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All Car Logos With Flags

5 Car Logos with Flags

The flag is always perceived as the state symbol of a particular country. One of the important elements, which is always laconic, consists of the correct colors, shapes, and symbols. The flag is recognized worldwide, and respected companies worldwide also use them as part of their branding.

The flag represents a square or rectangular canvas, complemented by details, drawings, and a characteristic color palette. Car companies use them as part of their logos. In this way, brands can demonstrate their power and high status. We have collected five unique logos of your favorite car brands.

1 Spania GTA (Spain)

Spania GTA Logo

Spania GTA is a young Spanish brand that develops limited edition sports models. The company logo combines several symbolic elements – ัolor palette: red, white, and black shades. The designers decided to use the wolf as the central figure of the image. The animal is the symbol of the founder of Domingo Ochoa. The surname Ochoa comes from the words “Otxoa” and “Otsoa,” which refer to a wolf. The beast is associated with strength, courage, and readiness to win. The checkered flag symbolizes 20 years of experience in the field of competition. The brand’s cars can often be seen in cinematography.

2 Mastretta (Mexico)

Mastretta Logo

The Mexican brand used the national flag colors for its logo: green, red, and white. The shape of the image is a shield with unsharpened corners. The logo is also complemented by a black and white racing stripe. Above the image is the company name in thin letters. Stylized A’s are supplemented with black triangles instead of stripes. Mastretta is often referred to as the first car manufacturer in Mexico, but this is a misconception. The company is very popular in the domestic market. In Germany, Japan, and the USA, there are hand-assembled pieces that Mastretta has exported to the international market.

3 OSCA (Italy)


OSCA is a manufacturer of sports and racing cars. The company was founded by the Maserati brothers in San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, in 1947. The company existed for only 20 years but managed to develop and release eight car models. The OSCA logo is laconic and looks expensive. We used details in the form of an ensign and graphic elements (crosses) in gold and red. The main palette consisted of blue and gold. The company’s main goal and the Maserati brothers were cars’ productions with a volume of 1100 cm3 for the popular Italian races.

4 Ligier (France)

Ligier Logo

The French manufacturer began operations in 1968 under the leadership of Guy Ligier. The founder was a racer and also played rugby. Production began with the development of sports cars, and now the company produces electric cars and city cars. Ligier is also known as an auto racing team. From 1976 to 1996, the team participated in Formula One and even won in 1977. The brand logo is crossed with black and white flags that represent the Ligier specialization.

5 Chevrolet Corvette (USA)

Chevrolet Corvette Logo

The car model closes our selection, which is unique and recognizable that Chevrolet Corvette is singled out as a separate brand. Chevrolet created a separate logo for the car. The image consists of 2 flags: the racing one and the Chevrolet banner. Between them are the colors of the French flag. Also, the main elements are complemented by a fleur-de-lis.

The car has been produced since 1953 and has already gone through 8 updates; the last one was presented in 2019. Fun fact: The first car was unveiled in New York, and the logo was with the US flag. It was forbidden to use American national symbols for such purposes, and the original logo had to be picked out. It has been preserved, and now you can look at the badge at The National Corvette Museum.

6 Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala Logo

Chevrolet Impala is one of the most popular car models of the brand. They first appeared in 1958 and are still produced by the company with different modifications. The first models were distinguished by considerable luxury and sportiness. The brand presented them as “luxury cars that an American can afford.” Nowadays, 1960s models are very common in the collections of American connoisseurs.

The logo for the 1964 model is very colorful and rich. For the image, two flags were used: a racing one and a red version with additional details. Between the flags are a palette of colors from the US national flag. There was a chrome badge on the hood of the cars.

Flags convey the distinctive story of brands. It is a symbol that is part of the automotive industry, as it is constantly used in sports racing. Large companies often use the two flags car brand logo to confirm status and success. Modern brands rarely use symbolism as there is a tendency towards simplification without unnecessary details and elements. Drawing flags requires the use of various additional bends and shades.