Car Logos with Snake

Car Logos with Snake

The snake is a fairly well-known symbol, which is interpreted differently. Before looking at individual logos, it’s worth looking at the general meaning of the snake in culture. It has passed into the sphere of brand identities as well.

So, the symbolism of the snake conveys:

  • Fertility. This meaning in snake imagery has developed historically.
  • Creativity and vitality. The flexibility of the snake is associated with adaptability and the ability to survive.
  • Transformation. This meaning is related to snakes periodically shedding their skin as they renew themselves.

When a snake image is used in a car brand logo, it can convey a huge range of meanings. But more often, it is about creativity, about the ability of the manufacturer to catch trends and adapt the functionality of produced cars to the demands of customers. Exactly in this context, the image of the snake looks logically and reasonably. We suggest you get acquainted with the logos of several automobile brands, in which the image of a snake is used. At the same time, let’s consider how it is “built” in the general composition.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Logo

The company has worked in its niche since 1910, in the same year the first logo was developed. It is interesting because it is more similar to a coat of arms than the usual logo. And even though there were several modern redesigns of this emblem, its key essence has remained unchanged since its development. And if you take the history of symbols depicted on the logo, they are even more ancient. The logo is based on the coat of arms of Milan from the 14th and 15th centuries.

The elements of Alfa Romeo logo:

  • Cross. It is used to show respect for the warriors of the city of Milan. It is also a tribute to the Christian tradition.
  • Snake. And not just any snake, but an animal with a human body in its mouth. The symbol was borrowed from the family coat of arms belonging to the Visconti family. There was a time when this family was among the most influential in Milan. The snake here symbolizes influence and power.

These two images are on the different halves of the round emblem. The composition is framed by a stylish black frame, inside which the name of the company is located along the perimeter.

If you go into the history of this Italian automobile manufacturer, at first, the company’s name was slightly different. Its first name was Alfa Milano. The first word stands for the first letter of the Greek alphabet, indicating leadership and advanced quality. The second word talks about the city where the brand appeared. 1915 was the year when a new owner bought the company. His name was Nicola Romeo. In honor of the owner, the name of the brand changed, but the key component of the logo remained the same.

Shelby Mustang

Shelby Mustang Logo

This is the name of the high-performance model of Ford Mustang. In 1965-1968, the car was produced by Shelby American, and in 1969-1970, it was produced by Ford.

When the company introduced the 5th generation Ford Mustang car to its target audience, the Shelby model decided to revive it.

The 1965-1966 cars were small in size and lightweight. People often called them “Cobras,” which was conveyed by the logo.

The two-seater sports cars were popular with customers. The engine from Ford was used. At the same time, they were produced by Shelby American. Both models used the Cobra logo. It could be seen on the valve covers.

Cobra on this logo looks powerful, strong, and, at the same time, artistic. This logo is far from minimalist in its design, as several different ornamental elements are used for the snake scales. The snake’s mouth is open and indicates “ready to attack.” In the context of automotive themes, this can be interpreted as the good work of the car and the fact that the car will always help its owner, becoming a guardian of his needs when he needs to go to his destination.

Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper Logo

This was the name of the sports car produced by Dodge from 2013-2014 and FCA US LLC from 1991-2017. However, FCA US LLC had two breaks in the production of this car, which lasted about four years in total.

The snake logo used for the Dodge Viper was current from 2003 to 2010.

If we analyze this emblem of the Dodge Viper in more detail, its shape resembles a coat of arms, which already looks very solid. Inside it is depicted the head of a snake with an open mouth. You could say the logo looks even a little threatening. However, if viewed in automotive themes, this logo looks powerful. It may carry the meaning that the car will always help its owner, helping him to overcome new distances and obstacles.

As for the color scheme, the metallic color is very appropriate for the logo of cars, which people have traditionally dubbed “iron horses.

AC Cars

AC Cars Logo

The original company name sounded as Auto Carriers Ltd. It was one of the oldest manufacturers of cars on the territory of England if we talk about independent automobile manufacturers.

The AC Cobra car is a sports car of joint British-American production. The Ford V8 engine, used for these cars, was periodically produced both in Britain and in the States, beginning in 1962.

The AC Cars oval-shaped logo features several colors – white, red, blue, and a shade of metallic. The white background allows you to emphasize the expressiveness of the snake depicted inside the logo. The red trim and background, which shows the company name, make the logo more effective. And the blue snake with red elements in the middle of the logo divides the space into two symmetrical parts, making the logo look distinct and recognizable.

Zarooq Motors

Zarooq Motors Logo

This manufacturer produces cars in the UAE. The company’s headquarters are located in Dubai. These cars are luxury and high-performance. Therefore, many drivers like them.

The company positions the cars it produces quite ambitiously and, simultaneously, with an emphasis on local flavor. “Supercars, which were born in the desert,” representatives of the Zarooq say about these cars. In such positioning, one can see the commitment to tradition and that these cars are of high quality. UAE residents love their desert and luxury cars.

The symbolic shape of the logo of Zarooq Motors looks solid. The color metallic in the design of car logos looks natural and appropriate. But the snake here is different from the ones depicted in the previous logos. It smiles as if showing a completely different emotional tone. That’s how the manufacturer Zarooq has got a confident, powerful and optimistic logo.

Each company in its logos subjects well-known subjects and symbols to their creative thinking. This can be fully said about the image of a snake. The snake looks original in each of these logos, making the emblem recognizable and different from others.