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McDonald’s is a well-known corporation and namesake fast-food restaurant chain operating on a franchising system. It emerged in 1940, founded by brothers Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald. Its career began in San Bernardino, California.

McDonald’s: Brand overview

McDonald’s is a well-known corporation and a chain of fast-food restaurants of the same name. It operates on a franchise system. It appeared in 1940. The company was created by brothers Maurice McDonald and Richard McDonald. Its career began in the city of San Bernardino, California.

Meaning and History

McDonalds Logo History

The dawn of the great empire named McDonald’s dates back to the mid-20th century. The restaurant opened in 1940, founded by the McDonald brothers, with a menu of only 20 items, including hamburgers, fries, and Coca-Cola.

Realizing the demand was high, they decided to create and implement their system of fast customer service. They created a kitchen where people could work quickly to serve customers more efficiently. This allowed them to reduce customer service time, enabling faster operations and selling more dishes much cheaper. For instance, burgers were priced at $0.15, half the price of competitors. As the business evolved, the brothers opened the first McDonald’s restaurant with yellow arches, now the restaurant’s logo. These were arches that crossed the restaurant but were not together, as now in the restaurant’s logo. After several franchise attempts, Ray Kroc joined the story, managing to expand the company worldwide.

As the company expanded, it decided to use marketing strategies; initially, it used the famous clown Ronald McDonald, who later became another company symbol. In the 1970s, the idea to implement a “Drive-Thru” feature emerged, which was a complete success, and a few years later, Happy Meal was launched. The idea of “happy boxes” was a massive hit, as children worldwide eagerly awaited receiving a toy with their favorite food. By the end of the 20th century, the “McCafé” idea was implemented, offering breakfasts, and in Israel, even a kosher restaurant opened. The McDonald’s chain opened in Moscow, a fact that cannot be ignored.

In 2000, the slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” was coined, becoming an immutable guidepost for the brand. With this slogan, McDonald’s is not so much advertising its food as it is embodying the joyful spirit felt in every franchise worldwide. It’s important to remember that this is not just a name but an entire era – from a long and well-studied history to the establishment of the company as an empire.

Although the company was officially founded in 1955, its roots date back 15 years. The birth of the great empire, based on hamburgers, fries, and Coca-Cola, dates back to the mid-20th century. The restaurant opened in 1940 next to a gas station and had only three menu items. Thus began the era of minimal menus, reliable self-service, and affordable food.

Over time, the project turned into a franchise – trading a business idea. Ray Kroc, who first bought the franchise (in 1954) and then fully acquired the rights to the catering enterprise (in 1961), facilitated this. Therefore, April 1955 is considered the start of McDonald’s operation.

With the new owner, the system became more active and entered a phase of rapid development, as Kroc was knowledgeable in marketing. He suggested transforming the company’s logo, which later became recognizable worldwide. Moreover, the owner did not abandon the original image but used it to his advantage. But before becoming a recognizable emblem, it underwent several transformations.

It’s impossible to single out one particular emblem that the company adheres to today. All logos have the right to exist and are used in one situation or another on McDonald’s products.

What is McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is an American company that owns an international fast-food restaurant chain of the same name. It emerged in 1940 and initially was a simple kiosk selling hamburgers. Fifteen years later, Raymond Albert Kroc transformed the corporation into a franchise, took full control of the business, and expanded McDonald’s presence worldwide. Now, the chain comprises over 386,000 restaurants.

1940 – 1948

McDonalds Famous Barbecue Logo 1940

The debut trademark looks classic: a rectangle with several inscriptions in different fonts. At the top of the sign is the word “McDonald’s,” in the middle is “Famous,” and at the bottom is “Barbecue.” The palette is monochromatic and unattractive.

1948 – 1953

McDonalds Famous Hamburgers Logo 1948

The eatery was going through tough times and needed changes at that time. The owners decided to redo the logo and changed the contrast principle. If previously, there were black letters on a white background; now everything is the opposite. They also added the phrase “Buyer for a bag” and an image of a chef in a white cap placed in a circle.

