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The reward for victories in the sky is the main message of the emblem. The Air Force logo is inspired by courage, purposefulness, and bravery. Promises recognition of services to the Motherland. There is a hint of air space and sky blue in the symbols.

Air Force: Brand overview

Founded:18 September 1947
Arlington County, Virginia, United States
Air Force is the United States Armed Forces air force, one of its eight force units. Initially, it was formed as a structure of the American army (in 1907), but after the approval of the National Security Act, it became an independent combat unit (since 1947). The organization appeared within the framework of the US Department of the same name, one of the three military departments of the Ministry of Defense. Its full name is United States Air Force (USAF). Headquarters are located at the Virginia State Pentagon.

Meaning and History

Air Force Logo History

The priorities, tasks, and goals of the Air Force are reflected in its emblems. It has two: one as an identification mark on chevrons, a flag, and other paraphernalia; the second is the official logo, approved in January 2000.

The story of its appearance began with the fact that in the late 90s of the last century, the main headquarters of the United States Air Force addressed a commercial company with an order to research and create unique symbols. The corporate branding firm dispatched representatives to major cities and military sites to learn about employee values, conduct analysis, and get up close and personal with the situation. The studio staff traveled for a long time to the military air points and studied the military’s environment, culture, and heritage.

The result of painstaking work was a truly original sign. The updated logo is based on traditional military values ​​and reflects historical traditions. The proposed design emphasizes the current and future capabilities of the service to protect the US airspace and the country’s interests.

The work took place in several stages. In 1998, initial surveys, surveys, and collaboration with a focus group took place. A year later, a graphic symbol was introduced. This was the prototype for the Air Force emblem in black and white. In the late spring of 2000, the authors applied for registration of the trademark, and in 2001 it was tested on all military personnel.

After a survey conducted in 2002, the target audience noted that most of its representatives (90%) identify the symbol as an official USAF mark. In the first half of autumn 2003, he received registration and serial numbers, and in May 2004, he was officially approved by the chief of staff.

What is Air Force?

Air Force is an air force. In the United States, it is one of the youngest branches of the armed forces, formed in 1947 as a separate unit. It provides air support for naval and ground forces.

1947 – today

Air Force Logo 1947-present

The general logo of the Department of Defense Department looks like a round stamp. The rondel consists of a central circle with a wide edging along the edge, in which the full name of the military service is written. In the center is the bald eagle, the symbol of the United States. He is also depicted in the style of Cubism on a new symbol. The old emblem was used in the early days when the Air Force was part of the army.

2000 – today

Air Force Logo 2000-present

The modern legendary soaring bird symbol, the prototype associated with Air Force General Henry Harley Arnold, is a legacy dating back to World War II. The logo is practically assembled from many geometric shapes: trapezoids, triangles, rhombuses, circles, and parallelograms with one cut-off side. Arranged in a certain way, they form the figure of a bald eagle flapping powerful wings.

There is a five-pointed star in the center of the emblem. It appeared at the expense of negative space – on the contrast of color and straight lines. In the middle, a blue circle is visible, from which white rays diverge in different directions. Below is the inscription “U. S. Air Force. ”

Font and Colors

Air Force Emblem

This military service has two logos – general and individual. Although they are made in different styles, they are connected by the main symbol of the United States – the bald eagle. In the first version, it is classic and close to realism; in the second, it is improvised and resembles the style of Cubism.

Air Force Symbol

The typeface of the lettering on the logo is almost identical to the Craft Gothic Heavy Extended typeface created by FontSite Inc. It is bold, wide, large, stocky, sans serif. The color scheme of the military unit associated with flights is naturally of a heavenly hue, so blue in combination with a white background prevails in the corporate palette.

Air Force color codes

US Air Force Academy BlueHex color:#00519f
RGB:0 81 159
CMYK:100 49 0 38
Pantone:PMS 2945 C

What is the Air Force logo called?

The modern Air Force logo is called Arnold wings. This symbol had come from the days of World War II when it was known as Hap.

Who designed the Air Force emblem?

U.S. emblem Air Force is taken from the ‘Hap’ logo, which dates back to the World War II period. The author of the modern version is a specially hired commercial company, the name of which was not disclosed.

Is the Air Force logo copyrighted?

Yes, the Air Force logo is licensed and copyrighted. The use of any of its trademarks is strictly prohibited by law. Only Air Force can control its logos and generate income from the sale of goods on which they are depicted.

What is the Air Force motto?

The United States Air Force motto is ‘To fly, fight, and win.’ It reflects the new mission of the military organization: aircraft flies, fights, and conquers anywhere and anytime.