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The stylish A-League logo proves that minimalism can be creative, too. Designers have conveyed in it the energy that helps athletes win top awards. But the emblem’s meaning is veiled in simple abstract elements.

A-League: Brand overview

Founded: April 2004
Website: keepup.com.au
The A-League is the main annual (October-May) soccer championship of the Australian continent, organized and overseen by the Football Federation of Australia from 2004 to 2021. It consists of 27 rounds among 12 teams, culminating in a playoff and a superfinal.

Meaning and History

A-League Logo History

The League replaced the NSL (National Soccer League), considered the premier soccer competition in Australia from 1977 to 2004. The tournament includes teams from the main cities of the country and one club from New Zealand.

The league logo was updated twice and as dramatically as possible in 2021, after the farewell of the Football Federation. However, the theme of the ball in the visual image is unchanged.

What is A-League?

A major indoor soccer championship in Australia is held separately for women’s, men’s, and youth teams. The winner receives the right to represent Australia at a tournament hosted by the Asian Football Confederation.

2004 – 2017

A-League Logo 2004

The League’s first logo was very stylish. It was a convex hemisphere formed by softly curved L letters rising to the top. There was a space in the center of the figure through which the sunlight streamed in. Glimmers and shimmers of gold and bronze shades created a sense of fire and light.

The hemisphere was a prototype of a ball. The circle also alluded to the circular system of games used in the championship. In each round, the teams that passed it meet in succession until they have played all of their opponents.

The presence of sun and gold motifs indicated the highest level of competition. Whoever rose to the top was awarded the title Champion.

The letters L stood for “league.” Their intricate arrangement gave the impression of intertwining mountains, roads, and rivers and symbolized the whole continent.

Initially, eight teams participated in the tournament. Therefore, the letters in the visual sign are eight. Four of them are large and correspond to the four playoff participants competing for the top title.

Below the visual sign is the full name of the A-League tournament. The capital letters indicated the significance of the competition, foreshadowing a great future for the new championship. And the use of italics brought dynamics to the logo, demonstrating the desire for development.

The main sponsor of the meetings was Hyundai, so its mention was added to the name and logo of the championship.

2017 – 2020

A-League Logo 2017

In 2017, brand designer Hans Hulsbosch designed the logo for the A-League. The following year it was adopted by the main soccer association of the country Football Australia, with slight differences in the color scheme.

Changing the logo of the championship was necessary for a long time. Over the years, the number of participants in the tournament and playoffs has increased. Therefore, the previous visual symbol is no longer relevant.

The new logo is also stylized as a soccer ball. Inside the white ball are three orange loops made with ribbons. One edge of each ribbon is hidden from view on the other side of the ball, which creates a sense of volume in the figure. The loops represent the three main features of soccer: unity, diversity, and a special atmosphere. They also point to the three parts of the game: tournaments, playoffs, and finals.

The name of the A-League championship is still placed under the ball in capital letters. However, the italics have been removed. The competition has reached its heyday, and the League now intends to maintain a strong position without drastic changes. The dash between A and League is stylized as a dot representing a ball in the lettering. The word league has an emphasis on the “A.” It protrudes forward and partially overlaps the “E.” This emphasis further emphasizes the name of the League and its preeminent position, as does the letter A in the alphabet.

2021 – today

A-League Men Logo

Since 2008, there have been women’s (W-League) competitions in addition to the men’s A-League) and youth (Y-League) competitions. In 2020 the divisions left Football Australia’s influence and all united under one name – the A-League. The Australian Professional Leagues (APL), a board of club directors, took over the management of the merger. The change will give the League more financial freedom, following the example of major European competitions.

The rebranding of the revamped League included a new logo. This is a stylized letter A, consisting of a point, replacing the first stick and the bridge of the letter, and the right sloping line. Such an outline symbolizes a ball and a goal or a soccer player’s leg. The badge is quite concise and dynamic at the same time. It fits all members of the League, regardless of gender or age. At the bottom, under the letter A, in small capital letters, is the League’s signature.

October 11, 2021

A-League Men Logo 11 October 2021

The final version of the logo was unveiled in time for the start of the season. It is a stylized A and the League lettering, done in black and spaced on one line. It is used for the game’s men’s, women’s, and youth versions.

The championship is sponsored by Isuzu UTE, an Australian subsidiary of Japan’s Isuzu Motors. It has replaced the Hyundai logo in the logo. The Isuzu visual mark is placed above the league name on two levels: Isuzu in red above and UTE in gray below. The dominant position, the bolder letters than the league name itself, and the highlighting in color indicate that the championship depends on this group’s financing.

Font and Colors

A-League Emblem

The first logos of the A-League soccer teams used the traditional Australian sports colors: orange, yellow, and gold. They reflect the color of the country’s beaches and the plant symbol of Australia – the Acacia-dense flower. They hint at gold medals, victories, and trophy cups. The yellow and red hues also point to the autumnal time of year in which the championship kicks off. For Australia, it’s spring with bright colors.

The modern range of the logo is represented by red and black. They symbolize a new start, strong financial support, and growth (the number of participating clubs is planned to increase to 16).

A-League Symbol

The font of the word League is a modified Arya Rounded Regular. Incomplete letter joints hint at the separation of the League from the state structures and its independence. The interrupted lines are trimmed obliquely, matching the slant of the stylized letter A. This combines the visual mark and the word into one whole.

A-League color codes

Coral Red Hex color: #ff434e
RGB: 255 67 78
CMYK: 0 74 69 00 74 69 0
Pantone: PMS Warm Red C