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Kelloggs is a company that produces breakfast cereals, snacks, and instant food. It appeared in 1906 when brothers Will Keith and John Harvey Kellogg learned how to make wheat flakes. The business went up sharply: the company mastered many areas of the food industry and acquired more than one dozen brands.

Meaning and History

Kelloggs Logo History
Evolution of the Kelloggs Logo

What is Kellogg’s?

Kellogg’s is a trading name for the Kellogg Company. It is a convenience food and snack manufacturer that sells products under a variety of brands. Despite the company’s American origins, it has a Royal Warrant.

To differentiate Kellogg’s Corn Flakes from similar products from other manufacturers, Will Keith personally signed each package. This continued throughout the year. The company owners then decided to speed up the process and created a logo with the stylized inscription “Kellogg’s.” According to legal documents, the adopted trademark was first used on May 1, 1907.

In 1916, the designers changed the lettering font, and in 1955, the color. As a result, the emblem turned deep red. In 2012, the company carried out the largest rebranding, entrusting it to the consulting agency Interbrand. Ferris Crane and Andrew Y. Ames, in charge of the corporate identity, repainted “Kellogg’s” pink and added the slogan “Let’s Make Today Great.” This is how a modern version of the classic sign with bright visual graphics appeared.

1906 – 1907

W.K. Kellogg Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company Logo 1906-1907

The debut version is not a logo at all. This is the personal signature of one of the founding brothers – Will Keith Kellogg, which is visible in the improvised emblem. This is their first trademark with a personal touch because the brand owner personally signed each cereal package to make his product stand out from the rest. This went on for a whole year. The inscription is made in black ink on a light background and looks like a fluent semi-connected italics.

1907 – 1916

The Kellogg Company Logo 1907-1916

Tired of signing each pack of products, the brothers decided to improve the business and created a logo in the form of their signature. In May 1907, the first marked the goods they produced. It was also a semblance of handwriting – italic, calligraphic, coherent variation. The signs had a slight slope and an ornate “K.”

1916 – 1955

The Kellogg Company Logo 1916-1955

The redesign touched on the lettering style: the letters became more elongated, fluent, and less slanted. Each symbol received a black border. The color changed from normal red to scarlet.

1955 – 2012

The Kellogg Company Logo 1955-2012

In 1955, the logo was repainted in deep red. Everything else remains the same.

2012 – today

The Kellogg Company Logo 2012-present

Who designed the Kellogg's logo?

On the one hand, Will Keith Kellogg can be considered the author of the Kellogg’s logo because it was his signature that became the basis for the text. From another point of view, modern design is the result of the work of the Interbrand agency.

The modern logo is the result of a large-scale rebranding by the Interbrand agency. It mainly focused on color, suggesting a more current version – red and pink fuchsia. There were no other changes since the stylized signature is a brand name with good recognition among consumers.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Kellogg Emblem

Where did the Kellogg’s logo come from?

Rumor has it that Will Keith Kellogg personally signed every package of Kellogg’s cereal. So he tried to protect products from counterfeiting because his signature was a kind of “quality mark.” Subsequently, this design element became the basis for the logo.

What is Kellogg’s logo?

At first glance, Kellogg’s logo is very simple. It contains the name of the brand for which a red handwritten font is used. This is a slightly improved signature of one of the company’s founders – Will Keith Kellogg.

Why is Kelloggs logo red?

The Kellogg’s logo was originally red – since 1907. Over time, the designers slightly changed the shade of the lettering, but the color itself has been preserved as a tribute to the company’s historical past.

The concept of the logo has never changed. The word “Kellogg’s,” like a hundred years ago, imitates Will Keith’s signature. The letters are tilted to the right and connected. Only the capital “K” is located separately. The lines are smooth and rounded, like typographic Laundry italics. But the company uses its handwritten font called Kellogg’s Sans, which gives the logo a personality.

Kellogg Symbol

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