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The emblem is based on love for patients and concern for their health. The CVS Pharmacy logo should show pharmacy customers that there are always life-saving drugs in the network. Symbols indicate the continuity of supply and attention to the needs of customers.

CVS Pharmacy: Brand overview

Founded:May 8, 1963
Founder:Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, Ralph Hoagland, Dipak Dave
Woonsocket, Rhode Island, U.S.
CVS (CVS Pharmacy or CVS / pharmacy) is a US-based pharmacy retail chain owned by the medical organization CVS Health. It was founded in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts. The founders are a group of individuals, including Stanley and Sidney Goldstein, Ralph Hoagland, Dipak Dave. The first years the company was owned by Melville Corporation, it was then separated into a separate brand (in 1996). Now headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, it owns nearly 9,700 properties, more than 1,100 of which are medical clinics; the rest are pharmacies and combined points of sale. In 2017, CVS ranked 7th in the Fortune 500 in terms of revenue.

Meaning and History

CVS Logo History

The original name of the pharmaceutical service was Consumer Value Store. An abbreviated version was used a year after its appearance, in 1964. At that time in its network, there were already 17 outlets, and by the beginning of the 70s – 100. The first stores combined with pharmacies, the company opened in Cumberland and Warwick, Rhode Island. This was in 1967. And in 1969, it was bought by the now-defunct Melville Corporation, which invested a lot in the development of CVS.

Currently, she sells not only generic and prescription drugs but other goods as well. Its range includes food products, face and body care products, color cosmetics, seasonal products, and much more. Moreover, they are implemented in real life and online since the organization owns its online store. In addition, she provides healthcare services in her clinics and diabetes care centers. They all operate under one logo, which is the abbreviation CVS and the red heart. The pharmacy chain has four emblems, two of which were used in parallel for some period.

What is CVS Pharmacy?

It is an American healthcare and retail corporation with its stores and clinics. The company was founded in 1963 and was originally called the Consumer Value Store.

1963 – 1969

Consumer Value Stores Logo 1963-1969

The debut logo contains the full name of the company in two lines. The first row on the sign is occupied by “Consumer,” the second – “Value Store.” Nearby, on the right side, there is a graphic sign – a figured shield with a wide top and a pointed bottom, which already at that time visually resembled a heart. It contains three white serif letters – the abbreviation “CVS.” The inscription is located diagonally.

1969 – 2016

CVS Logo 1969-2016

After changing the name of the chain to CVS Pharmacy, the company chose a different logo. She preferred simplicity and minimalism so that nothing interfered with the visual perception of the sign. Therefore, the logo contains three red symbols – the abbreviated name of the trademark. Large letters do not have serifs – they are wide, smooth, even.

1996 – 2016

CVS Pharmacy Logo 1996-2016

Many years later, the management nevertheless approved the logo, which echoes the new name and the basic specialization of the network. It consists of the original “CVS / pharmacy” in crimson color. A thin slash separates the two parts. The first half of the logo is written in uppercase, the second in lowercase.

2016 – today

CVS Pharmacy Logo 2016-present

Following the parent company’s name, the commercial and pharmaceutical network CVS Health received a new identity. The design now includes a miniature heart in front of the ‘CVSpharmacy’ keynote, where the developers removed the oblique line but returned the red color. The heart has a geometric shape and is distinguished by angular protrusions. This version was provided by the New York brand agency Siegel + gale.

CVS Pharmacy: Interesting Facts

CVS Pharmacy, part of CVS Health, is among the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S. Since its start 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts, CVS has transformed from a small store into a major health solutions provider. Here’s a straightforward overview of CVS Pharmacy’s journey and achievements:

  1. Name Meaning: CVS stands for “Consumer Value Stores,” reflecting its goal to offer value and convenience to customers.
  2. Growth Over Time: With its first store in 1964 in Rhode Island, CVS Pharmacy has grown to over 9,900 locations across the U.S., including Puerto Rico.
  3. No Tobacco Sales: In 2014, CVS became the first major pharmacy to stop selling tobacco products, a move celebrated for promoting health.
  4. MinuteClinic Services: CVS runs MinuteClinic, offering walk-in medical services like vaccinations and health screenings, making healthcare more accessible.
  5. CVS Health Merger: In 2007, CVS merged with Caremark Rx, enhancing its healthcare services and creating CVS Health.
  6. Eco-Friendly Efforts: CVS is committed to the environment and works on energy efficiency, waste reduction, and recycling.
  7. Digital Health Leadership: With tools like the CVS Pharmacy app, CVS leads in digital health, offering online prescription management and clinic services.
  8. COVID-19 Efforts: CVS played a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing testing, vaccinations, and support for public health.
  9. Aetna Acquisition: In 2018, CVS Health acquired Aetna, aiming to offer integrated, affordable healthcare services.
  10. Store Innovations: CVS has tested various store formats, including CVS Pharmacy y más, to better serve the Hispanic community with specialized services and bilingual staff.

CVS Pharmacy’s transition from a small pharmacy to a healthcare giant shows its dedication to innovation, customer health, and adapting to healthcare needs. By focusing on wellness, embracing technology, and broadening its services, CVS Pharmacy has become a key player in American healthcare.

Font and Colors

CVS Emblem

Since the sign is most important for the sales service, the whole emphasis was placed on it. For this, the owners chose simple lettering with minimal decoration. At first, it was a small shield, then – a diagonal oblique line, now – a heart.

Until 2016, a typeface from the Helvetica Black category was used, created by the studio Eduard Hoffmann & Max Miedinger and first published by Linotype. Then each part of the name got its style: another one was added to the already known font – called Lubalin Graph, thin, with serifs.

CVS Symbol

The corporate palette throughout the history of modifications remained unchanged – it was red in several shades. Its background, as before, is a neutral white color.

CVS Pharmacy color codes

Racing RedHex color:#cc0000
RGB:204 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 20
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C

Did CVS change their logo?

The CVS change department, like all other segments, changed the text logo to a graphic one. A miniature heart appeared, formed by combining two tear-shaped elements, so it does not have classic curves.

Who created the CVS logo?

The current version of the CVS logo was created by a design studio called Siegel + Gale. It was officially approved in 2016.

What is the CVS slogan?

The slogan of this company is “Health Is Everything.” It appeared during a rebranding when CVS Caremark Corp. was renamed to CVS Health.