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The Novartis logo is the embodiment of lofty ideas. It demonstrates the creativity and passion of the corporation for its business. Operating with chemical formulas as notes, creating compositions that amaze with their harmony and possibilities.

Novartis: Brand overview

Founded:March 1996
Founder:Johann Rudolf, Alexander Clavel
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Novartis is a Swiss medical concern. Among the top one hundred companies by sales and capitalization in the world. It has developed innovative drugs for transplants, for myeloid leukemia, bleeding, and malaria, for which it was awarded the Galena Prize. The Novartis logo is familiar to people in 140 countries.

Novartis is the result of the merger of the medical businesses of three major companies that were based in Switzerland. In 1971, the oldest Geigy absorbed Ciba. In 1996, they were joined by Sandoz. Through sales and purchases of subdivisions, the new corporation now focused on drugs for ophthalmology, neurology, oncology, and generics.

Meaning and History

Novartis Logo History

After the merger, the new concern developed its own visual identity. It was changed only once and then only slightly.

What is Novartis?

The largest Swiss medical concern, with a turnover of 53 billion dollars, which is part of the pharmaceutical federations of Europe and America. More than 104 thousand employees work at the company’s facilities in 17 countries. The headquarters is located in Basel.

1996 – 2017

Novartis Logo 1996

The company logo consists of a visual sign and an inscription.

The name Novartis is a union of two Latin terms: novae (new) and artes (art). It implies a creative approach to creating medicines—using new developments and research results. The creation of tandems and combinations reveals the potential and possibilities of substances.

The name underlines the fact that the company has several research institutes. An important area of research is genetic engineering. This makes it possible to create state-of-the-art drugs that act very selectively.

The large letters show the company’s scale, which owns 67 plants in different countries. It is considered one of the largest in the world by market capitalization (it ranks 51st).

The sign in front of the inscription is schematic and has several meanings.

  • Violin key. The key is a logical addition, given the connection between the corporation’s name and art. The red and yellow coloring of the image speaks of research and innovation.
  • Flask. The chemical toolkit is a reference to the laboratories where new medicines are developed.
  • Flame. Symbolizes the burning heart and the desire for development and creation. Fire supports life, just as Novartis works to preserve life on Earth.
  • Harp. A musical instrument is also consonant with the name of the corporation. It allows you to create a melody with multiple strings, just as the company creates medicines from various substances.

The widely spaced letters show the coverage of many areas of work.

2017 – today

Novartis Logo

The only changes made in 2017 were in the color scheme, which became lighter. The shades show the corporation’s commitment to new developments and research activities that make people’s lives easier. It is allocated about 9 billion dollars a year.

The predominance of blue is a symbol of concern for the environment and the implementation of environmental programs.

The letters of the name have increased and are closer to each other. The composition speaks of a reduction in the lines of work. The concern sold its Gerber and Nutrition baby food assets and said goodbye to its veterinary and vaccine divisions. It separated the production of over-the-counter drugs into a separate company. He shut down antiviral and antibacterial research. And concentrated on just three areas.

Font and Colors

Novartis Emblem

The main colors of the logo are blue, red, and yellow. These are the three indispensable colors from which by mixing the other colors can be obtained. This choice underlines once again the research direction of the company.

  • Red means burning, constant search, and love for what you do.
  • Blue – deepening into the world of innovation and modern developments.
  • Yellow – implementation of discoveries to improve people’s health.

Novartis Symbol

The font is elegant, with Trajan Bold serifs.

Novartis color codes

Flame RedHex color:#e74a21
RGB:231 74 33
CMYK:0 68 86 9
Pantone:PMS 172 C
Carrot OrangeHex color:#ec971d
RGB:236 151 29
CMYK:0 36 88 7
Pantone:PMS 1375 C
Lapis LazuliHex color:#0560a9
RGB:5 96 169
CMYK:97 43 0 34
Pantone:PMS 2945 C