only Formula One world champion, Denny Hulme. The brand became famous by designing and building two sports cars – the Hulme F1 racing car and the Hulme CanAm road model, the engine of which occupies a middle position.


Hyundai Logo

The Korean automobile industry occupies a leading position today. Among the leading South Korean brands, Hyundai Motor Company ranks third in the world. The brand was founded in 1967 by Jeon Ju-yong. The brand received permission to produce its cars from the government in 1972 as one of four companies. The first car produced was the Hyundai Pony. By the eighties, the concern produced 50,000 cars a year. The most popular model, the Sonata sedan, was released in 1988. In 1996, the first sports model, the Coupe, appeared. In 1998, the brand absorbed the famous Kia Motors brand.


Hino Logo

Hino Motors, Ltd of Hino-shi, Tokyo, Japan, was founded in 1942 as a subsidiary of the Toyota Group. In 1913, it originated as Tokyo Gas Industry, which merged with Kyodo Kokusan K.K. in 1937, changing its name to Diesel Motor Industry Co., Ltd. and then to Isuzu Motors Limited. In 1942, Hino Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which produced marine diesel engines, was spun off. After the war, the brand switched to the production of cars and buses, changing its name to Hino Industry and, in 1948 – to Hino Diesel Industry Co., Ltd. In 1961, production of the licensed Contessa 900 began.


Haval Logo

Chinese car brand Great Wall Motors created the Haval division in 2013 to produce crossovers and SUVs. The name was created based on the English saying I Have All. Thus, the brand demonstrates for whom its products are intended. Producing expensive, comfortable cars, the company relied on the affluent category of buyers. Each model had rich equipment. In 2005, the Haval H3 crossover was released, which became the first SUV of Chinese production. In 2011, the Haval H6 appeared. Today, Haval is sold all over the world.

Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors Logo

Among the oldest Indian automakers, the Hindustan Motors brand from Kolkata (West Bengal, India), founded by B.M. Birla in 1942, is well known. The brand is part of the Birla Technical Services conglomerate. For a long time, the brand was the leading car manufacturer in the country until it lost its supremacy to Maruti Udyog. It is known for its Ambassador and Landmaster model ranges. The latter was based on the Morris Oxford third series launched in 1956. In 2017, the company sold the Ambassador brand to Peugeot SA.


Hongyan Logo

Hongyan is the vehicle brand under which SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co Ltd is sold. It is a Chinese joint venture from Chongqing, China, founded in 2003 on the basis of the Sichuan Automobile Manufacturing Plant.  The brand is a combination of three manufacturers: SAIC, Iveco, and Chongqing Hongyan. Heavy trucks produced by the brand are based on Iveco models, the agreement with which was signed in the year of the brand foundation. The model range of the brand is represented by Genlyon (based on Iveco Stralis AS), Kingkan, Genpaw, and Gentruck.


Higer Logo

HIGER Bus, a manufacturer of city and tourist buses, was founded in 1998 in Suzhou as Suzhou King Long. Its founder was King Long United Automobile. Today, HIGER Bus is the leading manufacturer in its country and ranks second in the world. The company works closely with the Swedish brand Scania, which provides quality control of the products. More than 50 series of passenger vehicles have already been developed and produced under this brand, and about 30 unique models have been created. In 2006, a joint Scania-Higer project was realized.


Haima Logo

In 1992, in Haikou City (Hainan, China), Hainan Mazda Motor Company was a joint venture between the government of Hainan province and the Mazda automobile brand. Its mission was to develop parts for Mazda sold in the Chinese market. In 2006, Mazda sold its stake in FAW Group, making the brand its subsidiary. Despite the completion of the contract with the Japanese company, the technology transfer continues, but without the right to use the brand. The brand name itself is the result of merging parts of two names – a province and a car brand.


Hawtai Logo

The Chinese automobile company Hawtai Motor Group, based in Beijing, China, was founded in 2002 and specialized mainly in SUVs. The collaboration with Hyundai gave the brand access to their technology. Since 2011, Zhang Xugeng has been the owner of the company. The company has a department for the development and production of diesel engines. In 2010, the lineup included sedans that were completely made in-house – from development to production.


