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Taste, aroma, and texture are what the fast-food chain Dunkin Donuts logo, executed in appetizing beige and yellow tones, conveys to visitors. The designers brought it as close as possible to the brand’s signature donuts, which are served with coffee. They tailored the inscription to their format, choosing a bubble-style font.

Dunkin Donuts: Brand overview

Founder:Bill Rosenberg
Canton, Massachusetts, United States
Dunkin Donuts is an American chain of public eateries that serve a variety of donuts and coffee. It was founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts. Entrepreneur William Rosenberg founded the company. Today, it is part of the Dunkin’ Brands corporation.

Meaning and History

Dunkin Donuts Logo History

The first logo of the donut café dates back to 1950, as it was adopted simultaneously with the company’s founding. Over the past years, it has undergone several significant changes.

What is Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin Donuts is an American company that sells its coffee and donuts. It has an entire network of restaurants: more than 12,800 points worldwide. The menu also includes cool drinks and various types of sandwiches.

1950 – 1960

Dunkin' Donuts Logo 1950-1960

The debut emblem features a handwritten font. The phrase “Dunkin Donuts” is set in italics and placed diagonally. The style is formal. The letters are brownish-red. Both “D” letters are uppercase. The crossbar of the “t” is elongated, reaching the “u” and “s,” the tails of which are elegantly curved.

1960 – 1976

Dunkin' Donuts Logo 1960-1976

The original pink shade – powdered candy, still used in the brand name- appeared during this period. The central element of the logo is a cup. It hints that the company sells coffee. And from its name, a donut is made, which is placed at the top of the graphic symbol.

1976 – 2002

Dunkin' Donuts Logo 1976-2002

In 1976, the logo was redesigned: the cup and donut were replaced with a bright inscription, “Dunkin Donuts,” arranged in a column. The upper word is colored in powder orange, and the lower one is in candy pink.

2002 – 2007

Dunkin' Donuts Logo 2002-2007

Designers added a plastic cup to the previous version so that visitors would immediately understand: here, one can buy coffee with donuts. Inside, one can see a drink poured to the top, above which clouds of steam twirl. This confirms that it is always fresh and hot. The graphic emblem is placed to the left of the name.

2007 – 2019

Dunkin' Donuts Logo 2007-2019

In 2007, an attempt was made to improve the current version. For this, the developers slightly adjusted some elements. They made the cup’s background colorful: the top part was made pink, and the bottom was repainted orange. The drink inside also changed: now it became brown, like the contour of the disposable dish, which now featured a “DD” monogram.

2019 – today

Dunkin' Logo 2019-present

Designers removed one word from the name, leaving “Dunkin.” They made it larger and more attractive so that it immediately catches the eye. The apostrophe at the top was given the color of raspberry sorbet.

Font and Colors

Dunkin Emblem

The donut and coffee sales network aimed to emphasize the assortment and orientation of its work graphically. Therefore, it chose candy pink and powder yellow as its official colors. The first symbolizes brightness, a joyful atmosphere, and an elevated mood; the second – is a freshly baked donut. Its task is to evoke appetite.

To convey the product’s taste, artists used a cheerful font reminiscent of Frankfurter and Debussy, which made the letters “plump.” Moreover, the text version from 2007 indicates the range of goods – coffee and donuts. The current version emphasizes only the presence of donuts, which is related to the expansion of the choice of modern drinks.

Dunkin Donuts color codes

Safety OrangeHex color:#fe6d01
RGB:254 109 1
CMYK:0 57 100 0
Pantone:PMS 1585 C
PinkHex color:#f40290
RGB:244 2 144
CMYK:0 99 41 4
Pantone:PMS Rhodamine Red C


What does the Dunkin Donuts logo represent?

The current logo represents a wide assortment of Dunkin Donuts, as it contains only the first part of the company’s name. Designers intentionally removed the word Donuts to show that the menu is not limited to this product only.

Why are Dunkin Donuts orange and pink?

Employee Sangren & Murtha Lucia N. DeRespini suggested using a combination of orange and pink colors. The fact is that these are her daughter’s favorite colors, and the visual style of Dunkin’ Donuts lacked lightness and playfulness.

