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The Lay’s logo is provocative because it stimulates appetite and the desire to try a tasty product. This is the primary goal of the emblem, and it accomplishes it beautifully. Its entire style is centered around chips: the shape is conveyed through a wavy red stripe and the color through a bright yellow background.

Lay’s: Brand overview

Lay’s is an American brand of potato chips. It emerged in the 1930s when Herman Lay bought the Barrett Food Company and renamed it H.W. Lay Lingo & Company. Since 1965, the trademark rights to the popular snack have belonged to PepsiCo.

Meaning and History

Lay’s Logo History

Lay’s has a recognizable corporate style. The company underwent several global redesigns, but its name has always been present on the logo. The goal of gaining popularity was set for the logo from the moment it was introduced because chips are an excellent snack that can be eaten anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, the company’s management emphasized the brand and its products: over the years of its existence, it changed the design of the logo six times, focusing on modernity and demand. The key element of the logo has been and remains the name of the company’s founder, Herman Lay. However, he initially named the company HW Lay Lingo & Co.

What is Lays?

Lay’s is one of the brands of Frito-Lay, which is owned by the American corporation PepsiCo, Inc. Under this brand, potato chips with various flavors are produced. It appeared in 1932 and was named after its creator, Herman Warden Lays.

1932 – 1965

Lay’s Logo 1932-1965

The debut version indicated the direction in which the identity would develop. The original emblem depicted cookware – a pot, vat, kettle, or deep food bowl. It directly indicated that this is food. At the bottom is a wavy bracket reminiscent of a hot surface for cooking. The wavy line is also present in the capital letter “L.” Its right segment has the shape of a sharp spike and goes beyond the middle of the sign. The lowercase letter “y” has a straight stem directed downwards, and the upper part of the letter resembles the letter “u” with curled serifs.

1965 – 1986

Lay’s Logo 1965-1986

The debut emblem is a white inscription, “Lay’s,” depicted inside a red rectangle. The corners of the geometric figure are rounded. The word is stretched vertically. The letters do not have serifs. The protruding letters L and Y and the apostrophe are painted red for an original contrast.

1986 – 1997

Lay’s Logo 1986-1997

The overall concept and color palette are preserved. Only the shapes have changed. Now, the word “Lay’s” is typed in italics, with smaller angles than in the previous version. The rectangle disappeared, replaced by a wide red contour that runs along the entire text.

1997 – 2003

Lay’s Logo 1997-2003

In 1997, the company began using a logo similar to the Walkers logo. It is based on simple contrasting colors. The aggressive red looks good in combination with the calm yellow.

A round potato chip in the background symbolizes the sun. In front of it is a bright curved ribbon with the inscription “Lay’s.” The white letters have small blue shadows, which give the word a three-dimensional effect.

This version of the logo can still be found on the lids of Lay’s Stax, the packaging of Lay’s Deli Style Original, and some Frito-Lay trucks.

2003 – 2007

Lay’s Logo 2003-2007

At the end of 2003, the designers turned the logo counterclockwise. As a result, the inscription rose slightly upwards. The contours of the letters were also changed: now they are burgundy, not blue. The word “Brand” is printed in small font. A gradient formed by a red palette has been added.

2007 – 2019

Lay’s Logo 2007-2019

In 2007, developers replaced the two-dimensional sun chip with a three-dimensional yellow ball from the Frito-Lay logo. The colors became softer thanks to the use of gold contours. The font changed slightly: a short stroke connects the letters “a” and “y” in the brand name.

2019 – today

Lay’s Logo 2019-present

Twelve years after the redesign, the company changed the logo again, guided by the principle “the simpler, the better.” Updates touched on minor details. The letter “y” in the word “Lay’s” now has a loop. Some shadows and contours have disappeared. The familiar inscription “Brand” was removed as unnecessary.