1953 – 1968

McDonalds Logo 1953

On the eve of Ray Kroc’s career in fast-food restaurants, the logo underwent another significant transformation. It featured the word “McDonald’s” in bright red color. The font is uneven and slanted. The image of the chef in a circle remained on the logo, and the inscription “Coast to Coast” was added.

1961 – 1968

McDonalds Logo 1961

This was a legendary time: it was then that the “Golden Arches” became the restaurant chain’s trademark. They were displayed at a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. The central legs are crossed (one behind the other) and intersected by a diagonal line of the same color.

1968 – today

McDonalds Logo 1968

During this period, the lower inscription (the name “McDonald’s”) was moved up, and the color was changed from red to black. The central element’s placement was also changed, connecting the arches’ legs so that the object visually resembled the letter “M.”

1975 – today

McDonalds Logo 1975

In 1983, the designers introduced a red background to the logo and made the letters white.

1993 – 2010

McDonalds Logo 1993

Ten years later, the restaurant chain received an emblem, most similar to the modern one – without inscriptions and other signs. It depicts only double golden arches – yellow and black. This makes the arch stand out above the surface it’s applied to. Such a change is associated with the overall recognizability of the trademark.

2003 – 2006

McDonalds Logo 2003

During this period, two versions were related to the black contour on the right being removed, giving the arches volume. In one version, the logo is placed against a red square background; in the other – it is against a white background.

2006 – today

McDonalds Logo 2006

Since then, the “Golden Arches” have been used in minimalist design and a golden-bright palette.

2018 – today

McDonalds Logo

Another variation of the logo used on the product appeared, with the golden arch placed on a square with a red background. In 2020, due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the company introduced a logo in which the arches are separated from each other. The company decided to show its attitude to the situation, urging customers of its products to keep a distance between people to avoid infection.

Font and Colors

McDonalds Symbol

The golden arches symbolize the wealth they can gain by becoming part of the company. The golden arches are also a symbol of protection and safety.

McDonald's Emblem

The letter “M” has been on the restaurant’s logo almost from the beginning. Initially, it was doubled, reminiscent of the two McDonald brothers who founded McDonald’s. In the late 1960s, the icon was adjusted, giving it a clear shape of arches, connected in the form of the letter “M” with thickening at the end.

The brand’s color palette consists of a combination of yellow, red, and green. According to the creators, the red color attracts attention and excites appetite. Yellow symbolizes joy, a lifted mood, robust health, and friendliness. The green color (which appeared in 2007) symbolizes a commitment to sustainable development and stability.

McDonalds sign

Why are McDonald’s colors red and yellow? Red color attracts attention and induces a feeling of hunger. On the other hand, yellow evokes feelings of joy and friendship. Undoubtedly, the red and yellow colors create high contrast, making people want to eat at McDonald’s, as these colors unconsciously prompt the consumer to eat there.

The dark green color, which appeared in 2007, symbolizes a commitment to eco-friendliness. It should also be noted that logos in Europe are mostly green. However, the background color of the logo periodically changes.

This is how a small fast-food restaurant transformed into an empire and expanded worldwide, eventually becoming a large company. This logo is one of the most recognizable globally, impossible to confuse with any other, and behind its golden arches lies an entire era. It’s no secret that the letter “M” has been, is, and will continue to delight children and adults.

McDonald’s color codes

Maximum RedHex color:#d62718
RGB:214 39 24
CMYK:0 82 89 16
Pantone:PMS 187 C
SunglowHex color:#fdc92b
RGB:227 212 173
CMYK:0 4 20 7
Pantone:PMS 116 C


What does the McDonald’s symbol symbolize?

The main symbol of McDonald’s is the golden arch in the shape of the letter M. At first glance; it seems to be a reference to the company’s name. But Richard McDonald, who created this element, didn’t imbue it with any meaning. He simply wanted to diversify the architecture of the restaurants to make them noticeable to those driving by. In the modern world, the “golden arches” are associated with globalization and capitalism.

Why did McDonald’s choose its logo?

The McDonald’s logo is shaped like two connected arches. Its first version was adopted in the early 1960s when the company wanted to improve its image. At that time, Fred Turner suggested using a V-shaped emblem. But the chief designer, Jim Schindler, replaced the letter “V” with the letter “M.” He was inspired by the “golden arches” – the main architectural element of all the chain’s restaurants.

