30+ Best Rums Brands and Logos

Best Rums Brands and Logos

In the world of drinks, the way a brand shows itself isn’t just about the taste of its rum, which can be smooth, sweet, or spicy. It’s also about the picture or symbol it uses. Rum has a cool history with stories about pirates, big farms, and ocean adventures. These stories help make the symbols for each rum brand. These symbols show off where the rum comes from, like the green fields of Trinidad or old rum places in Jamaica, and talk about the brand’s story, how they make their rum, and where it’s from.

Rum brands have symbols that remind you of the different flavors of rum, from drinks with mint and lime to those with a deep, rich taste from the land. These symbols aren’t just for looks; they tell stories. They can make you think of the warm, sunny islands where rum is made, showing pictures of sugarcane swaying in the breeze or strong words that bring the deep taste of rum from Jamaica to mind.

Some logos take you back to the old days of rum, with fancy designs and pictures, while others look new and simple, showing how rum is made worldwide, from Venezuela to France and even Australia.

The way these symbols are made is special. They put the rum brands into the culture of where they’re from and what rum fans like. These symbols hint at what’s inside the bottle, promising a great taste and a chance to try something new, whether the rum is clear, sweet like honey, or one of the best in the world.

The brand logo of rum is a story about splendid rum, inviting everyone who loves rum to find the perfect taste of a tropical evening in their glass.

Ron Zacapa

Zacapa Logo

Zacapa Rum started in 1976 in Guatemala, right after an earthquake hit the town of Zacapa. This rum wasn’t just a drink; it was a sign of hope and a way to show the world the strength and quality of Guatemala. Instead of aging the rum near the coast like most places, Zacapa chose the cooler highlands of Guatemala. This unique choice helped make Zacapa Rum special, thanks to a cool aging process called the ‘Sistema Solera.’

This special way of aging the rum in barrels that used to hold bourbon and sherry up high where the air is cooler made Zacapa Rum stand out. Over time, Zacapa has made different rums aged 15, 23, and 30 years, showing their dedication to making good rum.

The logo of Zacapa Rum is pretty fancy, with nice writing and a gold color that makes you think of the rum’s rich taste, full of tropical fruit, a bit of citrus, and even chocolate. The word “Centenario” in the logo shows how much they care about making their rum with tradition and skill, like how people make fine whiskey or cognac. The logo is more than just a picture; it tells the story of Zacapa Rum, mixing old ways of making rum with new ideas to create something amazing in taste and quality.

The Real McCoy Rum

The Real McCoy Logo

In 2010, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez from Panama started The Real McCoy rum to honor William S. “Bill” McCoy, a famous figure from when alcohol was illegal in the U.S., known for his honesty and high-quality rum. This rum brand, with its roots in Barbados, is known for making rums that remind people of the best times of rum-making, just like the pure rum McCoy used to bring to people.

Bill McCoy was clever; he parked his ships full of rum in the ocean near New York and New Jersey, where U.S. laws couldn’t reach, so he could sell his rum without breaking the law. Because he never messed with his rum to make more money, people started calling his goods “The Real McCoy,” It was the real, good stuff.

The Real McCoy rum logo is simple but strong, with a clear font on a black and white background. It shows the brand’s focus on history and quality, just like Bill McCoy’s reputation for being fair and only selling the best rum during a time when you couldn’t always expect that. This logo and the story behind the rum capture what it means to be genuine and timeless, just like the rum they make.

Ten To One Rum

Ten To One Logo

In 2019, Ten To One was started by Marc Farrell, who wanted to show off the variety and richness of Caribbean rums under one brand. This new rum brought together different flavors from across the Caribbean to create something special and of high quality.

Two years after it started, the famous singer Ciara joined Ten To One as an investor and co-owner in October 2021. With Ciara’s help, the brand began reaching more people, thanks to her influence and smart business sense. Her joining the team meant Ten To One could connect with even more people, making its fine selection of rums a part of different lifestyles.

