GSK Logo


The GSK logo is associated with medicines, but there is nothing in it that hints at healthcare. It has a neutral design with no obvious symbols. The emblem became recognizable only thanks to the pharmaceutical company that owns it, and now a strong bond has been established between them.

GSK: Brand overview

Founded:27 December 2000
London, England, UK

GSK is an English company that produces medicines, vaccines, and health products. The corporation sells in 150 countries and has a profit of 4.3 billion dollars. The GSK logo unites more than 90,000 employees at 84 factories.

Despite its relatively young age (22 years), GSK is the result of multiple consecutive mergers of British and American companies since 1715, which eventually led to the creation of a giant conglomerate.

Meaning and History

GSK Logo History

The concern’s logo, if it changed, then strove for more and more minimalism each time. This is due to the growing worldwide fame. As a result, only three letters were enough to recognize the company.

What is GSK?

One of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, founded in 2000 in the UK, engaged in developing, producing, and selling medicines and health products.

2000 – 2014

GlaxoSmithKline Logo 2000

The first logo consisted of a large bright visual sign with an abbreviation inside and an additional inscription on the right.

The main element of the emblem is triangular with streamlined rounded corners. It symbolizes:

  • Tablets are the main product of the corporation.
  • The heart is the source of life and health. As long as the heart beats, a person is alive. GSK, like the heart, is a source of healing. The company’s products prolong life and give health.
  • Plectrum – helps to create a clear, beautiful sound of a stringed instrument. Health is a sensitive and subtle instrument. The company is fixing it. And when everything works correctly and harmoniously, then waves of joy and happiness come from a person.
  • Egg is a symbol of life.
  • Amulet – a hint of protection and memory. GSK is always there and ready to help at any moment. The yellow dot near the letter K looks like a hole for a thread or chain, which further enhances the similarity.

Inside the heart is the abbreviation GSK, but with a small letter; outside the visual image, its decoding is added – GlaxoSmithKline – in a very small and thin font. The name in the logo conveys to customers information about the impressive past of the company and, therefore, its extensive knowledge and experience.

  • Smith is the surname of an apothecary who registered a company in his name in 1830.
  • Kline is the name of a pharmacist who became CEO of Smith in 1875, which led to Smith, Kline & Company.
  • Glaxo is a trademark for the production of powdered milk, registered in 1906, and in 1947 it acquired a medical focus.

More than a century of heritage in the study of the logo is designed to inspire confidence in customers but not to focus too much on themselves. This is indicated by the use of a very small font and the placement of the title on the bottom line in relation to the image.

The lowercase letters of the abbreviation convey the energy of service and care. The company does not put itself first. Her main goal is to make happy patients.

The open loop of the letter q, extending beyond the image, looks like a cardiogram line. GSK always keeps abreast. The company is open to innovation and actively engaged in research. 13 thousand of its employees are working on creating new drugs.

2014 – 2022

GlaxoSmithKline Logo 2014

In 2013, the company licensed its HIV products, and in 2014 acquired Novartis’ vaccine business, moving away from cancer drugs. This changed the main direction of the corporation’s work and led to a rebranding.

Futurebrand designed the updated logo. The designers did not make global changes but only slightly corrected the visual sign.

The inscription was removed from the emblem, leaving only the abbreviation. The corporation has reached sufficient heights and brought many drugs to the market, so the founders’ names, as an indicator of experience, are a thing of the past. The letters GSK are recognizable on their own.

The monogram completely fits inside the heart, and g has found a regular ponytail. The closed space shows that the company’s capacities cover all stages of drug production, and there is no need to involve someone from outside. The corporation also decided on a list of areas in which it will work in the future, leaving only the most interesting and profitable for itself.

The emblem has a gradient. The coloring is as if the sun is shining on the logo on the top right. This shows that the company is approaching the luminary, and no competitors obscure it. GSK has reached such heights that it rotates in celestial orbit.

2022 – today

GSK Logo

GSK split, opening a subsidiary of Haleon and bringing oral, pain, and antipyretic products under its wing. This helped further to crystallize the main areas of work of the conglomerate. After the split, the corporate name was officially shortened to GSK, and the visual identity was updated.

The new emblem was developed by the design studio Wolff Olins. The background image of the heart has disappeared. Only three letters remained in the logo, which became uppercase.

Their font resembles an image on a scoreboard or monitor. The corporation keeps pace with the times. It is becoming more modern, its production processes are computerized, and the latest equipment is used. GSK is the company of the future.

Curls of letters look like DNA ribbons. The company penetrates the very essence of the disease and creates drugs that affect a person at the level of DNA and molecules. In its laboratories, GSK has unraveled the code of life.

Font and Colors

GSK Emblem

The main one for all logos is orange with a red-yellow gradient, and this is the color:

  • Warmth, care, happiness.
  • The flame that makes the corporation’s owners move forward, creating effective medicines.
  • Health.

Red is a symbol of blood, and yellow is a symbol of joy and well-being. They are also closely related to health.

GSK Symbol

Using a gradient adds life’s energy to the logo and embodies the processes taking place in the body, chemical reactions, and blood flow. The white color in the letters hints at medical gowns, sterility, and pills.

The logo font is unique and designed specifically for GSK Corporation.

GSK color codes

TawnyHex color:#cb551d
RGB:203 85 29
CMYK:0 58 86 20
Pantone:PMS 166 C
BronzeHex color:#d57d21
RGB:213 125 33
CMYK:0 41 85 16
Pantone:PMS 716 C
GoldenrodHex color:#e4ad2e
RGB:228 173 46
CMYK:0 24 80 11
Pantone:PMS 7409 C