Why is the McDonald’s logo so successful?

The success of the McDonald’s logo is explained by the fact that it belongs to the company. Since the fast-food chain elicits positive emotions in people, its logo is also associated with something good, pleasant, and positive. However, it should be acknowledged that the symbol in the form of “golden arches” has an advantage over other logos because it is simple, visible, and easy to remember.

What is the McDonald’s symbol?

The McDonald’s symbol is called “golden arches.” These yellow arches form the letter “M” – the most famous letter from the name of the fast-food restaurant chain. The stylized letter “M” first appeared as an element decorating the building of the first franchised McDonald’s restaurant in Phoenix. Architect Stanley Clark Meston conceived this design. Later, the two arches on the emblem acquired a new meaning: they now symbolize a mother’s breast.

Why did McDonald’s choose its logo?

The first “Golden Arches” design appeared in 1961 when McDonald’s changed ownership. The company’s new owner, Ray Kroc, ordered the creation of a simple and clear logo for the fast-food chain. The company president, Fred Turner, assigned this challenging task to someone with at least a modicum of design knowledge – the construction manager, Jim Schindler. Being a connoisseur of architecture, he decided to make the emblem from the arches that adorn the buildings of the restaurants.

Why is the McDonald’s logo so successful?

Three factors determine the success of the McDonald’s logo. The first is the shape, which directly affects recognizability. The golden arches in the form of a simple but elegant letter “M” are associated only with one brand. The second aspect is the color. Everyone likes bright shades of red and yellow; they symbolize confidence and strength and immediately catch the eye. The third factor is the font. McDonald’s has a logo with inscriptions where each letter confirms the brand’s authenticity.

What does the McDonald’s logo symbolize?

The most characteristic of the McDonald’s logo is its color scheme. To create the letter “M,” designers used bright shades of red and yellow. The red color, in this case, symbolizes a passion for food directly related to the food industry. Yellow symbolizes the life-giving light, warmth, and sunshine. It is also associated with cheerfulness, sociability, and fun. The chosen golden shade reminds of the color of French fries fried in a deep fryer.

Does the McDonald’s logo depict a breast?

Jim Schindler, who created the first version of the “Golden Arches,” did not imbue this sign with a double meaning. As the head of the construction department, he depicted only two arches. Later, the McDonald’s logo was said to resemble a woman’s breast. The company’s executives wanted to change the logo, but psychologist Louis Cheskin dissuaded them. He convinced the business owners that associations with nursing mothers successfully manipulated customers’ subconscious.

What do the golden arches of McDonald’s symbolize?

In the McDonald’s brand context, the golden arches represent the capital letter “M,” and some people even see a woman’s breast in them. They symbolize stability as part of the restaurant’s architecture, as their shape seems quite stable. As a metonym, the term “Golden Arches” refers to globalization or capitalism, as McDonald’s has covered almost the entire world with its chain of restaurants.

Is there a hidden meaning in the McDonald’s logo?

The McDonald’s logo has one obvious meaning: the arches form the first letter of the brand name. But the smooth curves of the letter “M” also resemble a woman’s breast. Of course, initially, the emblem’s creator did not imbue it with hidden meaning. Freudian symbolism appeared accidentally. Knowing about the double meaning of the arches, the company decided to keep them so they would be associated with a nursing mother’s breast and embody maternal love.

What hidden message is contained in the McDonald’s logo?

The McDonald’s logo contains hidden messages – not one, but several. Designers used the color red to attract attention to the brand and awaken appetite. Conversely, Yellow is meant to act softly and soothingly, evoking a sense of joy. The arched shape of the sign is a tribute to the architectural elements that adorn the restaurants.

When was the McDonald’s logo created?

The creator of the first version of the “Golden Arches” is considered to be Jim Schindler, who was the head of the construction department at the time of his creative debut. In his conception, the two parts of the letter “M” were crossed by a long diagonal line. Other designers hired by the company developed the classic version of the McDonald’s logo.