The logo of Ten To One is both modern and sleek, with a pelican in a circle representing the beauty and lively spirit of the Caribbean. The name “TEN TO ONE” is written in a simple, clean font, showing the brand’s focus on making straightforward and elegant rum, giving a new twist to traditional rum.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Logo

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was inspired by Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, a famous American tattoo artist known for his bold nautical designs and free spirit. This rum is a tribute to him, mixing Caribbean rum and exotic spices to capture the adventurous vibe of the tattoo legend.

The look of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum reminds people of old-school American tattoos and the sea, with a logo that looks like something from the middle of the 20th century. It’s got fancy handwriting and a rope around it, showing off its roots in the world of spiced rum with a tag that says “THE ORIGINAL.”

The rum came out in 2001, years after Sailor Jerry died in 1973. The creators wanted to pour Sailor Jerry’s tough and creative spirit into a bottle. This strong spiced rum, with an alcohol content that’s a bit higher than usual, celebrates Sailor Jerry’s lasting influence on tattoos and his love for rum. Now sold in more than 30 countries, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum shares the art and spirit of adventure that Sailor Jerry spread worldwide, keeping his memory alive in tattoos and the taste of freedom and rebellion.

Rhum J.M

Rhum J.M. Logo

Rhum J.M. is made in the beautiful, volcanic parts of northern Martinique and is known for its excellent ‘rhum agricole.’ This kind of rum is special because it’s made directly from sugarcane’s fresh juice, giving it a lively and unique taste. The logo of Rhum J.M. is simple but elegant, using a fancy font and colors of gold and deep maroon to show it’s a high-quality rum. The initials “J.M.” stand out in the logo, showing how proud they are of their rum’s great quality.

The story of Rhum J.M. started in 1845 when a man named Jean-Marie Martin took a sugar business and turned it into a rum distillery, marking it with his initials, J.M. This began a long history of rum-making on the island of Martinique. For over 170 years, Rhum J.M. has been a big part of the island’s famous rum culture. Even though different people have owned it and updated how they make rum, the exact details of these changes add to the brand’s interesting story. Rhum J.M. is celebrated for keeping up the tradition of making top-notch rum that honors its roots while still appealing to today’s tastes.

R.L. Seale’s Rum

R.L. Seale's Logo

In Barbados, R.L. Seale’s rum has kept a long tradition of making great rum alive. This tradition started way back in 1926 by a man named Reginald Leon Seale. He wanted to keep making rum in Barbados just like people had been doing since the 1600s, using carefully aged blends and local molasses.

Now, Richard Seale, Reginald’s great-grandson, is in charge. He’s mixing old ways of making rum with new ideas to create some of the best rum in Barbados. Their Foursquare rums, especially the ones aged 10 and 12, have won awards and are loved by people worldwide for their quality and the special taste of Barbados.

The logo of R.L. Seale’s is simple but classy. It uses a traditional writing style to show its commitment to making rum the right way without needing to be flashy. This shows they’re proud of their rum’s taste and quality. R.L. Seale’s stands out for making excellent rum and symbolizing rum-making tradition and excellence.

Pusser’s British Navy Rum

Pusser's Rum Logo

Pusser’s Rum is known as the “Single Malt of Rum” because it has a long history connected to the British Royal Navy. Its logo contains symbols from the sea and the British flag, showing its deep connection to naval traditions. The logo’s phrase “THE NAVAL SPIRIT” tells us about sailors’ spirit of adventure and bravery. The colors red, white, and blue are a nod to its British roots and the bravery of the Royal Navy.

In 1979, Pusser’s Rum decided to bring back the special navy rum blend that British sailors drank for over 300 years until it was stopped in 1970. They carefully picked five different rums from places in the West Indies that used to be British colonies. This way, they made a rum that tastes like the original one the Navy used to have. This rum is aged for at least five years and is pretty strong, just like the Navy liked it. This special rum is called Pusser’s Blue Label.

For more than 40 years, Pusser’s Rum has stuck to making this Blue Label rum the same way, keeping the unique taste and tradition from the navy’s old recipes alive. These recipes ensured that the rum was always the same no matter where the British fleet was. Pusser’s Rum keeps this naval rum tradition alive, sharing the bravery and spirit of the British Royal Navy with people who enjoy rum today.

