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Pringles Logo

Pringles Logo
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The official name of the brand is Pringles. The country of origin is the United States, and the product was first introduced in 1968. Pringles potato chips will probably always be one of the brightest brands and, of course, a favorite for the consumer. Can you believe that this packaging is so amazing that it has become one of the most famous in the world? A rich and unique taste is what sets them apart from the crowd of other brands among potato chips.

A little different potatoes

Pringles Logo history
Pringles Logo Evolution

This is a brand of snacks that are often confused with conventional chips, but it is not entirely true. Pringles contain only 40% of normal potatoes; the rest is wheat flour and starch, mixed with vegetable oil and emulsions. Therefore, it is more correct to call it a light snack. They look like crispy potato crackers that grab you when you open the package because the smell and taste make you eat more and enjoy every moment.

The recipe for the famous Pringles potato comes from the mind of a genius named Alexander Liepa, a chemist by profession. It was originally invented for Procter & Gamble in 1956, and no one imagined that this brand would conquer the world. However, it took several years for the Pringles recipe and taste to improve. In 1868, the company introduced potatoes to the North American market.

As for the name, there are various legends about its origin. Some say the name for potato chips was found in the phone book by the marketing department. In this phone book, Pringle Drive, which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, was marked somewhere. Another slightly crazy idea: these chips are named after Mark Pringle, who in 1973 proposed a new way to process potatoes.

The packaging that conquered the world

Pringles emblem

What does Pringles do to make him so famous and recognizable all over the world? You will find the correct answer on the package; This is an elongated metal packaging, which, depending on the taste, has a different color. Many flavors have become so famous that the consumer already associates the color with the corresponding potato aroma. The packaging is easy to recognize and has become a success for the company. It is very easy to transport, and when you take the product out of the can, your hands will not get dirty. Most importantly, the product itself is not damaged during transportation, unlike a regular soft pack. The shape of the chips appeared simultaneously with the packaging.

Genuine brand identity

Pringles symbol

The printing house that appears on the packaging is remembered and remains in the memory of consumers. This is one of the things that does not change depending on the taste of the potato. The fact that the letter and color have not changed helps them to remain among the recognized characters. The first letter is uppercase, and the rest are lowercase, which is slightly tilted. The yellow color of the inscription makes the packaging stand out even more. The brand and logo are interconnected, which means that the yellow letters and the mustachioed man are the identities of one brand. Two eyes, a bright and easy to remember hairstyle, brown hair, a large and beautiful mustache, and a red bow-tie in a suit make the logo memorable.

What is also very important is that the potato that is drawn on the packaging matches the one that the buyer finds when opening. The packaging itself convinces the buyer that the potato has a rich and strong taste. In most countries, Pringles are available in various volumes for use.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that Pringles is an example of good brand positioning, how to maintain consumer interest for decades, and remain among the best-selling brands. This is a model example of brand development, and the Pringles logo appears here as one of the elements of the success formula.