Font and Colors

Lay’s Emblem

Stability and respect for the company’s roots are traced in Lay’s corporate style. The brand name is still the key element of the logo. Until 1997, it occupied all the space, receiving a background in the form of a fried potato wedge. Another important element is the cookware. Over time, designers turned it into a rectangle and ribbon with a large inscription, which is still used today.

From print form, the text transitioned into semi-script italic with a slight slant. That is, several types of fonts are present in the logo. Specifically Helvetica Neue and Hobo. In some places, they are combined; in others – they are complemented by separate styles.

The color palette has been bright from the beginning. For maximum attractiveness, designers chose six striking colors: Sun Metallic (#957531), white, Pastel Yellow (#FDF597), Spanish Yellow (#F1B11B), Pigment Red (#EF1C24), and Animal Blood (#AB0E14).

Lay’s color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#e00420
RGB:224 4 32
CMYK:0 98 86 12
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
School Bus YellowHex color:#ffd911
RGB:255 217 17
CMYK:0 15 93 0
Pantone:PMS 109 C


Why did Lays change its logo?

As representatives of Lay’s admitted, the 2019 redesign was conducted solely to make the logo more modern. As a result, the changes were minor: the developers slightly adjusted the font, simplified the gradient, and centered and reduced the red ribbon.

What does the Lay’s logo represent?

The main element of Lay’s logo is a yellow-orange gradient circle, which simultaneously symbolizes the sun and potato chips. The ball is wrapped in a dark red ribbon. The brand name is written on it in white letters, for which designers used a custom bold font with a slight tilt to the right.

What does the Lay’s Logo symbolize?

The yellow gradient circle at the base of Lay’s logo has several meanings. Firstly, it’s the sun – a symbol of joy, warmth, constancy, productivity, and positive energy. Designers wanted to show that everything revolves around Lay’s sun. Secondly, it’s a potato chip fried to a golden-brown color. Its task is to attract potential buyers and stimulate their appetite.

Why did Lays change its logo?

In 2019, Lay’s changed its logo to make it more modern. As a result, the inscription was reduced to the size of the red ribbon, and the ribbon itself became shorter and now tightly wrapped around the yellow circle. Designers adhered to the principle that “the simpler, the better.” This allowed them to use elegant letters and remove the sharp gradient. The compact emblem with appetizing photographs of potato chips was necessary for the new packaging design.

Who created the Lays logo?

The first Lay’s logo with a yellow ball and red ribbon began to be used in 1997 – the same time when the Frito-Lay company (which owns the brand of potato chips) had a symbol with a similar design. Employees of the consulting firm Landor Associates created the emblem for Frito-Lay. Thus, the idea of the graphic sign of Lay likely belongs to Landor.

What does the Lays slogan mean?

The most famous slogan of Lay’s company is “Betcha can’t eat just one.” It appeared after the chip manufacturer H. W. Lay & Company merged with The Frito Corporation in 1961, forming Frito-Lay. Other slogans have appeared since then: “Lay’s. Smile” and “No one can eat just one.” None of them are used as a logo.

Why are the Walkers’ and Lays’ logos the same?

Walkers and Lay’s have the same logo because they represent the same product in different markets. They belong to the American company Frito-Lay, which is part of PepsiCo. But Walker’s chips are sold only in the UK and Ireland, while Lay’s are aimed at the rest of Europe. To maintain a connection between the two brands, designers made similar logos.

What does the Lays logo mean?

The yellow circle on Lay’s logo embodies the fullness and brightness of life, symbolizes stability, and evokes positive emotions, as it resembles the sun. By shape and color, this element resembles chips – well-roasted, crispy, and appetizing. In front of the yellow circle is a red banner with a white inscription. Its task is to draw attention to the brand name. Thanks to the use of saturated colors, the emblem as a whole looks lively and cheerful.

Did Lays change its logo?

Lay’s updated its logo for 2019, changing the shape and color of the elements. According to a Frito-Lay representative, the redesign took two years. This time was required not only to review the emblem but also to modernize the packaging. Initially, the rebranding was officially launched in Canada and the USA and then spread to other countries, which usually takes several years.