Plantation Rum

Plantation Logo

In the 1990s, Plantation Rum started as a new idea from a French cognac maker called Maison Ferrand, which has been around for over 400 years. They decided to make a special kind of rum by mixing their knowledge of making fine cognac with rum-making. They came up with a unique way to age the rum twice: first, it ages in warm places where it comes from, and then it finishes aging in France using French oak barrels. This makes Plantation Rum stand out because it combines old traditions with new flavors.

The logo for Plantation Rum shows a person inside a bright shape, which looks like the sun and makes you think of warm, tropical places where sugarcane grows. The words “PLANTATION RUM” are written around it in big letters. This design shows that they care a lot about where rum comes from and how it’s made, but they’re also looking ahead to make something new and exciting. The simple colors of the logo show that this rum is classic and elegant.

Plantation Rum has changed how people think about aged rum using this two-step aging process. They make a variety of interesting and flavor rums, mixing the lively taste of rum from the tropics with the smoothness that comes from aging in French oak. This blend of old and new ways of making rum has made Plantation Rum a leader in the rum world, bridging the tradition of making cognac and the adventurous spirit of rum.

Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay Logo

Mount Gay Rum started in Barbados in 1703, making it the oldest rum distillery in the world that’s still running. William Mount Gay was the one who got things going by making rum from the sugarcane on his land. Over 300 years, the people who came after him and the companies they partnered with, like Rémy Cointreau, have kept up the tradition of making excellent rum. They’ve always used special methods, like aging the rum in oak barrels, to make sure every bottle is a taste of Barbados’ history and hard work.

The logo of Mount Gay is simple but classy. It just says “Barbados Rum EST 1703,” reminding everyone of where the rum comes from and its long history. This simple design shows they’re proud of their rum and its quality without needing anything fancy to prove it.

Despite changes in who owns it and how the rum industry has evolved, Mount Gay has stayed true to the Barbadian way of making rum. One big moment was in 1890 when they introduced Eclipse rum, thanks to John Sober Mountain Gay, which helped make Mount Gay a symbol of Barbados. Mount Gay keeps making rum in the St. Lucy Valley, known for its excellent quality and rich taste, continuing Barbados’ proud tradition as a leader in the rum world.

Kōloa Rum Company

Koloa Logo

Kōloa Rum Company started in 2009 in the beautiful Kauai, Hawaii, and quickly became known for making excellent Hawaiian rum. They make their rum using sugarcane grown in Hawaii and the clear waters of Kauai. This makes Kōloa Rum a true reflection of the island’s rich culture and natural gifts. The logo of Kōloa Rum shows a peaceful Hawaiian scene with palm trees, celebrating Hawaii’s history and the stunning beauty of Kauai. It proudly says “PREMIUM HAWAIIAN RUM” to show its dedication to making high-quality rum that truly represents Hawaii.

Bob and Mel Gunter, who started the company, were inspired by Kōloa’s history as a key place in Hawaii’s sugarcane industry in the 1800s. They wanted to bring back that tradition of sugarcane farming and add the unique taste of the island’s molasses and water to their rum. In just a few years, Kōloa Rum has won awards and gained recognition for bringing back the historic sugarcane legacy and setting new standards for making rum in Hawaii. Today, Kōloa Rum is celebrated for its commitment to tradition and quality and for capturing the real essence of Hawaii in every bottle of rum it makes.

Holmes Cay Single Cask Rum

Holmes Cay Logo

In 2019, Holmes Cay started as the project of Eric Kaye, a musician from New York who loves rum. He wanted to show off the amazing variety of rum worldwide. Holmes Cay doesn’t just sell rum; it brings attention to the special skills of different distilleries by offering rum from single casks. Each bottle they sell is a unique and limited treasure, telling where it came from.

The logo of Holmes Cay matches its goal. It’s modern and clear, with “SINGLE CASK RUM” big and bold to let everyone know that these rums are special and one-of-a-kind. The colors black and orange add a touch of class and adventure, perfect for a brand that invites rum fans to discover new and exciting flavors.

Even though Holmes Cay is quite new, it has made a name for itself by choosing and bringing in fantastic rums from all over. Instead of making their rum, they focus on finding and sharing the best rums, each with its own story and excellent taste. Holmes Cay is about celebrating the wide world of rum and offering people the chance to try special drinks.