Hillman Logo

Famous in the early twentieth century, British automobile brand Hillman belongs to the Hillman-Coatalen Company 1907, which was founded by William Hillman and Louis Coatalen in Ryton-on-Dunsmore, England. Three years later, the company was renamed the Hillman Motor Car Company. In 1928, the brand was acquired by the Humber Company, which used the brand name for its smaller Humber Limited model, produced from 1931. However, the Hillman brand remained in use until 1937, and the larger cars of the former brand were sold. After several resales by a new owner, the Hillman was used by Chrysler’s last customer until 1967.

Hupp Motor Car Company

Hupp Motor Car Company Logo

In 1909, Bobby Hupp and Charles Hastings founded the Hupp Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan, USA. The first automobile was the Hupp 20 small car. By the end of 1909, the brand produced 500 cars. But the very next year, production increased tenfold. In 1911, the Hupmobile with an open top, made in an all-metal body, was released. In 1912, the RCH runabout was produced, and in 1913, the Model 32 Touring Car. In 1933, the Model K “cycle fender” appeared, and in 1934, the Model J Aerodynamic, which changed things up a bit. But the Graham Hollywood model, released in 1941, was the last.

Habib Motors

Habib Motors Logo


HAL Logo


Hammer Logo


Hanomag Logo


Hansa Logo

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Logo


Hartge Logo


Healey Logo

Heinkel Kabine

Heinkel Kabine Logo


Heinkel Logo


Hennessey Logo


Hertz Logo


Heuliez Logo


Highland Logo

Hispano Argentina

Hispano Argentina Logo

Hofstetter Turbo

Hofstetter Turbo Logo

Holland Car PLC

Holland Car PLC Logo

HTT Plethore

HTT Plethore Logo


Huali Logo


Huayang Logo


Humber Logo

Hurtan Desarrollos S.L.

Hurtan Desarrollos S.L. Logo


Hurtu Logo



Hope Motor Company


Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our look at car brands that start with “H” has been pretty cool. We checked everything from the fancy Hispano-Suiza to the tough cars Hudson Motor Company made. It’s been fun to see how different each brand is and how they all aim to make great cars.

We talked about Horch, all about luxury and making nice cars. Then there’s the FAW Car Company in China, showing us how car making is growing there, especially when they team up with companies from other countries.

We also looked at brands that make special vehicles, like Iveco, which focuses on making vehicles that do specific jobs and are good at them. These companies are important because they help in their countries and bring new ideas to how we get around.

Our journey showed us cars from all over, from fancy ones in Europe like Bentley and Maserati to tough trucks like the Hilux that can handle rough roads. We even learned about how South Korea is doing awesome things in making cars.

Thinking about all these “H” car brands got us talking about how cars have changed places, people’s lives, and even whole countries. Cars aren’t just about getting from one place to another; they’re about what people dream up and make happen, from super strong trucks to nice cars and even electric ones that look to the future.

As we finish talking about the “H” car brands, it’s clear that cars are more than just machines. They tell stories of creativity, dreams, and looking forward to making even better cars. It’s exciting to think about what new car we’ll see next and how it’ll take us into the future. This trip through car brands has been a great story of how people keep coming up with new ideas and moving forward.


What car starts with an H?

Many car brands start with the letter H in the history of the automobile industry, including well-known ones such as Honda or Horch. There are also less-known ones like Hennessey or Hulme from New Zealand. This letter represents the brands of cars, trucks, sports cars, budget cars, and luxury cars. However, it is important to find the most complete and correct information about the manufacturers and car brands to compare their characteristics, quality, and popularity to meet these requirements. Knowing will allow you to pick up an option, both a new car and aftermarket. The possibility of finding detailed information systemized in alphabetical order will allow the brand model to begin with the letter “H” or any other quickly and conveniently, and the main thing is that it is effective.

What expensive cars start with the letter H?

With its Lux category, Honda leads in the group of the most expensive cars among the brands with the letter H. A particularly expensive model is the 2003 Honda HSC Concept. Chinese Hongqi luxury cars are highly valued on the international market. But also the group of the most expensive can be attributed to antiques – cars of the early to mid-20th century, collectible type, which often cost more than modern models—for example, the Horch 855 Special Roadster from 1935, which is almost priceless.

What Australian car starts with H?

One well-known Australian car brand that starts with “H” is Holden. Holden has been a significant player in the Australian automotive industry, producing a wide range of vehicles many Australians love. From classic models like the Holden Commodore to the Holden Astra, Holden has offered a variety of cars catering to different preferences and needs. Although Holden ceased manufacturing cars in Australia in 2017, the brand’s legacy and impact on Australian car culture remain substantial.