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The Pringles logo, which looks modern today, has ensured the recognition and success of America’s favorite product – chips. The attractive, fun logo, which is a multi-part mascot, has retained its historicity to this day.

Pringles: Brand overview

The official name of the brand is Pringles. The country of origin is the United States, and the product itself was first introduced in 1968. Pringles potato chips will probably always be one of the most colorful brands and certainly a consumer favorite. Can you believe that this packaging is so amazing that it has become one of the most famous in the world? The rich and unique flavor is what makes them stand out from the crowd of other brands of potato chips. Its range of wheat potato chips comes in different flavors like cheese, smoked bacon, chili sauce, green onion, grilled steak, pizza, paprika, crab, etc.

Meaning and History

Pringles Logo History

This snack brand is often confused with regular chips, but that’s not entirely true. Pringles contain only 40% of regular potatoes; the rest is wheat flour and starch mixed with vegetable oil and emulsions. Therefore, it is more correct to call them a light snack. They are like crispy potato crackers that are grabbed immediately after opening the package because the smell and taste make you eat more and enjoy every moment.

The recipe for the famous Pringles potatoes belongs to the mind of a genius named Alexander Liepa, a chemist by profession. It was originally invented for Procter & Gamble in 1956, and no one envisioned that the brand would take over the world. However, it took a few years to perfect the recipe and flavor of Pringles. In 1868, the company introduced the potato to the North American market.

As for the name, there are various legends about its origin. Some claim that the name for potato chips was found in the phone book by the marketing department. In that phone book, Pringle Drive, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, was noted somewhere. Another slightly crazy idea: these chips are named after Mark Pringle, who in 1973 proposed a new way of processing potatoes.

The brand’s creators did a good job of honoring his legend. By the time the first Pringles chips hit the shelves, the branding was complete. Procter & Gamble came up with the name for the new product simply by looking in the phone book. They saw “Pringle Avenue” written on the pages of the book with Cincinnati addresses, and they liked it immediately. It was decided to keep the first word, adding an “s” at the end.

The specialists paid no less attention to the logo. It depicts the main mascot of the brand – baker Julius Pringles. His appearance changed several times, but the image remained recognizable.

What is Pringles?

Pringles is a brand of potato chips in a variety of flavors, the most popular being onion, sour cream, and cheese. The chips are packaged in tall cans and produced in five factories in the United States, China, Poland, Malaysia, and Belgium.

1967 – 1980

Pringles Logo 1967

In the first emblem, the baker’s head had an oval shape. The curled mustache touched the lower edge of the outline; the eyes looked like inverted P’s. The bow tie had the word “PRINGLE’S” written under the white collar.

1980 – 1986

Pringle's Logo 1980

1986 – 1996

Pringles Logo 1986

In 1986, the face took on a round shape, the eyes became large black dots, and eyebrows and mouth appeared. At the same time, the white collar and the apostrophe before the “S” in the brand name disappeared. Gone in 1996, this version of the logo returned in 2011 and has been adorning Rewind Edition chip cans ever since.

1996 – 2002

Pringles Logo 1996

The designers removed the mouth and ruddy cheeks, thus changing the mood of the image. They also muted the colors and rotated the image a few degrees to the left.

2002 – 2009

Pringles Logo 2002

A brand new logo appeared in 2002. The baker now has bangs, bright eyes, and a small red bow tie. There are no eyebrows, and the mustache looks voluminous. Pringles is positioned at the bottom on an orange background.

2009 – 2020

Pringles Logo 2009

In 2009, the brand had a simplified version of the logo. The artists changed the man’s hairstyle again and, at the same time, removed the orange polygon in the background.

The font used for the lettering is similar to Bodega Sans Medium. The letters stand very close, with the last “l,” “e,” and “s” connected. The dot above the “i” is in the shape of a drop. The color scheme includes yellow (# FFEA00) for the brand name, red (# E51B23) for the bow tie, white (#FFFFFFFF) for the head, black (# 000000) for the outline, chocolate (# 744304) and brown (# B76E23) for the mustache and hair.

2020 – 2021

Pringles Logo 2020

2021 – today

Pringles Logo

The packaging that conquered the world

Pringles emblem

What makes Pringles so famous and recognizable around the world? You’ll find the correct answer on the packaging: it’s an oblong metal package that, depending on the flavor, has different colors. Many flavors have become so well known that consumers already associate the color with the corresponding potato flavor. The packaging is easily recognizable and has become a success for the company. It is very easy to transport, and when you take the product out of the jar, your hands don’t get dirty. Most importantly, the product itself is not damaged during transportation, unlike conventional soft packaging. The shape of the chips appeared at the same time as the packaging.

Genuine brand identity

Pringles symbol

The typography depicted on the packaging is memorable and stays in the minds of consumers. It’s one of those things that doesn’t change depending on the flavor of the potato. The fact that the letter and color haven’t changed helps it remain among the recognizable symbols. The first letter is uppercase, and the rest are lowercase, slightly slanted. The yellow color of the lettering makes the packaging stand out even more. The brand and logo are related, meaning the yellow letters and the mustachioed man are the identity of one brand. Two eyes, bright and easy-to-remember hairstyle, brown hair, a big and beautiful mustache, and a red bow tie on the suit make the logo memorable.

It is also very important that the potatoes drawn on the package match what the buyer will discover when opening it. The packaging itself convinces the buyer that the potatoes have a rich and strong flavor. In most countries, Pringles are available in different sizes for use.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that Pringles is an example of proper brand positioning, how it is possible to maintain consumer interest for decades and remain among the best-selling brands. It is an exemplary example of brand development, and the Pringles logo appears here as one of the elements of the formula for success.

