Car Logos with Crown

Car Logos with Crown

Historically, the crown is considered a symbol of power, one of monarchs’ main regalia and titled persons. It was worn by emperors and kings, princes and dukes, counts, and popes. They were used to “equip” various deities in the mythologies and beliefs of peoples, thereby rewarding them with inhuman abilities, power, and authority. In the history of humanity, crowns were presented in various forms and were made of pure gold or silver inlaid with precious stones. Native Americans, before the first European colonists, used beautiful bird feathers as an element of decoration. In the modern world, many brands use this sign to symbolize power, strength, and superiority in their logos, emphasizing their advantages over others in their field of activity.

Why do car manufacturers choose a car logo with a crown?

As part of a logo, the crown emblem provides a demonstration, not of superiority, but is an image element, confirming the prestige of its bearer. Because of this, most companies actively use it in their trademarks. In addition, many people associate the symbol with titularity, which gives the organization a high status in the client’s eyes.

By adding an image of regalia, large corporations emphasize a high image formed over time. In addition, the element forms the understanding of what price category the product belongs to and what is the level of quality. Despite the wreath often found in logos, it has a unique graphic design in each case.

Toyota Crown

Toyota Crown Logo

Toyota Crown is a line of full-size sedans. During its existence, the brand has created 15 generations of the series. The car brand belongs to the Premium category. Its elegance with a unique design provides style and the ability to emphasize the features of the owner’s character. The main sales target is designed for Japanese and selective Asian audiences.

Toyota Crown has earned its leading position among the brand’s product lines, thanks to its unwavering reputation earned back in the year of its first release, 1955. Interior design has undergone many changes, becoming an example of privilege. All this is confirmed by the stylized image of the princely crown on the steering wheel and grille. Smooth lines and smooth curves imply stability and nobility. The car reflects independence and refinement of thought, which is considered the main feature of aristocratism.


Scania Crown Logo

The Swedish company, founded in 1891 as a bicycle-car manufacturer, started producing buses, trucks, commercial vehicles, and diesel engines for ships and industry in 1920. From 1968 to 1995, it was part of SAAB and during this period became known for its heavy trucks.

The current version of the logo was developed back in 1984 in collaboration with artist and sculptor Carl Fredrik Reutersward. The main element was the crowned red mythical beast – Gryphon. It was taken from the coat of arms of Count von Skane, symbolizing speed, attention to detail, courage, and strength. With the help of digital technology, the sign got a better visualization. Freed from visual overload, it became more concise and easily perceived, ensuring brand memorability and recognition. The circle denotes integrity, while the elements beyond it indicate a desire for development and cooperation. The blue background in the brand identity reflects in its essence the honesty and fidelity to the stated principles.


Saab Crown Logo

Founded in 1937, Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget initially produced bombers and fighters for military use. The most famous brainchild is the single-seat Viggen 37. Since 1949 the production of automobiles began, which led to a change of the acronym to Svenska Automobil Aktiebolaget.

With Stockholm Design Lab AB, the company got a new brand visualization. After separating SAAB and Scania, it was decided to borrow the red griffin head, framed by a gold crown, which has three tips. This was a tribute to the former union of companies. At the same time, the element combines the king’s qualities of beasts and birds, hinting at the power available and vigilant attention to detail. Below in silver is the SAAB name in Sequel 100 Black 95 typeface with an original refinement that unites the letters in a single structure. The rings surrounding all the parts symbolize the integrity and independence of the company.


Noble Crown Logo

Since 1999 Noble Automotive Ltd, a British car manufacturer based in Leeds, Yorkshire, has been supplying the market with sports class speed machines. It became famous due to the M600 model, which has a top speed of 362 km/h. However, by 2012, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, which led to serial production and custom manufacturing closure.

The brand symbol plays off the first letter of the name of Lee Noble’s founder, chief designer, and director. The mirror arrangement of the letter visually resembles a queen chess piece or a four-pointed crown, which is a claim to aristocratism and superiority of the manufactured cars. Two crossed flags symbolize sports orientation of the concern that bets on speed.


Pininfarina Crown Logo

The Italian company Pininfarina was founded in 1930. It specializes in the development of bodies and external stylistics of light vehicles. It became known thanks to the contracts with American companies. With the beginning of the era of hybrid engines, the brand released its first electric car, Bellore.

The company logo consists of the text brand name, made in square italic font with lower case letters. It effectively reflects the classic and the innovative harmony, which successfully conveys the sense of impeccable style and experience. The mark is represented as a vertically placed rectangle, in the center of which there is an accentuated bold “F” with a curved headband, which is the first letter of the founder’s surname. A red crown with an exquisite pearl draws attention to the brand’s rich heritage. Thanks to digital technology, the brand has undergone small graphic changes related to increased clarity and quality. The color scheme reflects a loyal and quality approach to design issues.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Crown Logo

Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili is an Italian automobile company founded in 1910, which was taken over by Nicola Romeo in 1915 and renamed Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. It has shown brilliant results at all stages of its development, participating in races, such as Formula 1. The technique has received its fame for its innovative approach to design, internal filling, and advanced positions in the automotive industry.

To celebrate its 110th anniversary, the brand decided to redesign the logo in partnership with Robilant Associati Studio. Laconicism and digital technology made the new version more presentable. The color scheme retained the red cross, blue ring, and green snake in its arsenal. The font is Distancia Extra Bolt type, with serifs, symbolically conveying the motion and speed inherent in this category of cars. The dividing strip was removed, with the blue and white background replaced by a silver structure. This made it possible to extend and reduce the number of turns of the crowned Biscione, combining it with the cross of the Milan coat of arms, showing reverence for the country’s history and the nation.