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The Burger King logo, known for its originality and “appetizing” appeal, embodies the popular fast-food chain. The bright and memorable emblem has become a symbol of unique taste and high quality, reflecting the brand’s inception and serving as a tribute to its past.

Burger King: Brand overview

Burger King is the name of an American company that owns a chain of fast-food restaurants. It was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1953. After 1954, Burger King faced financial difficulties. Two local franchisees (either individuals or legal entities using the trademark with the franchisor’s consent), David Edgerton and James McLamore, acquired the company and renamed it Burger King. Soon, it was bought by two local franchisees – but then they resold the company. The controlling stake now belongs to the Brazilian corporation 3G Capital, and the establishment itself is located in Miami, Florida.

Meaning and History

Burger King Logo History

Originally, the company was named Insta Burger King. Its emblem featured a sun-like symbol. However, within a year, the founders began facing financial difficulties and sold the company to David Edgerton and James McLamore, who renamed it Burger King. Over the next 50 years, the company changed owners four times, reflected in the corporate design.

The company is the second most recognizable brand in the world among fast-food restaurants, after McDonald’s famous “Golden Arches.” This is largely thanks to a very bright and memorable logo.

Originally, the company’s logo had only one textual incarnation (even before David Edgerton and James McLamore acquired the company’s shares). The image of the hamburger king was drawn on restaurant signs and actively advertised in the media.

In subsequent decades, logos became quite complex in terms of the number of elements and details. An integral part of them became the king himself (the very Burger King), sitting on a hamburger with a drink and a straw in hand.

In 1967, the company adopted a logo that later became the prototype for the current logo. It was so successful that it underwent only minor changes. Since then, all versions of the logo have a simple design and delightful, memorable color palette.

For many years, the logo featured two halves of a bun (Bun Halves) with the company’s name between them. This detail became a key part of the brand’s image.

What is Burger King?

Burger King is a corporation that manages the eponymous fast-food restaurant brand. At the same time, it is part of Burger King Holdings and Restaurant Brands International Inc. Its predecessor was the company Insta-Burger King, founded in 1953 and named after the Insta-Broiler oven in which the patties were originally fried. It was renamed in 1959 after restructuring.

1953 – 1954

Insta Burger King Logo 1953-1954

The debut logo resembled a rising or setting sun. It featured a semi-disc with short triangular rays. The color palette was gray and black.

1954 – 1957

Burger King Logo 1954-1957

The franchisees’ merit was that they cut out the extra word from the name. Therefore, the emblem of this period looks minimalist, practical, and restrained. There is nothing superfluous on it – only the name, executed in black letters on a white background. The font is individual, with a shortened stem at the “R” and pointed ends at the “U.”

1957 – 1969

Burger King Logo 1957-1969

The next owners of the establishment changed the logo design to emphasize the phrase “Burger King.” They used the image of a king sitting on a large hamburger with a drink in a plastic cup. Below on a yellow background was the company’s name and the phrase “Home of the Whopper.” Thus, it was an advertising badge, not a trademark symbol. The logo was very colorful. In addition to yellow, it contained red (two types), blue, white, and black (for contours). Simultaneously, the previous version of the logo appeared: it was included in the inscription.

1969 – 1994

Burger King Logo 1969-1994

In 1969, the company switched to an updated logo. It depicted a bun cut into two halves, with the restaurant chain’s name placed in two tiers between the halves. This variant lasted a short time and was revived in 2019 for Super Bowl LIII (held in February) and the third season of the Netflix series Stranger Things (May).

The color palette was borrowed from the previous version, but the shape, composition, and style underwent radical changes. The bold red inscription, executed in a round sans-serif font with smooth lines, came to the forefront. The designers stretched the “King” part to create an optimal balance between long and short words.

1994 – 1999

Burger King Logo 1994-1999

This emblem is an improved version of the previous one. It was introduced in April 1994 with less caricatured text. The Burger King inscription style is strict, with straight letters and a fluffy top of the improvised bun.

1999 – 2021

Burger King Logo 1999-2021

On the brink of a new century, Burger King again changed its logo design. It was developed by the professional studio Sterling Brands. Outwardly, it resembles the original 1969 version and the 1994 version. The only difference is a blue semicircle in the shape of the letter “C,” complementing the logo. The company name is still inside the burger between two halves of a bun. But it is enlarged, placed diagonally, and written in a modern sans-serif font.

The color of the logo is extremely important for the fast-food joint. From the beginning, the designers aimed to whet potential customers’ appetites by using very appetizing images and colors. The colors of the modern logo correspond to the ultra-modern culture of fast food. The company owners understood this well and tried to fill the logo with colors closest to the natural color of bread, meat, and vegetables. As a result, juicy yellow, orange, and red were chosen, and blue was added recently.

