KFC Logo

KFC Logo

KFC is a fast-food restaurant, well known throughout the world. Brand Founded by Colonel Sanders and has existed since 1930. The restaurant chain is part of Yum! Brands and headquarters are located in the Louisville city of Kentucky.

Meaning and History

KFC Logo History
Evolution of the KFC Logo

What is KFC?

KFC is the company that popularized chicken in the fast-food industry by offering an alternative to popular hamburgers. It was founded in 1930 when Harland David Sanders opened its first restaurant. Its expanded name is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The KFC brand logo has always adhered to two basic elements: the corporate color palette and the founder’s portrait. Over the years of its existence, it has changed five times. Moreover, these were not radical changes, but adjustments that have the right to be called the evolution of a trademark.

1952 – 1978

Kentucky Fried Chicken Logo 1952-1978

The emblem of that period can be considered debut since it was she who laid the foundation for a series of recognizable corporate symbols. It consists of graphic and text parts in black and white.

The first is a minimalist portrait of the founder and owner of the brand, Colonel Sanders. The figure shows only his head with a bow tie, forming the image of a funny man because the bow looks like the arms and legs of a cartoon character.

The second fragment is the expanded name of the fast-food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken. It translates as “Kentucky Roast Chicken” and indicates the main ingredient of the menu. The font is drawn, with capital letters “K,” “F,” and “C.”

1978 – 1991

Kentucky Fried Chicken Logo 1978-1991

The year 1978 brought tangible changes to the logo. Designers moved the graphic symbol to the left and placed it in front of the phrase, which was built into a three-level column. The face was enlarged, and his expression was made kinder and smoother to evoke a pleasant impression among potential visitors. As a result, a regular redesign turned into a profitable marketing move. Typography was also modernized, focusing on the letter “K” with the help of an elongated leg that extends beyond the “C.”

1991 – 1997

KFC Logo 1991-1997

During this period, the owner decided to change the name, officially leaving an abridged version. This was done for two reasons. The first – the catering point has already gained recognition and did not require detailed decryption. The second – a small word fit better into an expensive advertising space. The basic sign of the badge of those years is the corporate color scheme, which was then always present on the logo. This is a combination of red, black, and white.

In 1997, a new emphasis on KFC visual identity appeared – “photography” of the restaurant chain owner. The colonel is depicted realistically, and his portrait is made in blue and white, close to a pastel palette. In the background of the square emblem is a solid red background.

1997 – 2006

KFC Logo 1997-2006

The logo of this time is the result of the work of Landon Associates. At the end of the period, he is replaced by a round symbol with a kindly smile on the face of Colonel Sanders in a stylized pencil-portrait design. The official jacket was replaced with an apron with three vertical stripes, and the abbreviation “KFC” is located to the left of the central image, directly above the shoulder.

2006 – 2014

KFC Logo 2006-2014

In 2006, the dark red circle with an exquisite image of a colonel dressed in an apron instead of a tuxedo was still relevant. Still, in parallel, an official replacement was being prepared.

20014 – 2018

KFC Logo 2014-2018

The monochrome version of the KFC logo is a tribute to the original emblem of 1952. The difference between the previous version and the current one is that the modern version contains a short form of the name, placed under a friendly smiling head with a characteristic bow tie.

2018 – today

KFC Logo 2018-present

What does the KFC logo represent?

The KFC logo depicts the most famous brand representative – Harland David Sanders. This man founded the fast-food chain and patented the secret recipe for cooking chicken. The designers have placed his portrait inside a trapezoidal shape, shaped like a glass.

The latest KFC branding redesign took place in 2018. The developers changed the shape of the logo to trapezoidal and improved the portrait. The white-red background now has three wide vertical lines; a black outline surrounds the face. The graphic sign is placed on the central strip – white. There is the abbreviation KFC in italics. Due to the trapezoid, the logo looks like a glass, one of the main elements of the fast-food chain, causing a feeling of warmth and hospitality.

Font and Color of the Emblem

KFC Emblem

Why did KFC choose their logo?

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Company wants to pay tribute to its creator, so it has long used a logo with its face. And the two red stripes on the sides of the portrait reflect the design of the restaurants’ mansard roofs.

Is the KFC logo a body?

The bow tie depicted under Sanders’ head resembles a caricatured body: the sidelines look like short arms, and the bottom lines look like legs. But, as far as is known, the KFC company itself does not put such a meaning in the logo or is simply silent about it.

What is the new KFC logo?

The new Kentucky Fried Chicken logo still features the face of Colonel Harland Sanders. The abbreviated name of the brand is written under it, for which the designers used bold black letters with serifs and roundings. Both the word mark and the emblem are placed inside an inverted trapezoid. There are two wide red stripes on the sides of the portrait.

Regardless of the year of issue, design, and style, all logo variants have the smiling face of the fast-food chain founder – Colonel Sanders. A good-natured emotion prepares visitors for a favorable atmosphere. She also talks about the great hospitality and delicious food that is prepared here. Another factor in this design is the sign. The fact is that the emblem is used not only as an original trademark sign but also as a decoration of the facade of a building where specialties are served, guided by the principles of the first owner.

The abbreviation has always been written in the same style – italic, uppercase serif typeface. And the color is a continuation of positive emotion: the owner’s welcoming smile is emphasized by non-aggressive red. The black strokes depict the Colonel Sanders head and bow, clearly visible against the white background.

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