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The fight against hunger is the main leitmotif of this organization’s logo. Two sources of life are important to Action Against Hunger: water and plants. This is the idea that the Action Against Hunger logo promotes. A simple idea is expressed as clearly and understandable as possible, even in an abstract style.

Action Against Hunger: Brand overview

New York, USA; Toronto, Canada; London, UK; Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; Mumbai, India; Milan, Italy
Action Against Hunger is a social non-governmental organization whose action is directed against hunger and its causes (lack of water, unsanitary conditions, discrimination). Each year AAN helps up to 20 million people in 50 countries. Headquarters are located in the capitals of 7 states.

Meaning and History

Action Against Hunger Logo History

At the origins of the event stood several French leaders in the field of art, politics, and business. Their assistance was intended for refugees from Afghanistan and Cambodia, but gradually the organization grew into an international network operating in the most problematic areas of the Earth. It consists of 7 headquarters, a training center, and five distribution platforms. They raise funds, deliver food and water to disaster sites, and conduct training, research, and development.

The first logo of the campaign had a rather bright and deep meaning. Therefore, it has been used for almost 40 years, and updated the visual sign once.

1979 – 2016

Action Against Hunger Logo 1979

The main part of the logo is visually divided into two halves to separate hunger and everything connected with it from satiety and prosperity. A double-sided plant is used to display the idea. Its interpretation is twofold:

  • The blue square indicates a green stem with roots in the soil. The verdant top rises above the ground as a result of good nutrition. White roots permeate the Earth, supplying the necessary, safe elements. The organization’s main task is not just to feed the hungry but to create the ground for an uninterrupted supply of food and access to it for all those in need.
  • A green plant rising up symbolizes food and satiety. The white plant at the bottom, a mirror image of the top, symbolizes hunger. It has no nourishment; it lacks light, so it is discolored, withers, and dies. The white part is placed in a blue square, “buried.” AAN aims to end world hunger by 2030. All corners of the planet will receive an abundance of food, as in the picture, a starving plant is surrounded by soil that nourishes it.

At the top of the emblem, opposite the green stems, it says “Action” (action, deed) in large blue letters on a white background. The organization is taking concrete steps to address the problem of malnutrition. The white background shows no restrictions use of any path. At the second level in the blue rectangle is the white word hunger. Placement in a limited space speaks of a reduction in the phenomenon in the world.

Between the two words in a small rectangle in the middle is the word “Against” (against). It comes to the fore demonstrating active opposition. The small size shows the unwillingness of open struggle and hostility on the part of AAN.

At the very bottom of the logo, on an orange rectangle, “ACF international” is written white. The inscription shows that an action is an international event. There was a movement in France. In French, the organization is called Action Contre La Faim, hence the abbreviation ACF, not AAH. Orange and white symbolize uniting for good purposes, caring with pure intentions.

2016 – today

Action Against Hunger Logo

Thomas Ribemont becomes the chairman of the organization. With his arrival, the mission logo is being rebranded.

The element of confrontation has disappeared from the new visual sign. All the attention of the logo is focused on the image in front of the name. This plant has three leaves, rising above a blue circle with a white drop inside.

  • Shamrock symbolizes life. Plants as a source of food. Thanks to ANN, people will not die of hunger.
  • The circle is a symbol of equality. Access to the resources of all people. It is an indicator of protection: from hunger, injustice, and soil and water pollution.
  • A plant grows from soil that has enough water. One of the important directions of the action is eliminating unsanitary conditions and water pollution, which causes the spread of diseases that prevent food from being digested. Therefore, the white (clean) drop icon is highlighted on the logo.

The organization lays and waters the soil from which prosperity and abundance are born.

The mission’s name is located three levels to the right of the picture and is written in gray. The word “against” is slightly smaller in size. The organization does not want to focus on confrontation. Her job is to find ways to solve problems. The choice of color scheme indicates that the title is irrelevant. The core value is the mission to be accomplished. Saving lives is much more important. Members are not looking for fame. Their reward is an abundance from those who previously had nothing.

Font and Colors

Action Against Hunger Emblem

Primary colors:

  • Green – life.
  • Blue – business approach, strategy, actions instead of emotions. The blue tint is cold. It is a symbol of ice and freezing problems.
  • White is the most meaningful color. This is both a lack of hunger and clean water, good intentions, and a mission. The predominance of white hints at milk, the first product that nourishes a person. In analogy with it, the organization’s scientists have developed a special milk formula, F100, capable of restoring children and adults after a long hunger.
  • Gray – stability, regular actions. No search for glory.

Action Against Hunger Symbol

The Klein Text Extrabold font used for Action Against Hunger is a simple, sans-serif font that is large and even. The size and capital letters demonstrate the coverage of the idea of ​​the whole world and the magnitude of the problem.

Action Against Hunger Logo Color Codes:

  • Kelly Green: Hex color:#54ae32; RGB:84 174 50; CMYK:52 0 71 32; Pantone: PMS 802 C
  • French Blue: Hex color:#076cb5; RGB:7 108 181; CMYK:96 40 0 29; Pantone:PMS 3005 C
  • Battleship Grayk: Hex color:#878787; RGB:135 135 135; CMYK:0 0 0 47; Pantone:PMS 423 C