Who owns Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin Donuts is wholly owned by the American holding Inspire Brands, Inc. It acquired the rights to it in 2020 when it bought the now-defunct restaurant firm Dunkin Brands Group, Inc.

Is Dunkin Donuts a brand?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts is a full-fledged brand with its individuality. It represents the products and services of the eponymous company.

What does the Dunkin logo mean?

The Dunkin logo has a direct meaning – selling coffee and donuts, which formed the basis for the menu of this fast-food chain. This meaning first appeared in 1960 when the emblem featured a mug and a donut dipped into it. Then, it was replaced by a mug with clouds of steam and plump letters the color of a donut fried in oil. And although now the symbolism has neither a cup nor a plastic cup, the original meaning is preserved. The hint at donuts is reflected in the plump font with rounded corners.

What does the Dunkin Logo symbolize?

The Dunkin logo symbolizes the good mood, attractiveness, and hospitality of the cafeterias, where one can enjoy various delicacies. Initially, their assortment was limited to hot coffee and a few types of donuts, which was reflected in the emblem. As the menu expanded, the visual style changed, retaining the color scheme but not the shape. The candy-pink and powder-yellow colors convey a freshly baked donut and a joyful atmosphere.

What does the Dunkin Donuts emblem mean?

The Dunkin Donuts emblem means that in the café network, one can enjoy a tasty donut and drink freshly brewed coffee. This is indicated by the circular shape of the inscription (in 1960-1976), the presence of a mug or cup with curling steam above it (in 2002-2019), and also the inflated font, reminiscent of fried donuts (from 1976 to the present). The meaning of the color palette is a good mood from visiting fast-food restaurants. The main task is to evoke positivity and appetite.

Who created the Dunkin logo?

The creator of the iconic Dunkin logo is industrial designer Lucia DeRespini (employee of the agency Sangren & Murtha). She proposed a variant with plump letters in a bright palette. The woman based the color scheme on her daughter’s favorite shades of pink and yellow. They denote joy, fun, and a positive impression, awaken appetite, and attract visitors excellently. JKR, BBDO, and Arc Worldwide also participated in branding in other years.

What was Dunkin Donuts’ original slogan?

This American coffee chain has had several slogans used at different times. One of the first and most successful was “America Runs on Dunkin.” This marketing call was conceived as advertising and conveyed the national desire to realize one’s dreams. In this case, it is to enjoy the taste of excellent dishes and drinks served in restaurant chains and to charge up with a positive mood and joy.

Why is the Dunkin logo orange-pink?

The combination of candy pink and powder yellow appeared in the Dunkin logo in the late 70s of the last century. Designer Lucia DeRespini from Sangren & Murtha suggested it because the brand decided to promote itself graphically. And for this, a bright accent was needed that would instantly attract the attention of potential buyers. She chose her daughter’s favorite shades because donuts are supposed to raise spirits, and too “toasty” colors do not fit this.

What does the name Dunkin Donuts mean?

The meaning of the name Dunkin Donuts is simple and related to donuts. According to legend, its author – an executive architect – was inspired by the idea of dipping them into hot coffee. This idea was conveyed in the brand’s logo from 1960-1976. It replaced the old concept associated with the initial name of the café – Open Kettle (as early as 1950).

Who developed the Dunkin Donuts logo?

Several agencies participated in the development of various versions of the Dunkin logo. A lot of credit belongs to the agency Sangren & Murtha, in particular to industrial designer Lucia DeRespini, who came up with the candy-pink and powder-yellow colors. These bright colors transformed the emblem into a widely recognizable sign. The iconic status was also conferred by agencies BBDO New York, JKR (Jones Knowles Ritchie), and Arc Worldwide. They dealt with the overall concept of rebranding.

What is the new symbol of Dunkin Donuts?

The new symbol of Dunkin Donuts is minimalist and simple. It is maximally abbreviated because the company owning the network of famous coffee houses decided to modernize the emblem and make it attractive to the younger generation inclined to nihilism. For this, the designers removed all images from the logo (a cup with steaming coffee, background square) and dispensed with the second part of the name. Thus, now the emblem contains only one word – “Dunkin.” An apostrophe complements it.