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Burger King Logo

Burger King Logo
Burger King Logo PNG

Burger King is the name of an American company that owns a chain of fast-food restaurants. It was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1953. After 1954, Insta-Burger King ran into financial difficulties. Two local businesses that used the brand in a franchise (a private or legal entity that uses the trademark with the franchisor’s consent), David Edgerton and James McLamore, acquired the company and renamed it, Burger King. Soon it was bought by two local franchisees – but then they resold the company. Now the Brazilian corporation 3G Capital owns a controlling stake, and the institution itself is located in Miami, Florida.

Meaning and History

Burger King Logo History
Evolution of the Burger King Logo

The original company was called Insta Burger King. Its emblem had an icon resembling the sun. But a year later, the founders began to experience financial difficulties and sold the company to David Edgerton and James McLamore, who renamed it, Burger King. Over the next 50 years, she changed owners four times, reflected in the corporate design.

The company is the second most recognized brand in the world among fast-food restaurants, of course, after the famous McDonald’s Golden Arch. In many ways, this became possible due to a very bright and memorable logo.

Initially, the company logo had only one textual embodiment (even before David Edgerton and James McLamore acquired the company’s shares). The image of the king of hamburgers flaunted on restaurant signs and was actively promoted in the media.

In the decades that followed, logos were quite complex in terms of the number of elements and details. Their integral part was the king himself (the same Burger King), who was sitting on a hamburger with a glass of drink and a pipe in his hand.

The company adopted the logo, which later became the prototype for the current logo in 1967. It was so successful that it underwent only minor changes. And since then, all versions of the logos have a simple design and a delightful and memorable color scheme.
For many years, the logo consisted of two halves of buns (Bun Halves) with the company’s name in between. This detail has become a key part of the brand’s image.

1953 – 1954

Insta Burger King Logo 1953-1954

The debut logo looked like a rising or setting sun. It was a half-disk with short triangular beams. The color scheme is gray-black.

1954 – 1957

Burger King Logo 1954-1957

The merit of the franchisors was that they cut off an extra word from the name. Therefore, the emblem of that period looks minimalistic, practical, and restrained. There is nothing superfluous on it – only the name made in black letters on a white background. The font is individual, with a shortened stem at the “R” and pointed ends at the “U.”

1957 – 1969

Burger King Logo 1957-1969

The following owners of the establishment redesigned the logo to emphasize the phrase “Burger King.” They used an image of a king sitting on a large burger with a drink in a plastic glass. Below on a yellow background is written the company’s name and the phrase “Home of the Whopper.” That is, it was an advertising badge, not a trademark designation. The logo was very colorful. In addition to yellow, it contained red (two types), blue, white, and black (for contours). In parallel, the previous version of the logo appeared: it was included in the inscription.

1969 – 1994

Burger King Logo 1969-1994

In 1969, the company switched to an updated logo. It shows a bun cut in two, and the name of a restaurant chain is placed between the halves in two tiers. This option lasted a short time and was revived in 2019 for Super Bowl LIII (took place in February) and the third season of the Netflix series Stranger Things (May).

The color scheme is borrowed from the previous version, but the form, composition, and style have received dramatic changes. The bold red lettering takes center stage in a rounded sans serif font with smooth lines. The designers stretched the “King” part to create the best balance between long and short words.

1994 – 1999

Burger King Logo 1994-1999

This emblem is an improved version of the previous one. It was introduced in April 1994 with less cartoonish text. The Burger King lettering style is austere, with straight letters and a fluffy top of an improvised bun.

1999 – 2021

Burger King Logo 1999-present

On the eve of the new century, Burger King redesigned its logo again. It was developed by the professional studio Sterling Brands. Outwardly, it resembles the original 1969 version and the 1994 version. The only difference is the blue C-shaped crescent that complements the logo. The company name is still found inside the burger between the two halves of the loaf. But it’s zoomed in, diagonally positioned, and written in a modern sans-serif typeface.

2021 – present

Burger King Logo 2021-present

Font and Color of the Emblem

Burger King Emblem

Thanks to constant renewal, brand identity is now recognizable all over the world. It visually stylized the name of the restaurant chain – Burger King. That is, the most successful variants have a large mouth-watering “burger king.”

Burger King Symbol

The text part of the logo was written in different typefaces at different times. The letters were smooth, convex, with jagged edges or, conversely, streamlined. One of the fonts resembles TILT (old), the other (more modern) is close to VAG Rounded ExtraBold.

The color of the logo is extremely important for catering. From the very beginning, the designers aimed to stimulate potential buyers’ appetite by using very mouth-watering images and colors. The colors of the modern logo match the ultra-modern fast-food culture. The owners perfectly understood this and tried to fill the logo with paints as close as possible to the natural color of bread, meat, vegetables. As a result, they chose juicy yellow, orange, red, and recently supplemented them with blue.