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Behind the simplicity radiated by the AbbVie logo lies a profound meaning, as this company emerged from a more experienced, older enterprise. The emblem conveys its continuity, indicating the line of work and embodying professionalism. Elegant lines, smooth transitions, and clean glyphs accentuate minimalism.

AbbVie: Brand overview

Founded: April 10, 2012
Founder: Abbott Laboratories
North Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
AbbVie is a medical company related to Abbott, which announced in 2011 that it would split into two independent structures. Its official founding year is considered to be 2013, when it was officially registered. The newly created company focuses on the production of next-generation pharmaceuticals. Its founder is S. Nikhil Kumar.

Meaning and History

AbbVie Logo History

The high demand for branded medications produced by Abbott laid the foundation for this company. Since the parent company had other lines of work besides pharmaceuticals, it planned to spin off its pharmaceutical division into a separate branch. The decision was made in 2011, and it was officially executed in 2013. Thus, a subsidiary structure emerged, whose identity contains the name of the donor corporation.

Indeed, the AbbVie logo is a combination of two foundations. The first is an abbreviation of the name Abbott, and the second is the Latin word “vie,” meaning “life.” The emblem carries multiple meanings that resonate with one another, creating an aura of high professionalism, reliability, and trust. These concepts are clearly conveyed in the minimalist symbol.

What is AbbVie?

AbbVie represents the medical industry and is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures widely demanded medications. It was established in 2013 by S Nikhil Kumar, based on the centuries-old heritage of its parent organization, Abbott, which had split into two parts.

2013 – today

AbbVie Logo

The simple form, lightness, airiness, and transparency of the logo communicate the main marketing goal of the product – accessibility. In other words, behind the delicate lines and light background lies a single message for interested parties: the products of this company are urgently needed, safe, and therefore worthy of attention.

The AbbVie emblem is text-based. It consists of the company’s name, printed in lowercase letters. However, the letters are large, massive, and wide. The slight flattening at the top and bottom makes them original, and the simplicity makes them stylish. The laconic nature of the logo is quite beneficial for a pharmaceutical company, as consumers perceive it as accessible.

The letters are made up of thin black lines and have rounded edges on all sides. The exceptions are “v” and “i,” as they cannot be smooth by nature, or else they would transform into different glyphs. The combination of a light background and narrow dark lines speaks of the pharmaceutical company’s openness, focus on a wide consumer segment, and aspiration to be useful to all.

Font and Colors

AbbVie Emblem

For its logo, AbbVie chose a custom-designed, streamlined font with glyphs that resemble geometric shapes with rounded corners. Based on the shape of the letters, it is close to typefaces such as Zekton Extended Regular and Controller Two.

AbbVie Symbol

The color palette of the emblem is restrained and simple but not monochromatic. If you look closely, it becomes evident that the letters are not black but dark blue.

AbbVie color codes

Blue Black Hex color: #00003a
RGB: 0 0 58
CMYK: 100 100 0 77
Pantone: PMS 2765 C