Havana Club Rum

Havana Club Logo

In Cardenas, Cuba, a distillery bought in 1878 by José Arechabala S.A. became the home of Havana Club rum in 1934. This rum captures the spirit and taste of Cuba, thanks to the island’s sunny weather, which is perfect for aging rum. The logo of Havana Club, with its sun symbol and the words “EL RON DE CUBA,” celebrates Cuban life and the rum’s roots in bold colors of red and yellow, showing off the island’s lively culture and warmth.

The story of Havana Club took a big turn in 1960 when the Arechabala family, who started the company, left Cuba after the Revolution. This led to their U.S. trademarks not being renewed. The Cuban government took over, making Havana Club a national brand through the state-owned Cubaexport in 1973. This version of Havana Club became known worldwide as a symbol of Cuban rum.

In 1994, the plot thickened when Bacardi bought the rights to the Havana Club name from the original owners and started making their version of the rum in Puerto Rico for the Cuban exile community in the U.S. Now, there are two Havana Clubs: one made in Cuba and sold worldwide, and another made by Bacardi for those missing the taste of Cuba.

Goslings Rum

Goslings Logo

Goslings Rum comes from Bermuda and has been a big part of the island’s culture since 1806. James Gosling started the journey by opening a shop in St. George’s that sold wine and spirits, and it quickly became popular with the people living there and sailors passing through. Over the years, the Gosling family has kept the business going, making their famous dark rum known worldwide.

The logo of Goslings Rum features a “Black Seal,” which shows how proud they are of their long history and their focus on making high-quality rum. This seal looks like it’s on old paper or an old coin and stands for the lasting importance of Goslings Rum. The logo says “BERMUDA BLACK RUM” in bold colors of red and gold on a black background, clearly showing it’s a top-quality rum from Bermuda.

Over time, Goslings has created more types of rum, including the Black Seal Rum, which is essential for making the ‘Dark ‘n Stormy’ cocktail, showing how versatile and liked their rum is. Even though a big company owned them for a while in the 1980s, the Gosling family took back control and kept their 200-year-old tradition alive. Their dedication to Bermuda’s heritage has made Goslings Rum more than just a rum maker; they are keepers of the island’s traditions, celebrated with every bottle of their excellent rum.

Flor de Caña Rum

Flor de Cana Logo

Flor de Caña is a special kind of Nicaragua rum made on land with rich volcanic soil. The Pellas family started making it in 1890, and they’ve been leaders in making rum ever since. They used the sugar cane from their land to make a new kind of smoother and lighter rum than the usual spicy rums people knew back then. This new rum helped Flor de Caña offer many different kinds of rum, each with its special taste that shows off its makers’ skill and Nicaragua’s special qualities.

For over 130 years, Flor de Caña has been the top rum from Nicaragua, always finding new ways to make rum better and taking care of the environment simultaneously. They’re even recognized for making rum in a way that doesn’t harm the planet. Their logo is simple but elegant, with the letters “F” and “C” flowing together and a volcano picture. This shows their connection to Nicaragua and their commitment to quality. The navy blue color of the logo stands for the high quality of their rum. Flor de Caña’s story is about making great rum, being innovative, and caring for the earth, making them a model for other rum makers.

Facundo Rum Collection

Facundo Logo

The Facundo Rum Collection is a special tribute to the Bacardi family’s long history of making rum, started in 2012 to mark 150 years since Don Facundo Bacardi Masso began his rum-making journey in Santiago de Cuba in 1862. Named after the family’s founder, this collection features four exceptional aged rums. Each is carefully chosen from the best barrels in Bacardi’s storage, showing off the skill and knowledge passed down through four generations. These rums, all different in taste, are made using the best ingredients from various places, showing the family’s dedication to making great rum.

The logo of the Facundo Rum Collection is all about luxury and elegance, with a fancy script that looks personal and appealing to everyone. The gold writing on a white background makes it look exclusive, and the word “RUM” is written in a classic style below the brand’s name. This design is meant to attract people who love fine rum and offer them a taste of luxury with every drink. Facundo aims to share a part of the Bacardi family’s tradition of excellent rum-making with rum lovers.

