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The joy that the taste of waffle sticks gives is incomparable with anything because it brings a positive mood and relaxation. The Kit Kat logo carries this concept in a bright design for the brand. His style is carefree and fun. Even the letters “K” convey the shape of confectionery products: they are as elongated as possible. They have a paired structure of the legs, which also works for the marketing strategy.

Kit Kat: Brand overview

Founded: 29 August 1935
Founder: Nestlé, Hershey (US licensee)
United Kingdom
Kit Kat is a popular brand of chocolate and waffle confectionery that entered the market in 1935. It was originally owned by the British company Rowntree’s. The rights to use it are shared between the Swiss multinational corporation Nestlé and the American candy manufacturer The Hershey Company.

Meaning and History

Kit Kat Logo History

One of the reasons for the phenomenal success of Kit Kat is its memorable contrasting logo. As a powerful marketing tool, it is present on all product packaging. The design has been updated several times, but the basic graphic principles have remained unchanged.

What is Kit Kat?

Kit Kat is a confectionery product brand that includes milk chocolate and crunchy waffle. It belongs to the Swiss company Nestle, which bought it out in 1989. The brand of chocolate bars appeared much earlier – in 1935. It was founded by the British firm Rowntree’s.

1935 – 1937

Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp Logo 1935-1937

The first chocolate waffle bars were marketed under the Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp brand. This name was used in place of the logo on the bright red wrapper.

1937 – 1945

Rowntree's Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp Logo 1937-1945

In 1937, the brand was renamed Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp. The words “Kit Kat” were inside a yellow oval.

1945 – 1947

Rowntree's Kit Kat Logo 1945-1947

Throughout 1945-1947. the wrapper was blue because the manufacturer only used dark chocolate due to a lack of ingredients. This was due to the aftermath of World War II. The oval around the inscription has disappeared. The letters have serifs.

1947 – 1988

Rowntree's Kit Kat Logo 1947-1988

The brand returned to the 1937 design but removed the “Chocolate Crisp” phrase.

1988 – 1995

Nestlé Kit Kat Logo 1988-1995

In 1988, Nestlé bought Rowntree’s, and with it the Kit Kat brand. After that, she changed the corporate identity of chocolate and waffle products. The wrapper turned bright red. It features the white lettering “Nestlé” (top) and “Kit Kat” (inside a white ellipse with a double outline).

1995 – 2004

Nestlé Kit Kat Logo 1995-2004

The word “Nestlé” has been reduced and moved to the upper left corner.

2004 – 2017

Nestlé Kit Kat Logo 2004-2017

To make the logo more visible, the designers used shadows. This graphic technique gives the drawing a three-dimensional effect. Also, the developers placed Nestlé in a red, elongated heart shape. Another change has been made to the ellipse’s position – now its right side is slightly raised along with the inscription “Kit Kat.”

2017 – today

Nestlé Kit Kat Logo 2017-present

In 2017, a version of the logo featuring a chocolate waffle bar broken in half appeared.

Font and Colors

Kit Kat Emblem

Nestlé and The Hershey Company have different Kit Kat logos. The Hershey version is the brand name written in white letters with black outlines on a red background. The font is similar to Kitty Katt by Dennis Ludlow.

The Nestlé logo has more original elements. The “Kit Kat” lettering is inside a slanted double-framed oval. The typography style is reminiscent of the modified Gill Sans typeface designed by Arthur Eric Rowton Gill.

In terms of color palette, the graphic sign has a lot in common with Oxo, Virgin, and Coca-Cola – they also rely on a combination of white and red. This shade combination is beneficial from a marketing standpoint because it creates a winning contrast.

Kit Kat color codes

Pigment Red Hex color: #ec2227
RGB: 236 34 39
CMYK: 0 86 83 7
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C

What does the kitkat logo mean?

The chocolate bar depicted in the logo symbolizes crunching because it is broken in half. The word Nestle in a red heart indicates who owns the confectionery brand. And the text mark in the center reflects the brand name. As you know, the phrase Kit Kat was formed on behalf of Cristopher Catling, the club owner, where the cream of society was gathered in the 18th century.

What is the symbol of kitkat?

The symbol of this confectionery brand is the red ‘kitkat’ lettering in a white ellipse. Both elements are slightly raised and positioned diagonally. The letters are reminiscent of chocolate bars due to their three-dimensional design.

Why is the Kit Kat logo different?

The fact is that the kitkat brand belongs to the Swiss corporation Nestle, but it (under license) is also used by the American Hershey Company, which produces chocolate bars for the US market. The kitkat logo by Hershey does not have a classic design: it has the brand name in black and white letters on a red background.

What does the logo symbolize Kit Kat Logo?

The Kit Kat logo symbolizes the high quality of the product. The artists deliberately depicted not a whole chocolate bar but a broken one in half: this way, its layering is better visible. Crumbs flying in all directions make it clear how crispy wafers are used as part of a confectionery product. No wonder it is believed that the crunch increases appetite. In turn, the red and white palette of the emblem does not mean anything: it was chosen only to attract attention.

What does the KitKat logo mean?

The designers who created the logo for KitKat did not put a philosophical meaning into it. They drew a broken bar so that the layers of wafers, toppings, and chocolate could be seen. This is a cunning marketing ploy designed to whet the appetite. Scattered crumbs mean the crunchiness of the product, and a heart with the inscription ‘Nestle’ - the manufacturer’s love (after all, Nestle owns the KitKat brand) for the confectionery industry and for customers.

What is the symbol of KitKat?

All KitKat packages bear the symbol of this brand - a red inscription inside the same red oval ring. The white background creates a contrast that makes the logo more visible. The name of the trademark is made in an individual font and is slightly raised on the right side. Both ‘K’ s are made up of long and even strokes, reminiscent of chocolate bars due to their shape and 3D design. And below is a real KitKat bar, broken in half.

Why is the Kit Kat logo different?

KitKat has several different logos. The classic version with red oval and chocolate bar is used by the Swiss brand, which Nestlé owns. The Hershey Company licensed the brand to sell sweets in the US. Her badge contains the word ‘KitKat’ in white against a red rectangle. And especially for Australia in 2020, an emblem was created in the form of a recycling symbol. Sweets with this design were sold in limited editions.

When did Kit Kat change their logo?

The KitKat logo was changed in 2017. It was then that the designers added an image of a chocolate bar broken into two parts to the inscription. The red color became darker, and the contours of the letters expanded and acquired an orange tint. This made it possible to enhance the 3D effect. The oval frame has been given a clearer shape and now connects to the two ‘Ks.’ And in 2020, a new KitKat emblem appeared briefly in Australia - three brown arrows that form a recycling symbol.