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Support and compassion for patients – this is the key message conveyed by the ADA logo. The visual identity accurately reflects the commitment to helping people with diabetes, curing them of their dangerous disease, and providing them with an optimal lifestyle. The straight lines suggest the direct intent of the medical organization.

ADA: Brand overview

Arlington, Virginia, U.S.
ADA is an American public, non-profit organization. She tells the population about all forms of diabetes and studies it, provides information support to patients, and promotes the right lifestyle for this type of disease. In addition, the American Diabetes Association (as its abbreviation stands for) treats and distributes methods for the prevention of diabetes throughout the United States. The time of its appearance is 1939. The founders are a group of six leading doctors. The head office is located in Arlington, Virginia.

Meaning and History

ADA Logo History

The non-profit service ADA owes its appearance to the American College of Physicians convention, where a group of doctors decided to unite to conduct educational and medical work among the population. Among them were Herman O. Mosenthal, E. S. Dillion, Joseph H. Barach, and Joseph T. Beardwood Jr. This organization annually gathers scientific meetings and conducts active educational activities, involving many people in the process. In 2022, there were already about 20 thousand people in it.

In 1969, the service carried out one of the most ambitious reforms to achieve its goals effectively. Now its departments cover over 800 locations in the United States. Specialized programs are being introduced to combat diabetes since modern society is more prone to this disease than ever. After all, sweet and fatty foods are in high demand, which, unfortunately, increases their production and, accordingly, demand.

What is ADA?

ADA is a US non-profit organization whose full name is the American Diabetes Association. She deals with the treatment, prevention, and prevention of diabetes of all types. Its main task is to educate the population to prevent this disease. The service is public and was created with the assistance of six doctors: Herman O. Mosenthal, E. S. Dillion, Joseph H. Barach, and Joseph T. Beardwood Jr., The year of its formation was 1939. The headquarters is concentrated in Arlington (Virginia). In addition, it has offices in 800 cities in the United States.

ADA Emblem

The introduction of preventive measures, prevention, treatment, and research of a formidable disease occurs in departments operating under a single sign – a red combined abbreviation. Three letters in it seem to be arranged into one, which conveys the full name of the American Diabetes Association. Moreover, the organization has only one logo, used since its inception. It was adopted in 1940.

The visual identity of ADA is a complex combination of three letters, turned into symbolism with a double meaning. Firstly, it is a stylized abbreviation, and secondly, it reflects the essence of the organization’s activities. This is conveyed in just two elements: a standard trapezoid, placed at a slight inclination, and a wide swoosh, turned sideways. Consequently, one of the geometric figures personifies the stronghold, and the second – is the person who leans on it and thereby receives support.

Both geometric figures are painted in red – the color of blood, which symbolizes diabetes. No wonder the element on the right also looks like an expanded ribbon. Together they resemble the outlines of “A” and “D.” They are followed by the full name of the medical organization American Diabetes Association, placed in three rows. The inscription is made in a classic sans-serif typeface with streamlined glyphs in lower case (only the first letters in each word are capitalized).

Font and Colors

ADA Symbol

ADA chose a simple sans serif for its logo, which is similar in typography to the non-commercial Yoxall Bold typefaces by Roger White and Mytupi Bold by Alvaro Thomaz. Their paid counterpart is Nimbus Sans L Bold.

The corporate palette is thematic and commonly used in the healthcare industry. It combines red (the color of blood) and white (the background, reminiscent of a white medical gown). There is also black: it is used for the inscription in the logo.

ADA color codes

RedHex color:#c41230
RGB:196 18 48
CMYK:0 91 76 23
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C