AAA Logo


The American Automobile Association is a separate world where drivers can find help and support. Therefore, the AAA logo represents the global reach of products and services that motorists need. It symbolizes moving forward, going beyond the generally accepted framework, and striving for modern technologies and computerization.

AAA: Brand overview

Founded: March 4, 1902
Heathrow, Florida, U.S.

AAA – American Automobile Association, which brings together 57 million drivers in the US and Canada. The headquarters is located in Florida. The AAA logo for drivers stands for roadside assistance in many ways.

The organization began to take shape in 1902 by combining disparate auto clubs in different cities of America (starting with nine and up to 225 seven years later). The Association dealt with road maps, traffic safety issues, auto racing, and various services for motorists. Now, there are 43 regional branches, which are entered at the place of residence. Members pay annual dues. Their size depends on the type of service that the driver expects.

Meaning and History

AAA Logo History

The company logo has changed several times as the organization, and its range of activities have expanded.

What is AAA?

A US car club system that provides members with navigation, repairs, battery changes, tow trucks, and more.

1906 – 1915

AAA Logo 1906

The first emblem consisted of two crossed car wheels. They looked quite thin and looked more like bicycles, which was typical for all cars of that time.

The wheels were connected like chain links, which demonstrated the main goal of the Association – to help drivers. At that time, there were few highways convenient for driving, breakdowns often occurred, and in general, there needed to be more information for a person setting off on a journey. AAA tried to make life easier for drivers.

Inside each space between the tires are inscribed large letters A, indicating the abbreviation for the American Automobile Association. The three A’s were easy to remember and recognize, which was perfect for the emblem. The full name is written on the side of the tires.

1915 – 1922

AAA Logo 1915

By 1915, the club’s main service for drivers appeared – assistance to motorists who broke down on the road. At the same time, patrolmen went to the place, repaired broken cars, or helped to tow them for repairs. In this regard, as well as with the evolution of car tires, we decided to rebrand.

The idea of ​​two wheels has been preserved. However, they became more voluminous and visually more consistent with the structure of the wheels of that time. The spokes and rim looked like orange slices. A similar structure is typical for the 15s Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Brewster cars.

Carbon black was added to the tires of that time, which gave them a black color. Initially, this was done only in the part that was in contact with the road, and then completely. Therefore, black elements appeared on the tires in the image.

The central letter A of the logo is inserted between the spokes, demonstrating the unity, connection, and mutual assistance between club members.

1922 – 1983

AAA Logo 1922

The ’22 logo has become more modern and schematic, moving away from the precise visual depiction of wheels. He supports the idea of ​​unification – an oval with three letters A inscribed in it. At the same time, the central one is in the foreground, highlighting the word Automobile. This shows that it is the presence of a car that brings the members of the club together.

The oval and letters are made up of wide stripes, reminiscent of large paved roads. In the United States, in the early 1920s, the first highway with oncoming traffic flows appeared – a division into two lanes. This widened the roads and streamlined traffic.

1983 – 1997

AAA Logo 1983

The emblem has become less cumbersome. Thinner edges added a little volume to the image. There was a serial connection of the legs of all three letters so that their bases formed a zigzag.

During these years, the AAA began to engage in cartography. Color images of all highways were created, which were later combined into an atlas, which became a bestseller. We also worked on the Information system for tourists, placed in vending machines on the roads. The logo conveys the idea of ​​creating a single database of all US roads. The presence of the atlas and the system greatly simplified travel.

The restriction of the letters A to an oval indicated the division into clubs that worked within a certain area.

1997 – today

AAA Logo

The modern emblem shows the prototype of the Earth, beyond its orbit upwards. This indicates the use of satellite technology and computerization.

During these years, the company teamed up with other important infrastructures to create a computerized navigation system. The global satellite system for GPS navigation in the United States was fully completed in 1993. This technology made it possible to create programs for obtaining information in real-time, build routes, etc.

In addition to technical progress, the logo demonstrates the company’s desire to unite globally, move forward, and desire for development.

Font and Colors

AAA Emblem

The initial AAA logos were black and white. They echoed in color with roads, dust, and asphalt. Subsequently, red and blue colors were used.

  • Red – personifies speed and movement. In the context of the goals of the Association, it shows an emergency stop, breakdown, and SOS sign.
  • Blue – the color of the sky, satellite technology.

AAA Symbol

The movement of the red logo from the blue oval demonstrates going beyond the usual and permanent.

The inscription font is strict, bold, and sans-serif. It alludes to straight highways and ease of movement thanks to the protection provided by the club.

AAA color codes

Red Hex color: #fd000d
RGB: 253 0 13
CMYK: 0 100 95 1
Pantone: PMS 172 C
Air Force Blue Hex color: #08357e
RGB: 8 53 126
CMYK: 94 58 0 51
Pantone: PMS 288 C