Font and Colors

Pringles Emblem

The Pringles logo features the head of a fictional character. In fact, it is a stylized caricature of Julius Pringles, the baker who became a marketing legend. Until 2002, the mascot had eyebrows and a black bow tie with the brand’s name. More recent versions have a modern look, with designer Louis R. Dixon giving them a three-dimensional look and taking the word “Pringles” out of the tie.

Pringles color codes

Mordant Red 19 Hex color: #b40c0c
RGB: 180 12 12
CMYK: 0 93 93 29
Pantone: PMS 485 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C


Why did Pringles change its logo?

Pringles changed the logo design by making the head look like an emoji. The drawing was adapted to the style of modern emojis because the designers wanted to expand the brand’s target audience to include the younger generation.

What is the name of the Pringle logo?

The funny little man on the Pringles logo is called Mr. Pringle. It is the mascot of the American potato chip manufacturer.

Has the Pringles logo changed?

Yes, Pringles had a new logo in December 2020.

How old is the Pringles logo?

The Pringles logo is as old as the company itself. The first version of the head with a mustache was created in 1967.

What does the Pringles Logo symbolize?

The Pringles Logo symbolizes the cheerful mood that delicious chips provide. The oval head with eyebrows, mustache, and bow tie belongs to a fictional character named Julius Pringles. According to legend, this is the good-natured baker who is the main face of the brand. The brown color stands for reliability, while white stands for perfection and purity. Red is not only an eye-catching color but also represents love. Yellow is the personification of energy and sunshine.

Why did Pringles change its logo?

Pringles changed its logo to keep up with the times. Since minimalism is now in fashion, in 2020, the little man “trimmed” and lost the clear boundaries of the head (it became white and is best seen on a colored background). And in 2021, the designers went even further and combined a red bow tie with the brand name. Hired studio Jones Knowles Ritchie simplified and updated the emblem design, presenting the face of the already familiar Julius Pringles in emoji style.

What is the name of the Pringle logo?

Until 2006, the man in the chip logo was called “Pringles Ma” or “Mr. Pringle.” One of the Wikipedia editors under the nickname Platypus Man decided to rectify the situation and asked Michael A. Wiseman to come up with a name for the mascot. He suggested “Julius Pringles” in honor of soccer player Julius Peppers. They edited Wikipedia and created a Facebook group to spread misinformation. In 2013, the company adopted the name Julius Pringles as the official name.

Has Pringles changed its logo?

Yes, in 2021, Pringles updated its logo and simultaneously redesigned its packaging to improve the brand image. As part of the redesign, the iconic logo was modernized and greatly simplified. While Mr. P’s head remains the same as in the previous version created in 2020, the red butterfly looks completely different. It is now very large and aligned horizontally. Its color is darker than before, and inside, it is painted white, lettering “PRINGLES.”

How old is the Pringles logo?

The first logo with the image of Mr. Julius Pringles appeared in 1967, which means it is now more than 55 years old. It was shortly before the brand of wheat potato chips entered the US market and began to be sold there under the name Pringle’s Newfangled Potato Chips. Over the decades, the mascot’s image changed but remained recognizable no matter what. In 2020, Mr. P took on a modern look – minimalist, with eyebrows and no hair.

What does the Pringles guy represent?

The funny little man on the Pringles logo is named Mr. Julius Pringles, but he is better known as Mr. P. This is the main mascot of the brand, which appeared back in 1967. Despite all the design changes, he always has a lush mustache, dotted eyes, and a bow tie. Recently, the artist added raised eyebrows as if he is very surprised about something. Overall, the facial expression is friendly because the mustache with the tips tucked in resembles a smile.

Why is the Pringles man now bald?

Julius Pringles went bald in 2020 because the Pringles company wanted it that way. Perhaps they decided that eyebrows would look better than two strands of hair. Or the designers wanted to emphasize the oval shape of the head in this way, and the hair got in the way. Anyway, the employees of Jones Knowles Ritchie achieved their goal: they simplified the image of a man in the logo and made it look like a smiley face. Now, Mr. P’s head can express different emotions.

What is the meaning behind the Pringles logo?

The Pringles logo has a hidden meaning. It is not by chance that the mascot’s head has an oval shape – it looks like oblong wheat and potato chips, which are produced by the company. The little man himself seems well-fed and full-cheeked, which, in combination with a bald head and a large mustache, creates the image of a good-natured baker. The bow tie adds to his intellectualism. If the yellow color of the inscription echoed the color of chips, then after 2021, the word “PRINGLES” became white.

Who came up with the Pringles logo?

It is believed that the original version of the logo in the form of a Pringles baker’s head was created by New York-based TEAGUE, then Walter Dorwin Teague Associates. Design director Arch Drummond was responsible for developing the concept. He created an image that looked like old-fashioned bakery owners so that people would associate wheat and potato chips with their favorite pastries. The 2021 logo was created by Jones Knowles Ritchie.

When did the Pringles logo change?

The Pringles logo has changed several times, and each time, it has taken on a more modern look. For example, in 1986, the character’s eyes first turned into two black dots. In 1996, the head was turned diagonally, and in 2002, the bow tie was colored red. In 2020, the hair disappeared, but high raised eyebrows appeared as if Mr. P was surprised by something. And in 2021, after another redesign, the word “PRINGLES” moved inside the bow tie.

Who is the Pringle man?

According to legend, the man depicted on the Pringles logo is named Mr. Julius Pringles, abbreviated Mr. P. He is known to be the company’s mascot. His image was inspired by old-fashioned bakery owners, who, in the public’s perception, were thick-cheeked, mustachioed, and good-natured men. The baker creates a crispy crust – as crunchy as Pringles wheat potato chips. In addition, fresh baked goods evoke positive feelings in people.