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Proper digestion and ease after ingestion of dairy products are what the Activia logo with soft letters conveys. Smooth transitions, wide lines, and smooth shapes are effective marketing tools. The green color of the inscription indicates the naturalness and environmental friendliness of the composition.

Activia: Brand overview

Activia is a brand of dairy products manufactured by Group Danone. It was officially introduced in 1987 and has become famous all over the world during this time. The brand, first of all, is known for its natural composition, as well as for the qualities that directly affect the functioning of the digestive tract. This is possible through the use of bifidobacteria. To date, Activia yogurt is available to customers from more than 50 countries worldwide. About 10 million people buy it every day.

Meaning and History

Activia Logo History

During the operation of the Activia brand on the market, its logo has changed four times. At the same time, only minimal changes were made at each stage, and the concept itself eventually remained unchanged today. The logo is based on green, white, and yellow colors associated with life and development.

What is Activia?

First of all, it is not only delicious yogurt but also a healthy dairy product. By buying Activia, you get the opportunity to try the products of a world famous brand with a rich history.

1987 – 1995

Bio Logo 1987

Interestingly, the name “Activia” was absent from the first version of the logo. At the same time, it consisted of many elements. The company’s logo was directly in the upper part. This is the brand’s name, which was inside a blue rectangle of a non-standard shape. All letters of the word inscription in the emblem were made in classic bold type in capital white letters. Under the badge was the inscription “BIO,” which indicated that the products manufactured under this brand are natural. In turn, it is made in a non-standard bold font. All the letters in this word were white, but the “i” had a yellow dot.

1995 – 2005

Bio Logo 1995

The 1995 redesign made minimal changes to the logo. At this stage, at the top was not the inscription “Danone,” but “BIO,” It is made in the same style as the previous version. Changes were made exclusively to the point above the “i.” Now it is represented by horizontal stripes, which create associations with the sun, which is just rising on the horizon. “Danone,” except for the location on the logo, has not changed. At the same time, the slogan “Au bifidus activ” also appeared between the two indicated elements of the logo. It is made in a classic font in capital white letters without serifs.

2005 – 2012

Activia Logo 2005

Dairy products began to be produced under the brand name “Activia” only in 2005 when the new logo appeared. The company’s name, “Danone,” as in the original version of the logo, was at the top. With brighter hues of the company’s usual colors and a red line under the name that looks like a smile, the logo appeared more friendly to customers. Interestingly, even though the word “BIO” was removed from the logo, the already iconic yellow dot remained. It was above the first letter “i” in the brand name “Activia.” The name itself is in classic bold type with white letters. Even though they are in relation to the buyer and are a horizontal line, you can see that they are presented at a slight angle. Moreover, the first and last “A” is slightly off the green background. From the bottom of the same letter “i” down goes a yellow arrow, which is depicted with yellow dots.

2012 – 2016

Activia Logo 2012

In 2012, as part of another redesign, it was decided to simplify the company logo significantly. All additional elements were removed, and only the verbal inscription “Activia” remained. The dots on the “i” have been removed in principle, not to mention the iconic sun symbol. Also, the color palette has changed. The name was represented using a dark green color. The font is identical to the previous version with minor changes; for example, the letters have become narrower. They were also arranged in a slight arc, which conveyed playful and friendly emotions.

2016 – today

Activia Logo

The last to date, logo redesign was introduced in 2017. As a result, the image looks more modern with a crisp wordmark and vibrant green. On the packaging, the name “Activia” is under “Danone.” The brand name is in bold sans-serif type with rounded corners. The first and last letter, “A,” with their unfinished horizontal line, deserve special attention. Also, the last two letters, “ia,” are connected, which looks quite impressive.

Font and Colors

Activia Emblem

The current version of the logo is in a modern and unique sans-serif font in all caps. The logo features bold lines, rounded corners, and curved ponytails. In addition, the above has already been saying about the features of writing “A” from an incomplete horizontal line. The font style is closest to Cocon, created by Eric Blomsma. However, some changes have been made to it.

Activia Symbol

At all stages of the development of the brand, the main color was green, as the color of life and development. As a result, the logo radiates powerful energy and is now one of the most popular.

Activia Logo Color Codes:

Primary color

  • Green: Hex code: #027A5E; RGB: 2, 122, 94; CMYK: 98, 0, 77, 52; Pantone: 3425 C

Secondary colors

  • Yellow: Hex code: #F2B705; RGB: 242, 183, 5
  • White: Hex code: #FFFFFF; RGB: 255, 255, 255


What is the meaning of the Activia Logo?

The Activia logo, like the name of the Danone brand of dairy products, stands for activating the digestive process. After all, yogurts of this brand are saturated with bifidobacteria, which improve the action of the gastrointestinal tract. It is the work of probiotics that is reflected in its identity. The green color symbolizes naturalness, energy, and health. A downward arrow indicates the normalization of digestion.

What does the logo symbolize Activia Logo?

The effectiveness of bifidobacteria, their positive effect on the digestive tract, maintaining internal balance, maintaining health – this is what the Activia logo stands for. These ideas are encoded in his palette: green conveys nature’s color and emphasizes the product’s naturalness. They are also reflected in the form of letters, the ends of which are rounded, which symbolizes the smoothing of problems. Therefore, the ‘V’ looks like a downward arrow, showing the start of the GI tract.