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The key emotions the Nestle logo conveys with a nest are reliability, care, and cordiality. The bird is the present, and it feeds the future – the chicks. And here, the continuity is shown not only of generations but also of traditions transmitted from parents to children. So with the products of this company, families become more united and more responsible. All this is reflected in the subtle stylization of a simple image.

Nestle: Brand overview

Founder:Henri Nestle
Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland
Nestle is a food and beverage company that is a leader in several core industries. Its logo can be seen on tea, coffee, confectionery, frozen convenience foods, cereals, snacks, bottled water, health, and baby food. The brand’s location is the city of Vevey (Switzerland), where it appeared thanks to the merger of two companies formed in 1866. Their founders are brothers George and Charles Page and Henri Nestle. Today, the former dairy enterprises have become a food industry giant, which owns 29 brands, 447 factories, and is recognizable worldwide.

Meaning and History

Nestle Logo History

Nestlé has changed its logo several times over its 150-year career. There are currently seven known versions, which are almost identical, as the editing involved minor details. In general, the logo’s evolution moved from a complex version with a lot of details to a simple and understandable one. The visual identity of the company appeared before its formation.

What is Nestle?

Nestlé Société Anonyme is the largest manufacturer of food products, including a variety of drinks, snacks, breakfast cereals, and specialty meals. The company has existed since 1866 and is based in the Swiss city of Vevey.

1866 – 1868

Nestle Logo 1866-1868

The early version contains the family crest of the founder of the company, Henri Nestle. Its central element is a bird in a nest located inside the shield. Above it is a knight’s helmet with two lush feathers.

1868 – 1938

Nestle Logo 1868-1938

This emblem appeared during the founder’s life and was used for 70 years until it received the long-awaited update. It consisted of a nest where there were three chicks, and their mother was sitting next to it. This interpretation of the logo perfectly emphasizes the company’s basic direction – the production of products for feeding babies. According to the owner, these are blackbirds on a branch of an oak tree.

1938 – 1966

Nestle Logo 1938-1966

This period is distinguished by the fact that a horizontal inscription appeared on the logo – the Nestle company’s name. It was much darker than a bird’s nest, so it blocked its view.

1966 – 1984

Nestle Logo 1966-1984

In 1966, the artists redrew the central element: the nest with birds became contour, simple, without unnecessary details.

1984 – 1995

Nestle Logo 1984-1995

At that time, a legendary version appeared, as closely as possible resembling a modern logo. The designers moved the text down, left two chicks in the nest, and removed the worm from the bird’s beak.

1995 – 2015

Nestle Logo 1995-2015

This modification is visually simple because small touches have disappeared from the logo.

2015 – today

Nestle Logo 2015-present

The current version received wide lines so that the trademark was conveniently displayed on personal digital devices.

Font and Colors

Nestle Emblem

The logo’s symbolism is directly related to the pedigree of its founder since it uses the image of a bird from the family coat of arms sitting on a nest. And she appeared there thanks to the surname Nestle, which in German means “bird.”

Nestle Symbol

Since 1984, the name has been written in a typeface reminiscent of Helvetica, and before that, the classic serif typeface was in use. The capital letter “N” is graphically highlighted: one of its legs is lengthened horizontally, which gives the impression of protecting babies because the other characters are small, lowercase. The logo’s color palette is simple, based on a combination of white with brown, gray, or black.

Nestle color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Nestle logo symbolize?

The Nestlé logo symbolizes the feeding process: the bird (mother) brought food to its nestlings. This has to do with who the company is in the food industry and, in particular, baby food. On the other hand, the logo contains associations with love and care, which inspire subconscious trust in consumers.

Why is Nestle logo a bird?

The bird on the Nestle logo appeared for a reason. The fact is that the company’s name is translated from German as ‘small nest,’ and the family coat of arms of Henri Nestlé depicted a bird in a nest. The brand’s creator completed the drawing by adding three chicks, the number of which was reduced to two over time.

Why did Nestle change their logo?

The 2015 redesign was to adapt the Nestlé logo to the digital age. The developers have simplified the lines and reduced their number so that the drawing is adequately displayed on the screens of mobile devices.

Which is the bird in Nestle logo?

The bird depicted in the Nestlé logo belongs to the blackbird family. And the branch on which the nest with chicks is located in oak.

What is the meaning of the Nestle Logo?

The Nestle logo means maternal tenderness and love. The baby food manufacturer compares himself to a caring bird that feeds its chicks. With these images, he wanted to create a visual connection between his name and the nursing products. By the way, the idea to depict a bird in a nest arose by chance: Henri Nestle, who founded the company, wanted to use the family coat of arms as an emblem. And only then did the designers put new meaning into the drawing.

What does the Nestle logo symbolize?

The main symbol of the Nestle logo is a bird that brings food to its chicks. She represents unconditional motherly love. In the context of the brand, this image represents Nestle as a manufacturer of quality baby food. With a simple but powerful logo, the company is trying to show that it knows better than anyone what kids need. That is, she positions herself as a caring bird and perceives clients as hungry chicks.

Why is Nestle logo a bird?

The idea to use the bird on the logo first came to Henri Nestle, who founded the company and named it after himself. He wanted his business to be represented by the family coat of arms, which contained an image of a lone bird in a nest. The first version of the logo was adopted in 1868. Later, the designers finalized the images by adding two helpless chicks so that the emblem symbolized a nursing mother. By the way, the word ‘Nestle’ is translated as ‘little nest.’

Why did Nestle change their logo?

The company has repeatedly changed its logo to make it better, simpler, and more understandable. To do this, she removed unnecessary details from her point of view, corrected the shape of lines, and smoothed out sharp corners. The 2015 redesign was meant to adapt the Nestle logo to the digital age because many people now reproduce it on the small screens of mobile devices.

Which is the bird in Nestle logo?

Rumor has it that the bird from the Nestle logo belongs to the thrush family. And this is even though it is white and, in appearance, does not at all look like a thrush. It can be considered, rather, a collective image of a mother bird that takes care of its chicks.

Which font is used in Nestle logo?

Before 1984, the Nestle logo was written in a bold serif typeface. After the redesign, a modified font from the Helvetica family began to be used for the brand name. This neo-grotesque was designed in 1957 by the Swiss typographer Max Miedinger and was originally known as Neue Haas Grotesk.