El Dorado Rum

El Dorado Logo

El Dorado rum comes from the beautiful country of Guyana. It’s known for its rich taste because it ages in oak barrels. The logo looks fancy, with a classic font and gold touches that remind people of the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. The black and gold colors make the rum feel special and rare.

El Dorado started in Guyana at a famous distillery by the Demerara River. This place has a long history of making rum, returning to when Britain ruled the area. In 1992, the Demerara Distillers Limited decided to bring back the famous rum-making tradition with El Dorado rum. They wanted to make Demerara rum popular again with a new twist that rum lovers would enjoy.

El Dorado mixes old methods of making rum with new ideas, using molasses and sugarcane juice. This approach made El Dorado rum popular worldwide, giving a fresh spin to the traditional Demerara rum. With various aged rums, El Dorado shows off the many flavors of Guyana’s rum, making it a standout in the world of spirits.

Don Q Rum

Don Q Logo

Don Q is a famous rum from Puerto Rico, known for mixing old traditions with new ideas. The logo has a big “Q” in blue and gold, showing the brand’s long history and commitment to making great rum. It mentions the Serrallés family, who started Don Q, and their hometown, Ponce, telling a story of where they come from and what they stand for.

Back in 1865, a man from Spain named Juan Serrallés Colón started making rum in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He wanted to make a special kind of tasty and well-made rum. He set up a big distillery in a part of Ponce called Barrio Tercero, starting the Don Q rum brand that would become very famous in Puerto Rico and beyond.

With the Serrallés family leading the way, Don Q became popular in Puerto Rico and worldwide, especially after winning many awards. Today, Don Q is still made at the original place in Barrio Tercero, and it’s known for being a smooth and high-quality rum. The family that started it all still runs the company, mixing their long history of making rum with new ways to improve it.

Diplomático Rum

Diplomatico Logo

Diplomático is a famous rum from Venezuela, known for being smooth and fancy. It’s made using special techniques and Venezuela’s sugarcane. The logo of Diplomático, with a fancy oval and a portrait, tells you about the brand’s long history and how much it cares about making its rum just right. The logo looks classy, with many decorative details and a deep green color that reminds you of the lush places in Venezuela where the sugarcane grows.

The story of Diplomático began in 1959 when a company called Licorerías Unidas S.A., with some help from a big international company, Seagram, started making rum. They wanted to make a good dark rum that would show off the great sugarcane from Venezuela and make the country known for making excellent rum.

Over time, even after Seagram was no longer involved, Diplomático kept improving, mixing new ideas with old traditions. This made the rum famous all over the world. Today, Diplomático isn’t just a drink; it’s a symbol of how great Venezuelan rum can be, mixing the skill of European rum-making with the lively spirit of Venezuela.

Dictador Rum

Dictador Logo

Since 1913, Dictador has been a big name in Colombia for making rum. They use a special aging process called solera, making their rum rich and complex. The logo looks classic and shows the Dictador’s long history and commitment to making top-quality rum in Colombia. It even has a little star above the ‘i’ to show it’s something special.

Don Julio Arango y Parra started Dictador in Cartagena de Indias, which is known for its coffee and perfect for making great rum. The distillery is near the sea, which, along with the local weather and winds, helps make Dictador rum taste so good. This special setting lets the rum get the right flavor as it ages.

Over 100 years later, Dictador is still known as one of the best Colombian rums. They keep finding new ways to improve their rum, combining their unique local environment with new ideas. This commitment to being the best has made Dictador a favorite with rum lovers worldwide, sharing Colombia’s rich rum-making tradition with everyone.

Coconut Cartel Special

Coconut Cartel Logo

Coconut Cartel Special is a unique drink that mixes dark rum from Central America with coconut water. This combination makes a refreshing tropical drink. Its logo, which might remind you of coconuts or tropical leaves, uses bright yellow and calm pink colors to show what the brand is all about. The name “COCONUT CARTEL” stands out boldly, and the word “Special” hints that each bottle is made with extra care and is unique.

This drink started in 2012 thanks to the Zig siblings, who brought 300 coconuts from Central America to Miami Beach in a suitcase. This adventurous start shows the creative spirit behind Coconut Cartel. The brand fits into Miami’s lively scene and is known for adding a tropical coconut twist to its rum, vodka, and liqueurs.