2021 – today

Burger King Logo 2021-present

The current logo is a harmonious stylization of the two previous versions. From the 1969-1994 emblems, the designers borrowed round letters, and from the 1994-1999 version – the shape of the bun. The unifying element is a light-lilac background, on which a yellow-orange burger with a red inscription inside is improvisationally depicted.

Font and Colors

Burger King Emblem

Thanks to constant updates, the brand style has become recognizable worldwide. It visually stylizes the name of the restaurant chain – Burger King. That is, the most successful variants feature a large appetizing “Burger King.”

Burger King Symbol

The Burger King logo has used different fonts over time. They have been smooth, bubbly, convex, streamlined, or, conversely, strict. One of the old variants resembles the TILT font, modern ones – VAG Rounded ExtraBold.

The brand palette consists of colors closest to the food theme. They awaken the appetite, which is very important for the marketing promotion of a fast-food restaurant. That is why the management chose yellow-orange (the natural color of the bun’s crust) and red, which actively stimulate the appetite.

Burger King color codes

Rosso CorsaHex color:#d62300
RGB:214 35 0
CMYK:0 84 100 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Blaze OrangeHex color:#ff8732
RGB:255 135 50
CMYK:0 47 80 0
Pantone:PMS 1585 C
Old LaceHex color:#f5ebdc
RGB:245 235 220
CMYK:0 4 10 4
Pantone:PMS 7604 C


What does the Burger King logo represent?

The Burger King logo features the name of the restaurant chain, and the designers made it so that the inscription is associated with a patty. For this, they painted the logo in a brown color and placed it between two halves of a cut hamburger bun.

Why did Burger King change its logo?

The Burger King logo was changed in 2021 because the company owners wanted the new design to repeat the classic concept of 1969, i.e., be a symbol of the beginning of a new era and a tribute to the past. The logo designers made it more “appetizing,” using the natural color of baked goods for the bun and a shade of a well-cooked patty for the text.

What does the Burger King logo symbolize?

The Burger King logo symbolizes a delicious hamburger. To do this, the designers drew a stylized bun, cut it into two parts, and placed a “patty” – the brand name – in the middle. Thus, the fast-food restaurant’s logo advertises itself, attracts visitors, and demonstrates the basis of the menu.

What does the Burger King logo represent?

Burger King has a trendy logo. It whets the appetite of viewers and makes them go to the restaurant to order a tasty hamburger. For this, the designers depicted it as large, fluffy, and in natural colors. As a result, the yellow bun repeats the palette of fresh baking, and the words inside are colored in the shade of a well-cooked patty. That is, looking at the logo, it becomes clear to a person: the restaurant serves simple and delicious food.

Why does Burger King have a new logo?

The new Burger King logo appeared in 2021. This is related to promoting the concept of naturalness – that the food in this fast-food chain is made from clean and fresh products. Also, the connection with history was emphasized – with past emblems that are simple and visually understandable. In the same year, the franchise updated everything: the symbol, uniform, interior design, and packaging. The creative studio Jones Knowles Ritchie worked on the task.

Is the Burger King mascot a man or a woman?

The mascot is a man. It is the king whose image first appeared on the Burger King logo in 1957. After it was removed from the emblem, this character was used separately and animated for advertising. Since 2004, it has perfectly complemented the name of the fast-food restaurant chain.

When was the Burger King logo used?

The first Burger King logo was used in 1953. The image of the king appeared in it in 1957. Then began the era of hamburgers with the name in the middle. It was introduced in 1969 and is still relevant despite minor changes.

What is the hidden meaning behind the Burger King logo?

The Burger King logo’s meaning is quite straightforward: delicious and quality food, king-sized portions, affordability, and a friendly atmosphere. Thus, the brand identity fully accomplishes its task – it promotes the chain and attracts customers.

Who designed the Burger King logo?

Artists Kramer and Matthew Burns created the very first Burger King logo. It featured a grey sun with triangular rays. Sterling Brands developed the round and colorful version. The modern update (2021) was done by the company Jones Knowles Ritchie.

What is the Burger King mascot based on?

The mascot of this fast-food chain is based on the image of Burger King, which is very large. In 1957, designers depicted it literally: on the Burger King logo, the king sat not on a throne but on a bun cut in half, in which the restaurant’s name replaced the patty.

When was the old Burger King logo used?

The old Burger King hamburger logo was first used in 1969. Despite minor changes, it was used until 1999 inclusive. In 2021, the company reintroduced the hamburger into the emblem. The oldest sign dates back to the fast-food chain’s inception in 1953. It depicted a sun with triangular rays.