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The Abbott logo reflects both the company’s historical legacy and its confident outlook for the future. It harmoniously combines two directions that have come together in the present to show the world the true face of a leading medical equipment supplier. The organization, founded by a physician, has taken a professional approach to its identity, making its emblem a code for the concept of medical products.

Abbott: Brand overview

Founded: 1888
Founder: Wallace Calvin Abbott
Abbott Park, Illinois, U.S.
Since its inception, the Abbott brand has been associated with the healthcare sector. It is an American enterprise engaged in the production of medical equipment as well as health support products. Today, it is the largest center with overseas branches worldwide. It was founded in 1888 by physician Wallace Calvin Abbott. The headquarters is located in North Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Meaning and History

Abbott Logo History

After its establishment in 1888, the enterprise was named Abbott Alkaloidal Company in honor of the pharmacist-physician who created it. Wallace Calvin Abbott decided to engage in the production of medicinal products, superior in quality to existing alternatives. As a result, a specialized company began operating in Ravenswood, Illinois, later transitioning to medical equipment, diagnostic tests, and generics.

The emblems of this brand are serious. They allegorically reflect the company’s line of business and have a simple structure characterized by minimalism. A geometric shape has become predominant. However, it is not the base element – it is balanced by a classic inscription printed in lowercase. Only the first letter of the name is capitalized, while the rest are lowercase. The color palette is also simple – monochrome.

What is Abbott?

Abbott is an international company headquartered in Illinois, specializing in the production of medical equipment, food supplements, generics, and diagnostic tools. It was established in 1888 by physician Wallace Calvin Abbott for the development of promising pharmaceuticals.

1888 – 1960

Abbott Logo 1888

The logo consists of a complex polyhedron. It resembles a geometric figure composed of two trapezoids. A double frame, formed from black and white stripes of equal thickness, runs along the edge. In the center, on a dark background, the word “Abbott” is placed, executed in rounded letters that imitate handwritten text. The inscription is smooth, cohesive, and calligraphic, with connected “t”s at the top. It has its peculiarity: a large lowercase “a.” Although the glyph is in lowercase, it is very prominent.

1960 – today

Abbott Logo 1960

After a long period of using the old logo, the medical-pharmaceutical company decided to modernize its visual identity and sought the help of George Nelson & Co., Inc. studio. Designer Don Ervin carried out the emblem renovation, combining several essential elements in the original sign.

Firstly, he depicted a glyph based on the first letter of the company’s name and gave it a geometric shape. Secondly, the developer utilized the similarity of the “a” to a curved strip with open ends. As a result, a wide ribbon bent inward was created. Thirdly, the author made the emblem resemble the snake from the cult staff of Asclepius. Consequently, the symbol became directly associated not only with the company and its founder but also with the medical field.

1986 – 2006

Abbott Logo 1986

In this version, the logo, graphics, and text are clearly separated. Designers moved the inscription from the center of the geometric figure and placed it separately, making it an independent element. The phrase “Abbott Laboratories” is located at the bottom. It is set in a lowercase sans-serif font. The letters are thin and rounded, with minimal spacing between characters. The composition also includes a stylized lowercase “a” in the form of a curved black stripe.

2006 – today

Abbott Logo

A logo with a blue symbol and black text is used concurrently. The inscription is bold, smooth, and large. The letters are adorned with expressive serifs, which add elegance and attract the viewer’s attention. The right side of both “t”s is elongated more than usual: it extends upward, making the glyph resemble a hook.

Font and Colors

For the Abbott logo, highly readable typefaces were chosen, reminiscent of Sequel Sans Body Book by OGJ Type Design and Clarendon FS ExtraBold, created by FontSite Inc. A handwritten variant with an imitation of the calligraphic inscription was also used.

The emblem’s corporate palette is strict, business-like, and practical, reflecting the company’s seriousness and the high importance of its work, as nothing should distract from the main focus – the name. Predominantly, all symbols are monochromatic, but to create a connection to the medical field, designers suggested diluting the black-and-white range with light blue.

Abbott color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C
Rich Electric Blue Hex color: #0096d7
RGB: 0 150 215
CMYK: 100 30 0 16
Pantone: PMS 801 C