The story of Coconut Cartel is more than just bringing coconuts to Miami. It’s about the Zig siblings’ bold idea, the challenges they overcame, and how they made a name for their brand by focusing on tropical flavors and high-quality spirits. Since 2012, Coconut Cartel has been all about innovation, tropical vibes, and making standout drinks.

Rhum Clément

Clement Logo

Rhum Clément is a special kind of rum from Martinique that follows strict French rules to ensure high quality. The logo looks fancy and celebrates the history of making this rum. It uses the word “Rhum” to show it sticks to French traditions and makes authentic French-style rum. The simple but classy colors of the logo help it stand out as a top choice for rum lovers.

The story of Rhum Clément started in 1887 when a smart guy named Homère Clément bought a big sugar farm. He was the first to make high-quality rum directly from sugar cane juice on this farm, which was a big deal back then. His son, Charles, later helped the rum reach other places outside Martinique, like the Caribbean and Europe, by starting to bottle it and send it overseas.

Later, the Clément family handed it over to the Hayots in 1987 to keep the rum true to its roots in Martinique. The Hayots were committed to keeping the tradition of this fine rum alive and helped make it famous worldwide.

Rhum Clément returned to the United States in 2005 after being away. A family member, Benjamin Mélin-Jones, helped bring it back, introducing special rums like the award-winning V.S.O.P. This move helped American rum lovers enjoy the unique taste of Rhum Clément again, continuing the long tradition of the Clément and Hayot families.

Chairman’s Reserve Rum

Chairman's Reserve Logo

Chairman’s Reserve is a special rum from the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. It combines different types of rum aged in oak barrels, giving it a unique taste and showing where it comes from. The rum logo includes a fancy font and a picture of the Pitons, two famous mountains on the island, to celebrate its Saint Lucian roots. The words “Finest Saint Lucia Rum” on the logo tell everyone this is a top-notch rum, and the colors black and gold make it look very fancy.

This rum was started in 1999 at the only distillery in Saint Lucia by a man named Laurie Barnard. He wanted to make a premium rum that was a perfect example from Saint Lucia. To do this, he mixed lighter and heavier rums aged for five years and let them blend for six more months. This method creates a smooth yet rich flavor that captures the essence of Saint Lucian rum.

Since it first came out, Chairman’s Reserve has become known as the best rum from Saint Lucia and is celebrated for its quality. Lorena Bernard’s work has made this rum popular locally and worldwide. People who enjoy rum appreciate Chairman’s Reserve for its craftsmanship and how it represents its Caribbean home through its taste.

Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan Logo

The adventurous Sir Henry Morgan, a famous pirate, inspired Captain Morgan’s rum. This rum is known for its bold flavor and is loved by people who enjoy making different drinks. The logo, with its pirate theme and eye-catching black, red, and white colors, represents the adventurous and rebellious spirit of the rum and Sir Henry Morgan himself.

The rum started in 1944, created by a company linked to Seagram’s. It honors Sir Henry Morgan, a pirate from the 1600s who was known for his bold adventures, like taking over Panama City and seizing Spanish treasures. With its exotic spices and a touch of piracy, Captain Morgan rum became popular when people were into tropical and adventurous themes after World War II.

Over the years, Captain Morgan has become more than just a rum; it’s a part of popular culture, known for its connection to adventure and making great cocktails. Since Diageo bought it in 1990, it has reached people worldwide, selling over 50 million cases yearly in more than 100 countries. Captain Morgan is a top choice for those who love the excitement of discovery and celebrating the legendary pirate it’s named after.

Brugal Rum

Brugal Logo

Brugal is a famous rum that comes from the Dominican Republic. A long time ago, in 1888, a man named Andrés Brugal Montaner moved from Spain and decided to make his kind of rum. He wanted his rum to be smooth and clear, and people liked it. The Brugal bottle has a fancy gold writing on it and a shield that shows off the colors of the Dominican Republic, which are blue and red. This makes it look special and shows how much care they put into making their rum.

From the very start, the Brugal family knew they wanted to make something awesome. They used a special recipe that made their rum taste different from others. They grew a lot because they were good at making rum, and people worldwide started to enjoy it. They even won a bunch of awards for how good their rum is.

Now, the company is run by a guy named Augusto Ramirez, but the Brugal family still owns it. They make their rum in a special way that keeps it tasting dry and not too sweet, which is different from other rums. Brugal is known for making high-quality rum, and they’re proud of being from the Dominican Republic. This makes Brugal a part of the traditions and history of the Dominican Republic.

Barrell Craft Spirits Rum

Barrell Logo

Barrell Craft Spirits stands out in the exciting world of American drinks because they mix up some of the best rums and whiskeys. They’re all about picking out amazing drinks from top places and mixing them. Their logo is pretty smart – it looks like the letter ‘b’ but also like a barrel, which is a big deal in making drinks taste great. The lines make it look like the sides of a barrel, and the name Barrell is written in big letters right under it, showing they’re all about making small batches of good drinks.

Joe Beatrice started this company in 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky, a super important place for bourbon. What differentiates Barrell is that they don’t just make their whiskey; they find good aged whiskeys and rums from all over and mix them to make something new and exciting. This has made them stand out in the US, especially because they make strong, special drinks that show how good they blend.

Since they started, Barrell has won many awards, and people like what they’re doing. They’re known for making their drinks even more interesting by finishing them in different ways, which adds all sorts of new flavors. Barrell makes many different kinds of drinks, such as bourbon, rye, malt whiskey, and rum, which are special. People who know much about drinks and even those who like trying something tasty are big fans of what Barrell Craft Spirits does.

Ron Barcelo

Barcelo Logo

Back in 1930, in the Dominican Republic, a rum called Barceló started up. It’s now known all around the world for making good rum. The Barceló logo has a lion, which looks pretty fancy and shows that the brand is about being strong and calm, just like a lion. The logo says “BARCELÓ” and “RON DOMINICANO” to show it’s proud of being from the Dominican Republic. The whole logo looks classy because it’s just in black and white.

Barceló began as a small family project but soon became a big name in the Dominican Republic for making rum. These days, the company that takes care of Barceló, Ron Barceló S.R.L., keeps the brand going strong, staying true to its long history while keeping up with the times. Through ups and downs over the years, Barceló has kept its place as a top rum from the Dominican Republic. It’s a brand that has stuck to making great rum for almost 100 years and will keep doing that for a long time.

Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Logo

Back in 1862, in Santiago de Cuba, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó started making rum, and that’s how Bacardi began. Over the years, it grew known worldwide for its tasty rum. The Bacardi logo has a bat on it because bats are considered lucky by the Bacardi family, and it looks pretty cool with its red and black colors. The words around the bat talk about Bacardi’s long history of making good rum.

Don Facundo changed how rum was made by using special yeast, making Bacardi rum smoother and nicer to drink than other rum. The company did well, but when things got tough in Cuba in 1960, the Bacardi family moved their business to Bermuda to keep it going.

Now, Bacardi is the biggest company in the world that a family still owns, and they make all kinds of drinks, not just rum. They sell more than 200 million bottles in over 170 countries every year. The bat logo is about Rum and a family dream that achieved worldwide success.

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum

Appleton Estate Logo

In Jamaica’s Nassau Valley, there’s a place called Appleton Estate, where they’ve been making rum since 1749. It’s one of the oldest places in the Caribbean to make sugar and rum, full of old traditions and new ideas. Their logo looks fancy and old-timey, showing off how long they’ve been around and how special their rum is. It makes it clear this rum comes from Jamaica, a place known for making good rum.

Appleton Estate has been leading the way in making rum for a very long time. They were some of the first to use water mills, special pots for distilling, and barrels made of oak to age their rum. This makes their rum smooth and not too strong, different from other Jamaican rums that can be bold. Thanks to Caleb O’Connor, who developed it long ago, they have a special way of making rum that tastes even better.

Now, a big company named Campari Group helps share Appleton rum with people worldwide. Even with new owners, they’re still dedicated to making rum the best way possible, keeping up the good work Edwin Appleton started. Appleton Estate’s rum is known worldwide for being top-notch, thanks to its rich history and the care they put into making it since 1749.